SSFIV AE Ver.2012 YUBIKEN Championship – Preliminary Tournament Results

By on February 2, 2013 at 1:13 am

The Japanese gaming group YUBIKEN are putting together a special tournament series for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012 called the YUBIKEN Championship. The series will consist of a mixture of online and offline events to determine a champion and the challengers will fight to claim the title.

The preliminary tournament for the YUBIKEN Championship consists of 3 blocks of 8 players. Each block will play an online tournament through SSFIV’s tournament mode. The 3 players who win each respective block will then qualify for the main tournament, which will be on Thursday February 21. The 3 remaining player will face off in a round-robin, live at the YUBIKEN studio, with the winner claiming the championship and a 10,000 yen (~105 USD) prize.

The YUBIKEN Championship works similar to boxing however, as other players will be able to challenge the champion. The tournaments that follow each month will determine a No. 1 contender who will have a shot to claim the title.

Entry List
A Block

Tokushima Tetsuo (Balrog)
Shippu Jinrai Ken Mas (Ken)
Yoichi (Yun)
Kamoshio (Ibuki)
ACQUA (Cammy)
KasujojiKEN (Dudley)
Anton (Gouken)
Tsukiji (M.Bison)

B Block

Zangyura (Zangief)
Karipaku (Cody)
Shimamuu (T.Hawk)
Shiro (Abel)
DJ-YOSHI (Blanka)
Denki Bran (Hakan)
Dakku (Ryu)
Hazama ●pei (Balrog)

C Block

Furukawa (Sagat)
ASKA (Sagat)
PE (Gen)
Initial Kyouso (Rose)
Takkin (Ken)
Oisu (Ibuki)
Naruo (Fei Long)
Ikego (Gen)

The YUBIKEN Championship is scheduled to begin at 6 PM JST (UTC +9) in Japan, 4 AM EST, 1AM PST in the US. The event will begin with the lottery drawing for bracket slots, followed by the preliminaries an hour later.

Watch live video from yubiken on


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012

ACQUA (Cammy), Denki Bran (Hakan) and ASKA (aka Super Santarouman) (Sagat) process to the finals round of the YUBIKEN Championship.

A Block

ACQUA (Cammy) vs. Shippu Jinrai Ken Masu (Ken)


Tokushima Tetsuo (Balrog) vs. ACQUA (Cammy)
Shippu Jinrai Ken Masu (Ken) vs. Yoichi (Yun)

First Round

Tokushima Tetsuo (Balrog) vs. Kamoshio (Ibuki)

B Block

Shiro (Abel) vs. Denki Bran (Hakan)


Dakku (Ryu) vs. Shiro (Abel)
Denki Bran (Hakan) vs. Shimamuu (T.Hawk)

First Round

Karipaku (Cody) vs. Dakku (Ryu)
Shiro (Abel) vs. Zangyura (Zangief)
Denki Bran (Hakan) vs. Hazama ●pei (Balrog)

C Block

ASKA (Sagat) vs. Initial Kyouso (Rose)


Furukawa (Sagat) vs. ASKA (Sagat)
Oisu (Ibuki) vs. Initial Kyouso (Rose)

First Round

PE (Gen) vs. Furukawa (Sagat)
Takkin (Ken) vs. ASKA (Sagat)
Ikego (Gen) vs. Oisu (Ibuki)
Naruo (Fei Long) vs. Initial Kyouso (Rose)

Source: YUBIKEN website, YUBIKEN TwitchTV