Mike Z’s Parting Words at the End of the EVO 2013 Donation Drive

By on February 1, 2013 at 8:39 pm

Last night saw the end of the month-long donation drive for the 8th and final slot for EVO 2013. At the end of the night, which saw massive drives by the Super Smash Brothers Melee and Skullgirls communities, Skullgirls lead designer and longtime tournament player Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont made the following statement over their live stream. In his speech, Mike makes a call for respect and reminds us all that, despite the fact we play different games, at the end of the day we are all part of the greater fighting game community.

Source: MenloMarseilles

D3v has worn many hats within the general fighting game community. The self proclaimed "Asian white boy" from the Philippines has done everything from arcade stick modification to match commentary. When not writing for Shoryuken's front page, D3v spends part of his time running tournaments in the Philippines, including the country's biggest fighting game event, Manila Cup.
  • Albirieo

    Good way of saying it Mike.

  • Nothing but respect for Mike Z.

    Also, he should go as the Breaking Bad dude for Halloween this year.

    • what Peter implied I didnt even know that someone able to profit $4099 in one month on the inetwork.

      • Good lord if you’re gonna bot at least have a matching avatar to the user.

    • …..—-goo.gl/d0OTu

  • Klimax


  • Tekknight

    So well said. Go FGC!

  • pandemlc

    Mike, godlike as always.

  • Gustavo Peralta Soto

    I hope everyone that commented on the SSBM Winner news on the Front page checks this out, and stfu, read some comments there and it gave me Aids. People there need brain cels.

    • UseProtection

      Asking for intelligence in the comments section on ANY website is a losing battle.

    • Jake Long

      2014 EVO Donation Drive confirmed to support AIDS research.

  • James Reilly

    Mike Z keeping this Classy

  • gigantor21

    Agreed 100%.

    Also, shoutouts to math.

  • Jahmere Durham

    Haters gonna hate

  • Jeff

    This alone should make EVO let SG be a “winner” in terms of making it to Evo.  Even if the Cannons don’t do this, the SG community has already proven themselves to be winners, period.

    • ReoAyanami

      If SG won instead of Melee, will people be calling for Evo to let Melee in anyway?

      • Combo_Knight

         With that massive bellowing  outcry from the endless abyss which is the smash community? hell yeah they would Yeah they they would

  • Well said, Mike. This video deserves much more promotion and should be the theme of Evo 2013. The Skull Girls community showed a lot of heart. You’ll get your spotlight soon, Skull Girls.

  • respect

  • Mad respect Mike Z.

  • First two-time Cannon award winner imo

  • MuhhPhukka


  • Jamal Robinson

    Still, #FuckSmash

    • sb

      I agree this is BS much respect to Mike Z but i think the FGC has been successfully TROLLED even the guy making MLP said stop donating because he knew it was for the wrong reason TROLLING if he didnt say stop donating it probably woulda been MLP that won

      • a real ghost

        i dont think you know what the word “trolling” means

      • metaXzero K

         Dude. Mane 6 didn’t say stop donating to MLP. They said don’t donate if you’re just doing it for ponies.

    •  #FuckYou

      you’re a baby

    • Jebril

      I don’t get how you can be salty at a community for raising more money than another for breast cancer research. I’m so mindfucked.

  • CompetentFGC

    Actually, no.  I don’t think I will give smash players the same respect as I give the FGC because smash isn’t part of the FGC.  They don’t practice as long and hard as I do.  I will give them the same respect as I give 09er scrubs.

    • Littlezemo

      If you’re trolling then you win, because I’m responding like and idiot. I don’t find Smash entertaining at all, but how can you assume Smash players don’t work “as hard as I do.” It’s a silly statement. As for the 09er comment, there are 09ers who have become top players in other games. We all started somewhere.

    • Andre Felix

      I am a Melee and Marvel player, I practice both games a lot

      • sb

        That would be cool if Melee required practice

        • MajorMoses

          All those great Marvel and SF players who came from Melee backgrounds?  Man, I can’t wait to see them come back and wreck shit at Melee without practicing.

