Street Fighter III – Fuurinkazan Fan-Made Short Film and Posters by Victor Hugo

By on February 1, 2013 at 3:15 pm

Brazilian self-taught artist, Victor Hugo, and animation guru Derek Jerinques, have produced an amazing Street Fighter short animation movie. Street Fighter III – Fuurinkazan tells the story of the fight between Ryu vs. Hugo, using an array of 3D modeling and effects. Check out teaser trailer above which includes an appearance by Poison and another secret fan favorite!

  • Koko–(마리오)

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow…………that pretty much sums it up

  • Novril

    Pretty crazy…

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  • Keits

    This is amazing!

  • Langdon Herrick

    I think everyone on this site can agree that THIS is the art style that all future Street Fighter games should adopt.

    •  no

      • Langdon Herrick

         Looks like I was right.  🙂

        • Hey_Sim

          Looks like you was wrong.

          • Langdon Herrick

             I forget that sarcasm doesn’t really work on the internet…

          • Hey_Sim


    • Dion Johnson

      Correction, Art style that Pocket Fighter should adopt.

  • Andre Felix

    Victor Hugo?! My name is Jean Valjean!!!

  • SithPL

    Clay animation is my favorite form of special effects/cinematography. It’s one of the reasons I absolutely love games like Clayfighters, Killer Instinct, and Primal Rage.

    The models look like they were made first, then rendered. There are so few companies that do that these days.

    Basically, this looks like 3D CG clay animation, and I’m drooling over it.

    • Glynn Nelke Jr

      It’s not actual clay, which I think you know. It’s just the shaders are basic. That is really all they had back when Killer Instinct was made, at least in a game studio with decent render times. Add disproportionate models and you have a style.

  • this is just wrong

  • D’mitri Moore

    The animation looked good and smooth, but isn’t Alex Hugo’s “rival” and the main
    character of SF3 (and Ryu looked like a middle aged white guy cosplaying
    as Ryu)? lol I’m just knitpicking.  Looks like a lot of hard work went into this.

    • Ricardo Aguilera

      Actually in SF3 hugo was 1 of the opponents ryu fought and according to the in-game story, he put up a good fight that was better then ryu expected. Alex and hugo dont have a canon rivalry, that was simply a homage to hogan and andre but it didnt reflect any actual elements of the story.

  • Legion

    looks cool, dont like the style of ryu though, a little too weedy.

  • Albirieo

    Woo that’s brisk baby! Brisk ice tea!

  • Philcore89

    Ryu needs to be more masculine…other than that,its perfectt!

    • DeSynBer

      You mean he has to compensate more for you…he is fine how he is.

      • D’mitri Moore

        He looks like a middle-aged white dude. Not downing the video, I can tell a lot of work was put into it.

      • Philcore89

        No.I want him to look like a hardened warrior who has trained himself to the brink.He doesn’t even look like a UFC fighter.Looks  scrawny is all i’m saying.How could you not agree if he is one of the best fighters in the world yet he looks like he is an accountant.

        • D’mitri Moore

           I said the doesn’t look like a warrior.  It’s not a real movie or whatever so there’s nothing to complain about.  It’s a fan video

        • Joel Anderson

           He doesn’t lift weights,  and is asian. You can practice moves all you want, but until you hit the weights, you won’t big like Ryu somehow is in the art and games. If anything, Ryu’s build in this is more correct than in the game and art, and Ken’s in-game look is correct (he actually has a gym/weight room).

          • D’mitri Moore

            I’m pretty sure Ryu’s training regimen is implied in the game.  Especially if you’ve played SF1’s mini games.  I don’t like the beefy SF4 version of Ryu, but even in SF Alpha he still had muscle definition.  And your comment about him being Asian makes little sense because E.Honda, Akuma, Sagat, and Gouken are all Asian and not tiny.

  • It was excellent until the transphobic shit at the end. Seriously, she IS NOT A MAN. SHE IS NOT A MAN. SHE IS A TRANS WOMAN. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU.

    • Chandler Marshall

      Well now we know you can’t take a joke!

      •  If it’s offensive to a minority, the joke is on who made it. It’s plain ignorant and lack in human decency.

        • samael789


        •  The area is way too gray for YOU to say what it is or isn’t. Regardless of how you look at it “it” is officially a tranny in america. Not to mention in Japan “it” is in pre op phase “it” is planned to turn into a tranny.
          SFxT Chun li : “You’re not very lady-like at all. I felt like I was fighting against a guy…”
          To the point, there was nothing wrong with what he did. Get over it.

