Fighting Game Fans Raise over $225,000 for Breast Cancer Research. Smash Wins!

By on February 1, 2013 at 8:08 am

The totals are in, and wow… what an incredible ride! Hard work, community bonding, community competition, surprises, gamesmanship, and even a last minute dose drama–who could have guessed Evo’s 8th game charity donation drive would have had so many things in common with Evo itself?

As many of you have been tracking the totals carefully up to the last minute, you’ll know that the Super Smash Bros. Melee scene has taken the top spot, with an incredible donation total of $94,683. The first congratulation must go to them, and we’ll be very proud to host the title that has generated such incredible support from its players as our 8th official game.

While of course every competition will have a winner, we should also stop to note that this is an incredible win for all of us. The drive has been a success far, far beyond what we had imagined. We’ve been impressed by fighting game fans as they’ve rallied to support each other during times of need, but honestly weren’t sure what to expect when we came up with this idea to decide our final title. You have collectively gone far beyond what I had ever imagined, and we will be proudly sending an amazing total of $225,744 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation from all of us.

Together, we’ve supported a great cause, shown the world the positive power of fighting fans, and helped to form closer collaboration and solidarity within our individual game communities working together for a common cause. Shoutouts not just to the incredible efforts of the Smash, Skullgirls, and Super Turbo communities, but to every single one of you for repping your favorite game and supporting the fight against cancer. It’s days like this that make me very proud of our collective community–you are an inspiration. Thank you, and I’ll see you at Evo!

  • A win for cancer support, a loss for everyone else.

    Every time ST isn’t at Evo, we all lose.

    • ST has been at evo many times….like lastyear……and most likely this year to….

      • It should be main-stage every year, forever.

        • Gailim

           I am pissed at this result, but I would be even MORE pissed if ST had won. geez, talk about a game that’s already had its day in the sun…

          • Dion Johnson

             had it’s day in the sun?it practically built it’s house on it. I mean it is the father of all competitive fighters and all…

          • Gailim

            EVO should be a stage for the modern FGC. Old games like Melee and ST shouldn’t take up spots that could be used for worthy NEW games. Being an EVO game is HUGE, it means a game will be at numerous tournaments the whole year, it means a big spot light on it for months. old games like Melee and ST don’t need that spotlight. Decade old games shouldn’t be allowed to crowd out the new generation of fighting games.

          • Duck Strong

            And still the best competitive game by a mile imo.

          • would have had so many things in common with Evo itself?

          • 0bie

            The point of EVO is to have the most popular games, not the newest games.

          • memyselfandi770

             I agree with this, I mean it’s all about what game people want to see there, and what deserves to be there. Which should mean any and every game that meets the above specifications.

          • tatodk

            And this time it’s Melee! BWAHAHAHAHA

          • Jebril

            Yo…thank you.

          • Deemo Kun

            Kill your grandparents cherish your babies!

          • Gailim

             not kill…. just retire

          • heatEXTEND

             You are frying my bullshit detector, please stop.


    • yamato101ps

      ST is trash.

      • sb

        Hey bro watch your mouth

      • I would not call it trash, but merely a overhyped and quite lame game. Generic as you get.

        • GuyAlpha

          It’s not generic. It’s Street Fighter.

      • ST isn’t trash, but HDR is way better.

        • On this we agree.

        • blackavengre

          Saw your comment on Mike Zs final thoughts on the toobs. That was some heartfelt shit.

        • Kazzzem

          You are a madman!

    • Please no more ST at EVO EVER.

      • locazo87

        Make your own tournament. Idiot.

    • Luke Rester

      Unfortunately, they’d probably have to run ST as HDR in classic mode, which is a really bad port, and it’s even worse on the PS3 version which is what they would run. It’s much better that there will be a side tournament on proper arcade hardware.

      • heatEXTEND

         I’m pretty sure EVO would get a hold of at least a supergun, if not a cab…

    • Brady Peneton

      cancer… support? If that money was to support cancer I’d like mine back

    • Mabans

      The deal is simple, put your money where your mouth is, if ST didnt’ make it there wasn’t enough community behind. I’m sure everyone who wanted it there donated but this removes this idea of favoritism, it’s the game’s respective communities who are pretty much told to put up or shut up.

  • MELEE!!!!

  • Go Melee! Gonna me too hype

  • Brandon Nance

    It’s really upsetting to see two communities fair about 120,000$ and don’t get a thing for it.  Shoutouts to Smash, though.  The Smash community will always be more tightly knit than any other community.  It’s how we’re built.