          • CompetentFGC

            You mean SF4 and MvC3 players?  Yeah, there are a lot of scrubs who are at the top in those games right now, who wouldn’t last a second in a real game.

          • Trekiros

            Skill transfer applies pretty much only to capcom games. Other developpers use their differences from the ‘standard’ as a marketing thing. See how injustice keeps marketing about background interaction and shit ?

            I’m not too fan of skill transfer, but maybe that’s because I’ve been playing the same game for 6 years and wouldn’t want some random SF4 player to come in and beat me after all the work I’ve put into my game.

          • sanchaz


        • CCWaffes

          guarentee you wont win melee with no practice. it is much deeper and more honest than marvel 3 (i have played both smash and marvel series for 5+ years so im not hating). stop talking out of your asshole.

          • CompetentFGC

            wtf are you talkinga bout, MvC3 sucks.  Smash is a fucking joke compared to MvC2 though, believe it, bitch.

          • CCWaffes

            Ur upset aren’t u. Ill believe it when u win a major in both games an then compare how hard it was for both

          • sb

            You say it is much deeper and more honest than marvel 3 but im the one talking out of my ass LMAO unbelievable. Smash players cant play fighting games for shit but Smash takes more skill and deeper TRY AGAIN

          • CCWaffes

            I’m sorry buddy I can just see u all red and shit behind ur computer screen lol. U dont play smah so how would u know?

          • SkyClaw

            Money Match me at EVO. Matter of fact Money match M2K or Mango. If you
            get even one stock I’ll pay you double the cover for the Money Match.

          • SkyClaw

            Money Match me at EVO. Matter of fact Money match M2K or Mango. If you get even one stock I’ll pay you double the cover for the Money Match.

        • You would not win one casual at Evo if you even played this game. Guaranteed.

          • sb

            Lol that was funny tell another

        • daveosaur

          Perhaps you should moneymatch people in Melee then.

        •  it’s not like anyone should expect you to know about a good game

    • KineticPoet

      09er’s like Infiltration?  Yeah, hold that.

      • GCBill


      • CompetentFGC

        Hahahaha are you kidding?  Go name more 09er one game wonders please.

        • veinjin

          LOLz dat butt hurt.

        • Ciarán Plunkett

          SFIV and SFxT are the same game??

          • CompetentFGC

            Are you a real fighting gamer or do you actually play SFxT?

        •  For someone named CompetentFGC, you’re pretty incompetent

          • CompetentFGC

            did your mom help you with that one?

          • OP8

            I know you are, but what am I?

          • I’m sure it was for the irony.

    • Justin Archer

      Wow man! You’re so tough and cool! You take video games super seriously and you’re so above super smash brothers.

      What a faggot. 

      • CompetentFGC

        Why are you on this site, if you don’t take fighting games seriously?  Is this where you find friends?

        •  >reading comprehension

          • CompetentFGC

            your embarrassing inability to recognize context.

    • Mike Jones

      I pressed like instead of reply by mistake. Scum like you is the reason why the FGC is not FGC and tend to crumble under the weight of BS. Your a disgrace.

      • GCBill

        …you know you can unlike his post, right? :p

      • CompetentFGC

        Sorry I can’t appeal to your feelings, Mike Jones.  Unfortunately, I don’t wear my feelings on my haircut like you do.  I tell the truth.  Truth hurts those who don’t like to be judged by irrefutable truth.  ie:  Sorry bitch, hold this.

        • veinjin

          NO you are stating opinion, there is a difference. To me you sound like the bros at college talking about PC vs console FPS. Some of us are trying to spread the love of fighting games to as many people as possible while helping the community come together. Clearly there are those who are more “Hardcore” when it comes to playing and they should be the ones helping noobs level up. Stating how you think other fighting games take no skill doesn’t make you look “Hardcore” it just makes you look like an asshole elitist. FGC bullys have no place on shoryuken, go back to playing FPS and LoL if you want to be a piece of shit, you’ll fit right in.

