Skullgirls’ First DLC Character Squigly Revealed, More Details Coming Soon

By on February 1, 2013 at 11:58 am

Last night, MikeZ of Lab Zero Games, the developer of Skullgirls, as well as several voice actors from Skullgirls and other titles, were a part of a final campaign push to get Skullgirls on at the #1 spot in the Evo 2013 Player’s Choice donation drive. Just after the donation drive came to a close, MikeZ had a little surprise to reveal.

Due to the collapse of former Skullgirls developer Reverge Labs and the reformation of the team members under Lab Zero Games, progress on the development of the PC version of Skullgirls as well as the first DLC character was halted. Mike however had a short demo put together showing off the current work on the first DLC character: Squigly.

In the character’s current state, many of Squigly’s animations are incomplete or missing, such has her attacks and some of her action transitions. She does have full walk animations, which are incredibly cute. According to Mike, more details on Squigly will be revealed in next couple of weeks.

Alex Ahad, the creator and art director of Skullgirls, also gives some details on Squigly’s character. Squigly was intended to be a rival for Filia, with the contrast of Filia’s parasite partner Samson and Squigly’s Leviathan. As for her personality, Ahad described her as cute, but serious when need be. Her fighting style is kung fu, with multiple stances to show off her graceful movement.

The explanation of the demo begins at around 3:18:00, with the actual demo starting at around 3:20:15. Lab Zero Games’ Alex Ahad explains of Squigly’s character begins at 3:25:30. You can also find a second showing of Squigly at 4:13:45.

Watch live video from eightysixed on TwitchTV

Source: EightySixed

  • Well, at least we know she’ll come ūüôā

  • MasterChibi


  • Firekid2

    Finally my third character. Hopefully she’ll have good a good ranged assist for me.

  • I still think Skullgirls is the most solid fighting game out there. Too bad it wasn’t made by Capcom so it could have more exposure.¬†

    • yeah that’s the reason

    • windsagio

      I read that as “I wasn’t made by Capcom so I dont’ get more exposure”, which was surreal at best.

    • A PC launch will help a lot assuming they partner up with Steam

      • Snow Loss

        Skullgirls TF2 hats.

        • aia bub


          “when wearing Vice-Versa, you can carry 2 additional rocket launchers or one extra mini-gun”

        • Henry Zurawski

          Vice-Versa confirmed for TF2 hat?

        • cpe007

          Peacock Gibus. NAOH!

  • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

    No Big Band? zzzzzzzz

    • Guest

      No men allowed

      • Langdon Herrick

        ¬†Isn’t he a robot?

      • reverze

         Only traps

    • Jet_Set_Dizzy

      ¬†He’s probably next if they keep on keeping on

    • Ashilyn

      We always knew that Squiggly and Umbrella would be the first DLCs.

      • Jet_Set_Dizzy

        ¬†It’s looking like Umbrella may get put on the back burner for a male character after Squigly get released.

  • RomanceHD

    Interesting, I still hope Victoria is DLC though

  • gigantor21

    I don’t even play this game, but their excitement at her reveal got me hype anyway.

  • Jahmere Durham

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  • BurdManJR270

    God yes.

  • These have been uploaded to youtube:¬†

  • Andre Felix

    very cute!

  • Here is another vid showing more squigly puff

  • CrimsonMoonMist

    So a Kung-fu zombie? Now that’s something I can get hype for!

    • Eric Nguyen

       Liu Kang says hi

  • emc

    dat panty line

  • Legion

    I brought this game, spent one night with it and the netcode was terrible, have they fixed this? is it worth giving another go?

    • What console are you on? If 360, no wait for the patch. If PS3, yes! DL
      the patch and the netcode is fixed and provided you adjust the ping
      right and you have good internet, you can even play Japan lag-free!

  • SG still looks dead

    • Bariman43

      “Looks” and “is” are two different things. Limited perspective is a bitch, innit? Like, for example, people still believe SSB: Melee is better than Brawl.

      • a real ghost

        you had me until the last sentence.

        • Bariman43

          If you still truly want to believe glitches are “features” then that’s fine by me. But Melee is not better than Brawl.

          • Jet_Set_Dizzy

            Combos were originally a glitch in SF2, so yeah.

          • Bariman43

            Then they implemented them as features later on, so now they’re features. Wavedashing is not a feature.

  • Zonder88

    Took way too long for a single character to be released. Interest in the game has already died, which is a shame.

    • Bariman43

      Well there was that whole situation with the company being shut down. That kind of delays things a bit, don’t you think?

    • Joao Martins

      If interest had died then there wouldn’t have been 78 thousand dollars donated to their EVO run.

      • Dan_Y

        I hate to be that guy, but thats not that much money when it comes to a video game being profitable. It means it has hardcore fans, sure, but that really doesn’t mean that people will en masse pick the game back up or go buy it in droves because a couple thousand people (or however many donated to it) are really into it.

  • windsagio

    OK I resisted for almost 3 days, but seriously.  If they want the game to be taken seriously they really really REALLY need to get better promo art.

    • SkullgirlsFan21

      We get it dude you don’t like the art…or the game at all for that matter. Is it really worth commenting on EVERY SINGLE ¬†SG post? You haven’t been an outright dick about it so I can’t really say you’re a terrible person or anything but Jesus Christ, shut the hell up already.