    • Jet_Set_Dizzy

      Mike’s Speech

  • Gailim

    Feel so bad for Skull Girls. they needed this so much.

    Melee is a 12 year old game. No way it should be at EVO. Not with so many quality, NEW games left off the roster

    • 0bie

      Melee was only at EVO once. Also, it has a small scene, so it also does need it. No matter who won, new games had to be left out (shoutouts to MLP lol). Melee earned the top spot by donating the most money and earned the right to be at EVO. It sucks that every game can’t be there but that’s the reality of the situation. Skullgirls will also probably have a side tourney at EVO anyways. Smash deserves to be there, end of story.

      • Melee had a small scene because people made fun of them for being at such a high end tournament. It happened that year, it’ll happen this year, nothing will change on that end. 

        Smash deserves to be there, yes, but not as one of the 8

        • Then maybe we should’ve stepped up if we wanted some other game to take the 8th spot, yes?

          The hard fact is this: Melee deserves to be in the official roster.  They donated just like everyone else, but they were more passionate.

        •  Made fun of them for being at a high end tournament?  You mean like MLG?

    • Eric Nguyen

       Actually, Skullgirls had some surprises after the drive ended.

      1) The development team was hard at work on DLC, as evidenced by their unveiled work on Squiggly.
      2) They announced that Lab Zero has found funding to continue their work on Skullgirls, so they’re not working for free any more.

      Basically, despite not getting to be a main EVO game, despite the layoffs, despite the Def Jam lawsuits, despite the setbacks with Microsoft patching the game, Skullgirls has found ways to live on. What this donation drive did was give the game a HUGE amount of exposure, and this is actually a testament to what can happen if you don’t give up on a good project just because so many things are screwing it over.

      We should be happy for them.

      • shihfu

        While work on DLC is planned, I don’t remember any announcement that Lab Zero found funding solely to continue working on Skullgirls. Where are you getting this information?

        • Jet_Set_Dizzy


          • shihfu

            Ah, okay. The way it was worded made it sound like Lab Zero was picked up by a studio to continue working on all future Skullgirls projects. While Lab Zero is being picked up by Marvelous to do the PC version, all other future Skullgirls projects aren’t being funded by Marvelous or anyone (like DLC characters). But in any case, it is great news that the PC version is funded and in the works of being made!

        • d3v

          Uhh, we posted an article on it just a few days ago.

      • Антон Пятаков

        We are happy for us too bro. Thanks for your support =3

    • Glenn Kim

      No 12 year old game has been unappreciated as a fighter as Melee. While everybody pointed fingers at them, the Melee scene has prospered for 12 long years. If anything, Melee deserves it’s place as part of the EVO roster (2008 doesn’t count, that was before EVO got big). Not saying the SG shouldn’t get in, shout-outs to them.

      • masang_lion

         2008 doesn’t count? Evo was already big. it’s much bigger now, but that
        doesn’t discredit anything. granted SF4/2009 sent the event soaring,
        but they were more than successful for almost a decade before all that
        and certainly didn’t `need’ it to continue. in 2007, Evo West made it’s
        way into comic con for some exposure and toyota even ended up sponsoring
        huge prize money for every main game at the vegas finals. though that
        isn’t the magnitude of everything combined today, it’s pretty big for
        something everyone for some reason considers the dark ages. these kids
        you all should be proud melee even had representation at Evo, because not every game out there will even get that same chance.

    • Louis Lam

      If you need it you don’t deserve it, though Skullgirls has shown that it certainly doesn’t need Evo anymore.

      Newer definitely does not correlate to better, a glance at a few of the current gen games can tell you that. It really says something when a community can still be growing and not past it’s peak after 12 years and I hope more older games like MvC2 and GG can follow suite.

    • Jet_Set_Dizzy

       Skullgirls got exactly what it needed out of this event.

  • Well, least we won’t have to watch Melee on the main stream… I don’t wanna take naps in between games. 🙂

    • GHNeko

       Except Melee will be on main stream lol.

      • If they are, prepare for the worst insulting of a lifetime. No one will be there to watch, just there to laugh.

        • tatodk

          If that’s honestly what you believe, prepare for an unpleasant surprise.

          • Back in 2008 or whenever it was there, the community made fun of it then.

            The FGC is 100 times worse now that its gone online and EVO has exploded… trust me, the Stream Monsters will make Melee even more of a laughing stock than SFxT.

            This is from common experience.
            It WILL happen.