          • CompetentFGC

            the pieces of shit are the losers like you who came in, in 09 and made the entire tournament scene switch to playing SF4 instead of the other, MUCH BETTER SUITED FOR TOURNAMENT GAMES like CvS2, 3s, MvC2.  The majority changed into scrubs, and so the money moved with the influx of the scrubs from the GOOD games to the NEW games that the consumer kids LIKE YOU who were playing CS instead of SF3.  The only reason why you idiots are part of the FGC is because Capcom decided to make a game tailored to give scrubs a chance at winning.  You didn’t play SF3, ST, MvC2, or CvS2 because the learning curve was and IS STILL too steep for you scrubs to get good at and be competitive in.  You can ONLY play games made with easy execution on PURPOSE, and comeback factors ON PURPOSE.  You can’t play real games that require real skill.  You pathetic children need to grow up and realize that your OPINION OF WHAT IS FUN DOES NOT CHANGE WHAT IS GOOD AND WHAT IS BAD.  The TRUTH is that SF4 and MvC3 are TERRIBLE GAMES FOR TOURANMENTS AND MONEY MATCHES.  MvC2, 3s, CvS2 have DEFINED SKILL GAPS while the SF4 and MvC3 communities are PRETTY MUCH ALL NECK AND NECK because as MIKE ROSS AND FANATIQ THEMSELVES SAID ON AN EPISODE OF CC, “MvC3 is -DIFFERENT- (ie BAD), it’s not a game suited for Money Matches”.


          • veinjin

            lolz You have no idea who i am or anything about me clearly saying i play every fighting game you listed extensively. I also am a big part of my local community helping to train noobs into seasoned fighters. and it was fucks like YOU who kill the comunity, you’re too busy saying how much better you are the helping other players. No one wants to be insulted because they didnt pick up a game 9 years ago like you did. Ive beem playing FG since 94 (army base arcade) so dont gimme that “You came in in 09 shit” when the fact is ive either been playing games longer or the same time. I was going to tournaments for Cvs2,MVC2 and 3S back in the day just like you and there were MAYBE 45 people their consistently and year by year attendance was going down.So dont give me that “forced us to switch” shit, i was there and there was either Switch or No tournament. Now i dont like SF4 as much as 3S (or alpha for that matter) but the fact remains you’re just being a ignorant asshole and saying it doesnt take skill and that ALL NEW GAMES SUX. Clearly you’re just butthurt because you suck at the new games which take “No skill”. It is funny though that i see the same people consistently at the top, you’d think with your logic it would be a random 09 noob memorizing mix-ups. Plus the wide use of the internet has made the “skill gap” smaller and smaller. Those crazy cross ups you’d have to hope someone videotaped at a arcade are accessible from your phone at anytime by anyone. Stop pulling “Facts” out the air and go play GGPO where you can be an elitist away from the rest of the community. and let off the caps lock geesh, what’re we thirteen or something

          • Trekiros

            I don’t think that you will ever realise that guys like you are the reason why ST/SF3/CvS2/MvC2 didn’t get to EVO.
            But don’t worry, we won’t be sad if you don’t come.

          • Ashilyn

            That was the most depressing thing I’ve ever read. Oh, no, not because it’s true or anything. Because it’s really fucking sad that someone actually believes this. That’s incredibly fucking depressing. I love CvS2 as much as the next guy (maybe more), but come the fuck on, man.

          • “Look at me I can use Caps Lock! I’m a competent internet user now!”

          • Jebril

            I think SFIV is a better game the SFIII lol. And I think MvC3 is more fun and entertaining than MvC2. Oh well cry  more bitch, you ain’t gonna change shit, you can keep writing essays on the internet bitching about shit and you’ll only be proving you’re a keyboard commando.

          • CompetentFGC

            Not to mention the other blaring issues with the way SF4’s gameplay is designed that assist players to fall into a pattern and not have to be innovative in the moment, and instead resort to tried and true training mode set ups all game long while dailing in mindless Option Selects that cover your 50/50 situation from 3-4 options your opponent has, over and over and over again.  The game is constructed for idiots and people who suck at street fighter, and you all play it and pretend it’s so godlike.  Get a grip on reality, kids.