      • windsagio

        honestly? ¬†Because I’m right goddammit!

        It’s this combination of wanting people to admit it and also weirdly trying to help.

        Skullgirls isn’t the roll-tier of fighting games, but pronouncing jeremiads over their self-destruction feels weirdly necessary to me.

        Especially since they just won’t walk away from it.

        Case in point is that image. ¬†It doesn’t matter if I like it or not. RPS did an article on the game going to PC, which should have been a good story for Skullgirls and getting fighters on PC…

        Do you know what the conversation focused on? ¬†*The goddamn art*. ¬†Every day they present another image like the one above, its another day they’re throwing away potential customers and more importantly potential community members.

        But it’s not okay to acknowledge the mistake and improve their own chances… ¬†and that makes me feel kind of crazy.

        • SkullgirlsFan21

          Art has no rights and wrongs. A style is a style no matter whom it offends or what kind of comments it receives. I am a women who finds the art to be less sexual and more on the cute cartoon side. However my boyfriend is a fan of the sexuality of some of the characters. 

          My point is that its impossible to tell how many people are turned off to this game or how many where turned on to it because¬†of its art. I’d like to believe more harm came to the games sales because of frequent nay¬†Sayers¬†like yourself. However i also have no idea how many where turned off to the game by band wagon jumpers just wanting to be cool in the FGC.

          Also you are missing the larger point of me asking you to shut up. I know that’s really rude of me, but as a¬†frequent¬†comment-er¬†and reader here on this site reading your¬†consent¬†back handed remarks is getting to me. ¬†

          If a troll is the comparable to an atomic bomb causing harm in one large blast then you can be compared to the lingering radiation that sticks around for years after slowly causing harm in small doses over time. 

          • windsagio

            marketing, production, and design most definitely do however.

            l’art pour l’art is a great concept for creation, but its not so useful when trying to build a market and a community. ¬†There’s a lot more ‘real’ knowledge out there than you think, and there are definite right and wrong answers. ¬†In this case, you can just look at the media responses.

            I’m not offended by being told to shut up or called a troll, but it’s not gonna have much impact either. ¬†I don’t try to hit every post or be negative all the time, but Mike and fans haven’t given me much motivation to stop talking either :p

          • SkullgirlsFan21

            Oh soo its trolling simply out of hate then? In that case this is my last reply. 

            Good luck with that I’m sure you’ll make some other close minded person hate some other indie fighter.

      • Devil Jin

        So we’re still talking to Skullgirls troll? ¬†Huh.

    • InkJuse

      ¬†I’m sorry, what exactly is wrong with the art?

      • Thomas Manson

        1. Glaring perspective errors. The windows on the upper-left look like
        they are about to fall on the characters instead of disappearing into
        2. Foreground images are confusing and are “fighting” for
        attention. In particular panty shot girl is in extreme contrast to the
        background, and nightmare before Christmas girl is in low contrast.
        Despite her being the “closer” one to the viewer, it looks like panty
        shot girl is “in front” of her in some parts. It’s confusing and
        3. Characters aren’t interacting with their
        environment, or each other. They all look “thrown together” instead of
        occupying the same space.
        4. The rain effects are barely noticeable.
        The ground water swirlies distract, and the “falling rain” effects are
        more noticeable in the background than the foreground (when it should be
        the other way around)
        5. Inconsistent shading and value manipulation.
        6. Art style and character design is derivative and unoriginal.
        7. Overlap is not done well with the two characters.
        8. Excessive background details.
        9. Does a bad job of leading the eye through the picture.
        10. Weird angles, the background “curves” in odd places.
        11. It’s a boring, confusing mess.

        That makes at least eleven things wrong with the art. You’d think with the seven years it took to make this game, at least the art would be professional quality. But at the end it’s amateur art for an amateur game.

        This is the reason why the game is on life support.

  • A DLC character that isn’t locked on the disc or clearly developed ahead of time and sold separately? THIS is what DLC is supposed to be.

    • Disco-lemonade

       Minus the almost year-long wait of course.

      • Bariman43

        Well most game devs don’t get shut down right after the game releases.

        • GC001

          ¬†Wow…¬† You really don’t have much life experience, do you?

          It’s not uncommon for companies to band together for a project and disband after it’s done…¬† Happens in the film industry all the time, and it’s just so for many software developers are a few projects.¬† Few companies last more than 5 years.

          It’s also not uncommon to have situations come up that are totally unexpected and require regrouping.¬† That happened here.

          I find it reprehensible and sad that so many of you are negative to the point that you shoot things down before they even take off!¬† Foot-in-mouth disease doesn’t begin to cover it.¬† You’re psychopathic.

          It’s a damn game.¬† Move on and post elsewhere!¬† Don’t belabor your points so monotonously.¬† That doesn’t impress me… quite the opposite.


          • Bariman43

            Holy shit I did not expect this pretentious of a response to a one sentence reply. Dude if you wanted to rant, that’s what Twitter’s for. I’m sure a lot more people would care too.

  • SkullgirlsFan21

    Glad to see SG back on its feet (almost). I’ll be picking up any and all DLC that releases as I am¬†obviously¬†a fan. Here’s hoping for more players once it hits PC.

  • ReoAyanami

    Can Squiggly talk?