          •  No. The area isn’t gray at all. She is said to be a trans woman pre or post op, that doesn’t matter when dealing with trans people. Trans women are WOMEN no matter if pre or post op.

            Btw, “TRANNY” IS VERY OFFENSIVE. It’s a hate word. STOP SAYING IT. It’s equivalent to the n-word.

            And she is NOT an it. How could you refer to a human being as an it? You do know that there are trans women in this world, don’t you? THEY ARE PEOPLE.

            Stop saying transphobic bullshit and listen.

          • samael789

            Somebody doesn’t know what the word transphobic means.

            Do you even KNOW any transgendered or transexual people? It would seem you don’t. If you’re going to claim that you ARE one, I’m going to call bullshit.

          • Gravitys_Naoto

             Transgender dropping in here to say it’s just a joke and your hysterical reaction to it is not helping the trend of misogyny/transogyny/whatever you want to call it in the FGC.
            In fact I’m pretty sure your prescribing of black-and-white gender binaries upon her is in fact doing more harm than a 2 second clip that allows her to be flexible and switch between gender identities is doing.

          •  @twitter-14852019:disqus I’m pretty sure what it means. I’m interested in you telling me what do you think it means, thou. And yes, I know them, and I am one. Don’t wanna believe? Fine, your choice. Wanna talk to me in private? I’m ok with that too. Send me a PM in the forums, please.

            Gravitys_Naoto: Seriously, the fact that you think it’s just a joke is pretty telling of how you don’t understand how the FGC works (or how society looks in general at trans* people). Look at the answers I got. They are filled with transphobic bs.

            But I do agree that if we were at the point where we could discuss gender identities, yeah, I would be doing harm. Matter of fact is: she is still read as he (in binary terms), because of the fact that she is a trans woman.

            I am open to debate, thou. That’s why I am here. Hit me up with a PM, if you wanna continue.

          •  I’m calling Poison an it because it is neither he nor she. If you have a johnson you’re a dude that is how our gender is determined as a child, so yeah pre op is still a guy.
             How is the area not gray? We don’t live in their country. We don’t know how it precieves the character it could be different like American and Japan.We are not the guy who is making this film and there is no way for anyone to find out where another person is basing the character off of.
            I’m tired of people tossing phobic at the end off everything nowadays. I’m not scared of transgendered people. I don’t care wth you do with your body as long as you aren’t running around with the idea that you’re a girl in pre op phase trying to confuse dudes I really don’t care.

          •  Devin Isom: if you don’t know their gender, the term is “they/theirs”. It is for things, not people.

            Gender isn’t determined at childhood because nobody can determine your gender but you. They can look at your genitals and enforce a social construction upon you.

            Oh, the way gender is perceived is different among cultures. That you are right. I’m sorry, I didn’t make it clear: I’m talking to the US group here. In Japan, Poison’s gender isn’t said, and this is fine. Here, she is a trans woman.

            Btw, the video was made by a brazilian. Here, gender is everywhere. Literally EVERYWHERE. So, yeah, I can say by personal experience how it seems when someone depicts a trans woman getting out of a bathroom for men.  It seems transphobic as all hell. It seems to imply that trans* people’s gender isn’t what they say it is, it’s linked to their genitals.

            And you’re tired of being called out in your privilege? Cry me a river.

            A girl is a girl, no matter what are their genitals. They aren’t trying to CONFUSE anything by saying they are girls.

          • kn3ll

            is this your first time on the internet? stop acting like you’re being targeted. it’s a joke about a fictional character regarding ambiguity to what the lower part of their body looks like compared to the top half.

          • pootnannies

            it is definitely not equivalent to the n word… and just because someone disagrees with your point of view does not make them “transphobic”.

          • Robert 10stars Brejcak

             “trans women” are not women, they still can not reproduce as a female can. You can call them whatever you want because that’s what you’re into. But they’re still men, born a man, altered in whatever way, born with the reproductive system of a man.

          • MasterScrub

            Holy shit I thought I was on SRK, not tumblr.

        • Sir0Slick

          Go back to Tumblr.

    • D’mitri Moore

       I thought she was a man that became a woman.  But yeah the scene was kinda pointless and hurt the mood of the video

      •  Look, so far you seem to be the most reasonable person to respond to my comment, so I’ll try not to be aggressive.

        Her gender is entirely up to her (her creators, in the case of a fictional character). So, saying she “was a man and became a woman” is wrong. She is a woman. A trans woman. So yeah, she was born with physical attributes usually associated with men, but she doesn’t feel that way, hence why the transition.