          • Travis Lynn

            I am sure people would take you more seriously if you decided to post your opinions/facts in a more appropriate way. Maybe you should tailor your rants to that of a blog or video, with your own web hosting. In this scenario you would not only be able to share you love/hate for specific titles in the fighting game genre, but your articles would be organized in a fashion which those that wish to view them would be able to in an easy manner.

            I believe your concept for “what a good fighting game is” would make a wonderful piece. If you present it with proper argumentative reasoning, you could even develop it into series. Lets see what you can do with your passion good sir. Show all these, “09ers” as you phrased, what it really means by stepping up to the plate and addressing the situation in a scholarly way.

          • You realize that Option Selects were just discovered during SF4’s time and can be applied to all fighting games now, right? There are so many OS in Super Turbo now it’s crazy. If you have great execution you can pick O Hawk or O Ryu and immediately be an ok S You honestly seem like someone who doesn’t even play these games, learned a lot of half truths about them and decided that you were going to professionally argue on the internet lol. At a low level these games are a lot easier to get into, but at a high level the better player is still going to win the overwhelming majority of the time.

            You are spewing all of this hate on these new games but as someone who was actually around before 09 I am glad that tourneys arent 15 dudes in a room  anymore. No one is stopping you from leaving the FGC, or only playing those games. Why do you come on here just to be miserable?

            The last ironic thing I want to mention is that people have been calling the current generation of games scrubby since the beginning of time. The addition of supers into ST was “scrubby”, custom combos in Alpha were “scrubby”, K groove in CvS2 was “scrubby”, SF3 wasn’t even considered Street Fighter by a lot of people. Its a never ending circle of subjective opinions.

    • sanchaz

       Hold on. There is no way you can actually be serious. LMAO. Marvel players practice harder than smash players? Well you can throw that out the window right away. Anyways, I respect st and street fighter 4 with its depth and understanding required to play. Smash doesn’t have the amount of depth per say, but it does teach some very important fundamentals in a fighting game.

      • CompetentFGC

        If by Marvel you mean MvC2, then yes, MvC2 is a much deeper game than Smash will ever be, and the players are on another 20 levels higher than the skill required to play Smash.  Don’t ever call MvC3 “marvel” again.

        • veinjin

          I remember when the SF3S and CVS2 community used to talk about MvC2 like that. “This game is a broken mess that is all hype and no skill. Thats why Japan hates it.” Oh how the times have changed.

          • Louis Lam

            Communities aren’t collective hiveminds, you still have a lot of idiots like that hanging around today.

        • CCWaffes

          this is false you probably have never played smash judging by your ignorance

          • CompetentFGC

            Hahahaha you know what’s hilarious?  That you actually suggested Smash is as deep as MvC2.  Go away 09er scrub.

          • Louis Lam

            Funny because there are more Melee players who remember MvC2 and GG than there are MvC3 kids who have been around for that time.

            Still waiting for MvC2 to comeback and overthrow it’s sequel like Melee did BTW, what’s taking you guys so long?

          • Jebril

            Melee requires more tech skill than MvC2, dumbass.

          • locazo87

             Pedo Bear, good joke!!

        • sanchaz

          Wtf is 20 levels higher? Have you played against anyone in your region who plays melee? I’ve played against higher level players who exposed some of my bad habits. I love trying to adapt in melee. MVC3 is marvel. There’s broken shit in both mvc2 and mvc3, deal with it.

          • locazo87

             Maybe, but what is more broken than taking you opponent characters to 200 percent, then being though out of the screen and losing by being hit just once.

          • sanchaz

            Jesus Christ! I know for a fact your grammar is more broken than melee.

    • CCWaffes

      watch out we got a badass over here. win a major before calling everyone scrubs. you will learn that the real top players are not elitist dickheads like yourself. 

      • CompetentFGC

        I like being called an elitist.  It makes you know that I know what’s good.