          • Andre Felix

            Brawl is already a laughing stock for most of the Melee community too 😛 Brawl happened in ’08 and it was pretty terrible.

            Melee, however, happened in ’07, and from what I recall the reception was pretty great.

          • “The FGC is 100 times worse now that its gone online and EVO has exploded… trust me, the Stream Monsters will make Brawl even more of a
            laughing stock than SFxT.”

            I personally guarantee that will not happen considering Brawl didn’t win the donation drive.

          • tatodk

            2008 was Brawl with items. 2007 was Melee and it had good reception.

            Additionally, since when did stream monsters become relevant to anything whatsoever? They’re online, they can be as loud as they want, and nobody will hear them.

          •  You’re confusing Melee with Brawl, inept. Don’t worry though, most of the Melee players laughed with you guys back then. Nobody laughed in 2007 though, and a lot of people will watch Melee, don’t worry.

          • melee isn’t brawl retard

          • Lucas Blomgren

            Melee wasn’t even in EVO 2008 you goddamn retard. It was in 2007 and it was the most hype game in the entire EVO. 1200 players standing up chanting for their players LOUDER than any other fighting game has ever seen.

            Don’t compare Melee with Brawl holy fuck.

          • East Bay

            Lucas were you even at evo 2k7?  Cause I was and I don’t remember there being 1200 smash players there, not even close.  I think there were fewer than 300 smash players.  I also don’t recall it being anywhere close to the most hyped game either.  It was ok, but not more hype than the games that followed it.  Don’t just go making shit up.



  • Skullgirls is the game that deserved to win.

    But better Melee than Brawl, and hell, just to piss people off, better Melee than that inferior version of HDR known as Super Turbo.

    And, in the end, as a cancer survivor, I’m always glad to see my favorite disease come one
    step closer to eradication.

    Good games, y’all.

    • RenaTurnip

      You must not have seen Brawl at Apex this year, which was amazing beyond amazing. I would, under no small circumstances, love to see the return of a ZSS player taking the win, because it was incredible.

      Frankly, Melee was the least interesting of the three Smashes at Apex, somehow. I won’t even pretend to know how or why.

      • Brawl is incapable of being amazing, so I’m missing nothing.

      • Were you living in a dream, dude? The least interesting… lmao.

    • >that inferior version of HDR known as Super Turbo.

      Wait, what?

      • Yeah I said it.

        • Notramagama

          Don’t feed the troll. This is all he does. State his controversial opinion and then go back to his cave. Leave him alone.

          And he has terrible knowledge of all Smash. I got in an argument with him about it along time ago. Was sad. Just ignore and move on.

          • THIS JUST IN: Trolls state opinions. Previous knowledge of trolling being purely to incite argument proven false. More at 11.

            BREAKING NEWS: If you like X, anybody who dislikes X has no knowledge about it. Vague assertions of winning past arguments, no matter how unlikely, are good enough. Continued on page 69.

          • Timothy Ian McMillan

            Says the person replying to Carlos Alexandre.

        • GirlyStyle

          hey its a free country you can be as wrong as you like! 

  • DJ Hawkes

    yes yes yes!!! we did it, smashers! now lets show the FGC how hype this “casual” game can be

    • Oh, its still casual. You guys did a amazing job earning that money, but the FGC isn’t gonna watch it. If they do.. it’ll be to make fun of it, like they did 3 years ago when it made the tournament.

      So just a warning, don’t be surprised if no one cares except your own community. 😛

      • DJ Hawkes

        i keep on typing up these long responses trying to defend melee as a real fighting game, but i keep already know the FGC will be too close-minded to even entertain the idea, so all i can say is: fuck ya’ll.

        • Then stop trying and leave the FGC out of your causal gaming experience.
          This game shouldn’t goto Evo, cause all it does is make the real FGC angry. 

          • Andre Felix

            it makes YOU angry. are you the FGC?

          • Nope, but last I checked Spooky’s stream was in a uproar of anger when Melee won. 

          • What do you think this is, Wii Sports? Go wipe your elitist ass on an true casual game. 

          • At least Wii sports is entertaining. 

          • Lucas Blomgren

            The only ones that get angry are the stream monsters. The ones that sit in their basement and NEVER go to a tournament. The real players that actually attend tournaments respect each other.


      • Lucas Blomgren

        No one cares? In what world are you living? SOOO many non smashers LOVED Melee at Apex 2013. Sorry man, Melee is here to stay forever. Deal. With. It.

        • SwordSaint892

           Zolarrrr, well said.