        So yeah, she’s a trans woman. This doesn’t mean she will use the men’s bathroom, no. She’ll use the women’s one, because that’s how she identifies herself.

        • suproman

           The fuckin bathrooms are made to accommodate the fuckin different physical  attributes between genders, you freakin moron.   

          •  Don’t use moron as a slur, please. It’s offensive to neuroatypical people.

            Now, ignorant douchebag, listen: bathrooms AREN’T made to accomodate physical attributes. They are made to go with a social construction that what tells apart people is their genitals, and that there are two sexes. They are made to go with the wrong knowledge that sex and gender are one and the same. They are not.

            Matter of fact that the ONLY difference between them, is that there are places were to pee standing in a bathroom for men. As if women couldn’t have penises. As if that division was even NECESSARY in the first place. Answer: It’s not.

        • D’mitri Moore

           Oh, ok.  I’ll be the first to say that I know very little on the subject, but you make sense.  Thanks for not being overly aggressive in getting your point across and informing people nicely unlike many on this site.

          • Rigumantis

             You’re over here talking about a nice approach and such, when in reality that person makes no sense at all. I’ll agree that the others are a bit aggressive in tone with the insults and sarcasm, but that shouldn’t be the factor that determines your understanding on the subject. I do agree that people should be more civil and nice in regards to addressing their input on matters. I try to be like this more often now as well. Search official sources on these topics if you wanna know more, good luck to you. 

          • D’mitri Moore

             I meant in regards to which bathroom a transgendered person might use.  If she identifies as a woman, then she logically wouldn’t use a men’s restroom.  In any of the games Poison never identifies as a man herself.  It’s not like they do cup checks at restroom entrances.  Again, I’m not transgender so I really have no frame of mindset for how a transgender person may think and I don’t know any in real life to ask.

            I just thought that little scene was kind of useless and didn’t add anything to the short. 

          • Rigumantis

            @D’mitri Moore: I see what you mean, but I don’t think Raven was giving you insight as to the sensibilities of a transgendered individual’s natural tendencies, as much as I think it was to prove the  proper way transgender women in society should act. In reality a transgendered individual rarely has to directly associate themselves to any particular society imposed gender roles. That’s why I said research official sources, because since you have no frame of reference, what you think would seem logical might not be the case. I hope this helped.

            The scene was alright with me. It didn’t hurt and barely added.

          •  @Rigumantis:disqus Yeah, you’re right: trans* people identify however they want, and it would be lovely that we could talk about deconstruction of gender binaries, and how societal rules on this are ridiculous (I personally would love to have non-gendered bathrooms). But, in the US, what is being shown is open to interpretation. Given that the status quo reads trans women as not real women, showing a official trans woman exiting a men’s bathroom just gives it strength. We can’t ignore that the video exists in this society, not in a vacuum where we can ignore other’s (the majority, in this case) interpretation.

            I disagree wholeheartedly on that scene being alright. I can point to almost every answer I got as proof of how bad it is.

            And I totally apologize for saying (or implying) that trans* people should abid by societal gender rules. They shouldn’t. I’m sorry.

    • Justin Archer

      Wow! Someone is extremely uncomfortable with their sexuality/is a huge fucking nerd who can’t take a joke that’s been around more than a decade. You probably just feel disgusted with yourself because you jacked off to her a million times. It’s a video game you faggot get over it.

      • Douchebag, I’m perfectly comfortable with my sexuality. In fact, I would jack off to her without any problem at all. SHE IS A WOMAN. A TRANS WOMAN. This DOES NOT change her gender. Btw, why do you think I’m a cis male (hint: I’M NOT)? It’s very telling that it’s YOU who’s afraid of her / of feeling attracted to her.

        This joke is offensive to all trans* people. Would you like if we perpetuated racist jokes just because they have been around for decades?

        • suproman

          The freakin reproductive organs determine gender dumbass, and like the dude up there keeps trying to say, that area about its character is shady.

          •  Oh, hello ignorant person. FYI, genitals don’t determine gender, douchebag.

            That area is shady IN JAPAN. Not in the US.

          • suproman

            That’s exactly what determines gender. Are you fucking insane?<(rhetorical) Mutherfucker you are fucking comparing sexual identity to freakin physiology. You are an idiot I'm not even gonna respond, due to wasted time doing so in the future. Moron.

          •  suproman: Oh please, don’t answer. Reading your transphobic ignorant ass talking shit isn’t doing any good.

            You don’t really want to learn, do you? GENDER identity, sexual construction and human physiology are different things. Sex is just a social construction based on differences on physiology and it’s really dated, doesn’t take into account intersexual people, to say the least.

