Skullgirls’ First DLC Character Squigly Revealed, More Details Coming Soon

By on February 1, 2013 at 11:58 am

Last night, MikeZ of Lab Zero Games, the developer of Skullgirls, as well as several voice actors from Skullgirls and other titles, were a part of a final campaign push to get Skullgirls on at the #1 spot in the Evo 2013 Player’s Choice donation drive. Just after the donation drive came to a close, MikeZ had a little surprise to reveal.

Due to the collapse of former Skullgirls developer Reverge Labs and the reformation of the team members under Lab Zero Games, progress on the development of the PC version of Skullgirls as well as the first DLC character was halted. Mike however had a short demo put together showing off the current work on the first DLC character: Squigly.

In the character’s current state, many of Squigly’s animations are incomplete or missing, such has her attacks and some of her action transitions. She does have full walk animations, which are incredibly cute. According to Mike, more details on Squigly will be revealed in next couple of weeks.

Alex Ahad, the creator and art director of Skullgirls, also gives some details on Squigly’s character. Squigly was intended to be a rival for Filia, with the contrast of Filia’s parasite partner Samson and Squigly’s Leviathan. As for her personality, Ahad described her as cute, but serious when need be. Her fighting style is kung fu, with multiple stances to show off her graceful movement.

The explanation of the demo begins at around 3:18:00, with the actual demo starting at around 3:20:15. Lab Zero Games’ Alex Ahad explains of Squigly’s character begins at 3:25:30. You can also find a second showing of Squigly at 4:13:45.

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