        • How bout a troll?  Though if you aren’t a troll here goes an attempt.  Maybe you would rather have enjoyed watching the FGC slowly die out never trying to appeal the influx of casual players, and that’s fine if that is your opinion on the matter.  But due to a larger audience, what is “good” and what is “bad” is purely subjective whether you like it or not.  No amount of caps and internet yelling will change that.  

          I am not saying MvC2 didn’t take more skill, clearly it did, and clearly skill is a requirement for your litmus test, but it’s not for everyone.  This sentiment could be applied to just about anything in the world, for instance music.  i don’t know what kind of music you like and I won’t venture to guess, but there are folks out there that see any music that isn’t jazz to be utter shit, because real jazz is very difficult.  I don’t know if you like Jazz or not, but I am willing to bet you at the very least don’t agree with this sentiment cause you like likely what you enjoy. This extends to fighting games as well.

          I know, I know, I am only a 09er so what would I know right!?  Well first off I am an 10er…if there is such a thing.  I have been in local tournaments however since I was 15, that would be since street fighter II world warriors.  I had no idea a larger community existed till street fighter 4 so, in a way I am a noob, and in a way I disagree with your idea of what is good, and what is bad.  But I also know that is an opinion.

          FYI: Being at “elitest” doesn’t mean you are good or that you know whats good, just that you are acting like an ass because the only way you can feel good about  your opinion is to tell everyone else theirs sucks.

    • CCWaffes

      your a bad troll

  • CptPokerface

    I like how upset people are getting over this, that not third strike or kof or vf or any of the “popular” choices lost to Melee. Face it, people know what they want, and when it comes to supporting a scene, the smash scene is one of the best.

    • locazo87

      If they had hidden the money raised per game while the donation drive was open, things could be different now.

  • BeholdMyPower

    Mike Z keeping it classy. Really hope Skullgirls still gets to make it into EVO as an official title, but if not, throw the best damn side tourney you guys can.

  • sibarraz

    I think that instead of fighting for which game should be at evo, we shoud remove sxt and put skull girls there

    • Los Illuminados

      i agree with that.

  • Trevor Clarke

    Can’t we just adopt Melee into the FGC and make it sit in the corner?

    I mean I’m not really a fan of wave-dash Fox bros. but I mean lets face a good percentage of you all played it BEFORE you started getting serious about Fighting games and the same goes for Meta Knight Smash Bros. which we tend to still play at parties when house of the dead gets boring

    We can do it guise!
    Also respect to all the FGC we’re all together.

    • Louis Lam

      It’s funny because Fox never wins tournaments.

  • heatEXTEND

    rockin’ dat skin

  • sludgepuppy

    Well, front page monsters didn’t bother to actually listen to you. Here’s hoping for a better response at EVO. Good speech, regardless.

    • Jelani-Akin

      Thank god none of the front page monsters actually matter.  Kinda’ like stream monsters.  ^_^

      The message will be heard and understood loud and clear by everyone else though.

  • windsagio

    The skullgirls fans did pretty amazingly but there was a narrative there that was even better.

    The forum-love games didn’t stand a chance and got almost nothing.

    Skullgirls showed a dev interested in getting their game in and what that can do to notivate people

    Smash people took it on their own without any help and didn’t need to be motivated by anyone.

  • Henry Zurawski

    I see the comments section, for the most part, didn’t watch the video…

  • Jason Kert Foley

    I have played Melee, Brawl, Marvel, and Skullgirls for a while, and don’t understand all the cross-game hate. I donated for Skullgirls, and wanted it to win because I felt it would get the developers some much-needed press and support from the FGC, and that it’s a wonderful game. Good job to Melee for raising so much money, and I intend to watch their stream. It’s over, so can the childish bickering cease please on all sides? We’ve heard it all before.

    • windsagio

      the hate is all about SRK’s rocky relationship with smash.

      No, it doesn’t make any sense to me either.

    • Well this is anecdotal observational, I feel most of the hate is coming from only a few very loud malcontents. 