            Idiot and moron are neurotypical slurs. I’ve asked you to not use them. What curse me? Fine. There are tons of curse words that don’t offend minorities. Go learn them.

          • suproman

            Alright one more answer. Gender identity  is the perception of an individual’s psychological own sense of gender. Gender (and here’s a dictionary definition) is “the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles”. Physiology is the processes and functions of an organism, which gender would fall under. Sex (in biology) is the biological distinction between male and female, gender may refer to sex as in the state of being male or female etc. You are confusing gender identity with gender (in the context of sex). Moron.

            I say you confuse sexual identity with sex/gender because that’s what Poison’s about. Not only are you the one lacking knowledge on the subject, you’re also too dumb to understand it.

          • pootnannies

            wow, so opinion determines gender now? so much for all that science.
            on a less sarcastic note, you do know why the human species has two sexes right? it’s not to fulfill their psychological profile. at its core it’s simply for procreation and you can’t argue that.

          • Takuin

            Next up: Raven will argue your race is whatever you believe you are.

            Race: any of the traditional divisions of humankind, the commonest being the caucasian, Mongoloid, and Negro, characterized by supposedly distinctive and universal physical characteristics: no longer in technical use. (

            Yay! I’m black, I’m just trapped in this white man’s body.  Because physical characteristics don’t matter now, because that’s mean.  Lets go off of whatever your crazy head says you are.  That will alleviate any confusion.

        • Justin Archer

          I play her in SFXTK so no, I don’t have any issues with poison being a transgender. This joke isn’t offensive to all transgenders either considering a lot of them keep their reproductive organs. that’s why shes walking out the men’s bathroom because she still stands up to pee. I’m pretty sure a transgender would have thought that was funny. You’re just too high up on your ivory pillar of justice to see the fun everyone else is having. just get over yourself and you’ll enjoy your life a little bit more.

        • Sir0Slick

    • pootnannies

       didn’t know men who become women through surgery also aquired an extra X chromosome and lose the Y. oh wait, they don’t, they just LOOK like a woman.

      • Takuin

        Shhh…remember you’re supposed to be the ignorant and dumb one.  If you want to say something that might offend a minority – don’t use reason and science because that makes them look bad.

    • Mash Harder

      She’s a man, dressed like a woman.
      Deal with it.

      I will now add the word douche-bag to my comment, because being offensive towards people is the best way to get your point across. 

      Unless of course, your point was how not to be offensive.

    • Don Barracuda

      You can take that scene 2 ways, she’s a man so she used the men’s room. Realistically it wouldn’t make sense if she identifies herself as a woman. 

      Second, she was giving head to someone in there…

      It’s meant to be a joke so whatever.

  • lilotaku

    The animation and cinematography is fucking solid, but I’m not a fan of the character design of Ryu.  Regardless the crew who made this are godlike.  Well done.

    • D’mitri Moore


      • pootnannies


  • Glynn Nelke Jr

    I like the look except for that fact Ryu is tiny. I’m not a Ryu fanboy but I’m pretty sure he should be bigger than that.

    • shinquickman

      Ryu’s scrawny to contrast with Hugo’s large size. It’s just the direction the artist chose. What bugs me is that Ryu and Hugo are big-headed yet Poison isn’t. That seems kinda inconsistent.

      • Ciarán Plunkett

        No-one wants a bobble-headed pinup woman.
        It’s a cartoon thing.

  • Scott Yang

    thats whats up!!!

  • awkwardscrub

    The thing that gender white knight who doesn’t seem to have done any actual research in the field is missing is that the “man” on the washroom door is unlit and then lights.   It’s a reference to the one player button on arcade machines, not a comment on Poison.  Poison’s gender being contentious among fans is a wink for people in the know that compliments that reference. 

    Including the transgendered in a positive way (Poison is incredibly confident and here, her giggle/purr thing at the end shows she’s playing with the concept) is helpful.  She moves between boundaries/transcends them how she pleases. 

    The problem, Humanities Professor Yet-to-Come, lies in the ignorant and the reactionary.  You are at least one of those.  

    The video is awesome.  I love Hugo flexing at teeny Ryu.

    • Sorry that you have to resort to sarcasm when responding to me, as you would probably be one of the few people that could actually have something to say on the matter (seeing as all other responses to my “white knighting” were filled with slurs).

      I am sorry that I responded aggresively, but I do not see the same way you do at all. The video is completely subtle as to how to read that part, and while your way of reading it would be enormously pleasant and good, that doesn’t seem the case to me.

      We are talking about transcending barriers of gender binaries when people still refuse to accept trans women as women. I’d LOVE that we could, but I don’t see that as the case. Again, I refer you to the answers I got.

      PS.: If it were just a comment on one player in the arcade why is Poison the one doing it? Why not Hugo or Ryu? And Poison’s gender was made clear by Capcom already. She is a woman. At least in the US. in Japan, Poison’s gender still is her own, and that is completely fine.

      • awkwardscrub

         “Resort to sarcasm.”  Son, look into the history of political thought.  It’s not a last resort, it’s how to put the under-thought on blast.

        While you’re doing it, look up the word “contentious.”  Poison’s gender is argued among fans.  The fact of the matter and what has been stated is irrelevant, it is a matter of contention.  For proof, see:  every comment section in which Poison appears.

        Poison is used in the reference because it carries metaphorical social currency.  It is a wink to the fans.  Obviously, it worked.

        The video is incredibly well done and you coming in and throwing reactionary politics around calling it an insult is ridiculous.  I’m glad you are GLBT friendly, and that you are willing to argue on their behalf, but this is not the hill to die on.  This is a positive representation.

        •  Didn’t say it was a last resort. And I agree that it’s better than what was said by most people. What I did say is that you could have answered it directly to me, and you could have done that without the overly pretensious tone. You do know that you just said to me to look at history, while history being filled with privileged people spilling their hatred, and oppressed people being erased and fighting for real representation, yes?

          I’m willing to say I didn’t know exactly what contentious means. For that yes, the community still argues about her gender, regardless of what was said officially. For that, I apologize.

          It worked, as we are here discussing gender, but without further questioning and reflection, it doesn’t move anyone to think. The video indeed does it’s job (if that’s what was intended) to show Poison’s gender as a wink to fans, but without anything other than that, we’re stuck with comments referring to her (or they, in the japanese view) as “it”, “tranny”, “guy trying to confuse dudes”. And comments that know nothing about gender, sex, or it’s discussions.

          The video IS well done. In no moment I’m saying otherwise. What I AM stating is that without further discussion, it’s just open to the majority of people (that have been raised in a transphobic society) to just giggle at it, and think nothing on the matter. And that is a NECESSITY.

          Btw, it’s LGBT or LGBT+. Politics is everywhere. The fact we don’t address it, just favors the status quo.

          And again, I don’t agree that it’s positive, by the reasons I already posted. It opens the subject and gives nothing to work on. It leaves you to think why she/they is getting out of a bathroom that is for men. And the majority, as seen, will see that as a nod to her/they being trans, and not a REAL woman.

          • Mash Harder

            That whole thing you just typed. 
            I don’t even…

  • heatEXTEND

    get a room u guise

  • RAEN74

    WOW barely caught the akuma flash!!

  • Spider Fan

    Looks like poison just came from giving a dude a…oral lesson i suppose…

    • Robbie J

       no (s)he was peeing

  • Yan Paq

    wonder why people are making all that noise about poison sexuality… you know she (or he, whatever) DOESN’T EXIST, right????
    get a life guys!
    i bet you don’t even care about people near you… lame

  • Is it just me or does Ryu’s face look like Rowan Atkinson?  I don’t know how I feel about that.

    Great work regardless.

  • CapnWTF

    “gender offensive” because it’s impossible for that to have been the challenger waiting room, and I guess it’s unlikely it was a lighthearted reference to final fight…

  • Leonard Ugonna

    Okay guys I just can’t believe nobody mentioned the cameo by Akuma in the trailer. Messatsu!

  • OmNiExiZt

    Wants to get hype, but knows that the creator won’t finish it for some reason. So why bother even watching.

  • Christopher Wrightson

     Mods… i love the right to freedom of speech I’ve been imparted and the discussions that I’ve taken part in on this site and the forums but for the first time after seeing this pointless discussion prior, can we disable comments for videos such as these or maybe entirely for just a little while? Just enough time so that people will think twice before causing a gian discussion over something unrelated to the primary directive of the article?

    Completely Serious.

  • The_Zeruz

    Young Rowan Atkinson as Ryu

  • Yo I see all the responses in regards to Poisons gender and I have to wonder why is everyone reading so far into it. I believe Victor Hugo is the only one that can say what he was meaning to imply with that bathroom bit. Now perhaps my sensibilities are different from yours but, That part was more a shot at her being loose then anything to do with gender. When I see a girl walk out of a mens room I think one of two things. “Ladies room must have had a line from hell.” or “Damn!!!” That’s my 2 cents.