      • xShonuffx

        Yup.That pretty much sums it up. If you yell loud enough and bold enough, one man can sound like one thousand. But its really only a hand full of people who never played a major ( or did but did’nt do well enough) and trys to make excuses for why they are not good at their favorite game. So they blame others or the community for ther failures. Its basically loser talk and we need to stop wearing our hearts on our sleeves and ignore them.

      • locazo87

         I dont believe that, I think most people reserve their real feelings about “Melee” to not feeding the hate, but they really dont like to see this game on EVO because they as me, cant find a real skill needed to play this game. Im trying harder, believe me, played the game personally, watching tournament streams and still cant find this game as a FG. Its not a bad, actually fun but hard to find as a real competitive game.
        Lets wait to EVO, to see how FGC will receive this game. Its on Melee players to show their best.

  • I’m so glad that basically none of you actually go out to events.

    The community would be so much worse for it if a lot of you did.

  • Zonder88

    Lol @ all the idiots still hatin on Smash. They won and they deserve it, so hold that.

  • Andre Felix

    shoutouts to CompetentFGC

  • Aaron Mays

    I don’t care which game won. Just stay free, breast cancer.

    • DarkZelkin

      For real! The most important thing is how much was raised for the fight against breast cancer. I know for one as a man I love me some boobies, and would actually love playing with those all day rather than a fighting game any day 😉

  • since when was Smash part of the fighting game community? it never gets covered on this site

    • Crow Winters

      It turns out fighting games exist beyond SRK.

  • ReoAyanami
  • I…just can’t believe how serious…no, it’s sad that I DO believe that all of you that are hating on ANY game that is part of the FGC are completely serious about the levels of disrespect you are showing your fellow players. You don’t like a video game because of reasons A, B, and C…well congratulations! You’re just like every other player who played an FG they weren’t too fond of, leading to them dropping the game at some point or another. I can’t stand Arcana Heart in any way shape or form, but that’s just me. There are a crap ton of people that love the intricacies of the game, and I respect how deep of a game it is and the players that support it (just too “floaty” for me from what I can tell…oh, and dem “OPTIONAL” sidebars in 3). Same thing with SFxT. I don’t care for it, but that doesn’t mean I should have a problem with other people liking the damn game. The FGC is the FGC because of the sheer amount of variety we have access to, and I hope at the end of the day you guys can just accept that “variety” and continue playing what YOU love.

  • Almeson Hoku James

    …and the winner for the poster with the most successful baits of 2013 goes TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Istillduno

    But they aren’t, this is no better than if CoD had got in the same way, it’s an entirely different scene latching on and almost as bad as when Fifa was put into SvB.

  • DarkZelkin

    Smash Bros. a fighting game? Yeah, I used to think so when I was a kid but not anymore. Compared to the fighting games I was playing at the time of the first Smash Bros. on N64 (Star Gladiator, Killer Instinct Gold, Tekken, Marvel Super Heroes, DarkStalkers, Criticom, Battle Arena Toshinden, Dynasty Warriors, Bloody Roar, etc.), I can say yes at times a good 1 on 1 Smash Bros. match can create some quite intense moments and interesting comebacks. But, as far as combos, side-stepping, high/low attacks, chicken blocking, infinites, parrying, meter use, health monitoring, etc. go, I have to say personally that Smash Bros. just doesn’t cut it for me on a competitive level. It’s a game I like playing with three other friends/family with items ON & ALL the stages and just having a great time. But more power to you if you put that level of concentration into a game that was just meant for good ol’fashioned Nintendo fun ^_^. If I want to see heated 2 vs 2 matches I’ll watch some Tekken TAG, Tekken TAG 2, DOA 2 through 5, or even some Street Fighter X Tekken.

  • Duaie

    You guys are incredible. Hating on each other after watching a video like this.

  • Le Sun


  • I see the comments and it saddens me I don’t think that FGC will ever be unison no matter what.  However, if we can just get one extra person to work all together at a time it makes it all worthit.

  • Jordan Hoffman

    screw keepin it classy. Skullgirlz sucks ass.

  • Legion

    Well said Mike, respect…