        • Crimson Tiger

          Its sad that both communities came together so beautifully to support their games and support a cause as wonderful as the eradication of breast cancer. Yet people like you cannot be happy. I love skull girls and i love smash bros. Lets dwell on the positive side of things!!! 

      • DJ Hawkes

        k fuck you

    • Oreo

       This isn’t really going to change anything.  In fact, you’re probably likely to get less respect than before, because now everyone is gonna be pissed off.

      • Seconded.

      •  we’ll have a laugh and fart while on stream then


      • DJ Hawkes

        haters gon hate

    • Torbjørn Rønningsen

       Can’t wait, gonna be hype! I wish the fello FGC could be more mature. Melee is real deep, but someone people just won’t see it.

      Cmon everyone, watch it, give it a chance.

  • Go2hell66


  • MuhhPhukka

    Rather this then MLP.

  • Henry Zurawski

    Congratulations to Melee! I was a firm and dedicated supporter of skullgirls until the last seconds of the drive. I can say this much, I think the Skullgirls side tournament will be huge this year. Remember to keep in mind MikeZ’s speech Skullgirls community, in the end we’re all just parts of the whole FGC.

  • It’s a real shame the Tekken 4 community couldn’t get their resources together and win this.

    • Gailim

       ???  why would you want a really old version of a franchise in addition to a brand new, and as far as I can tell, well liked version?

      TTT2 aint enough?

      •  Cause Tekken 4 was, like, the best Tekken.

        • That’s arguable. I really like Tekken 5:Dark Resurrection.

        • Disco-lemonade


        • Piccoro

          Trolling at its finest. Move along.

        • Emezie Okorafor

          I legit liked Tekken 4, because it’s the last time Namco actually tried to shake up the stale Tekken formula a little bit.

          They should have given it an update (like every other Tekken game received) to iron out the broken stuff and refine the engine. It would have been very interesting.

          • Guest

            They definitely should scale back Tekken 7 and retire some characters. 

  • sb

    Please SRK not like this…..not like this its the beginning of the end for EVO the following year will be LOL & DOTA the FGC has been trolled the biggest troll in FGC history

    • Demon’s Souls PvP for EVO 2014

      • The footsies in Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls are unreal. 

    • Torbjørn Rønningsen

       Melee is a fighting game. Wtf…

      • locazo87

         No, its not.

        •  Hey bro leave reasons why it isn’t a fighting game

          • sb

            Hey bro leave a reason why it is a fighting game

          • OrehRatiug

            So you have no reason. Okay.

          • Brady Peneton

            “[A] fighting game is a video game genre where the player controls an on-screen character and engages in close combat with an opponent.”



    • locazo87

      Or Black Ops 2 LOL.

      • sb

        Hey it could happen after this i believe it could happen

  • GCBill

    Congrats to the Smash community (esp. Melee players, you guys pulled HARD for your game). As a result, I’m more confident that you guys can come together as a cohesive unit.

  • J.D SRK

    That Marvel Jr.

  • Zexerous

    Neat, at least I’ll know when to take a nap. But good stuff, I can respect being able to reach deep in your pockets. 

  • Gregory Prytyka Jr.

    quite disappointed in the fighting game community right now, or at
    least those who pay attention to EVO. Melee over Skullgirls? FFS. Don’t
    get me wrong, Melee’s a good game but Skullgirls needed that
    establishment more. Wish I could flip off every idiot living in the
    past. Well go ahead, Evolution Championship Series.
    Relive the “glory days” of Melee, ’cause your players are drones who’ll
    never appreciate true art like Skullgirls. This has been my daily time
    of “making life take the lemons back.” Resume your lives and hopefully
    the humanoids wise up next year. Though I doubt it…

    • 0bie

      Could you give me a reason as why Skullgirls “needed it”? Everyone at EVO (probably) has at least heard of Skullgirls. They would have checked it out if they were interested.

      • Gregory Prytyka Jr.

         Simple: Establishment. Skullgirls was an indie game while Melee was from a brand name. They needed the exposure more so the franchise can grow instead of having people stick with what’s “familiar and safe.” Instead they’ll just be stuck in the ground with Melee.

        • Skullgirls does not need evo to grow and quite frankly, it’s disappointing to read the fans who are not congratulating smash on their accomplishment wishing for a different result.

          Certainly an event such as evo would have brought more exposure but in the end it’s up to the community to build up and maintain relevance.

          You have developers who still show massive support for their game to be a great competitive fighter (which is more than I can say for melee) along with upcoming dlc.

          Perhaps you should watch Mike Z’s response again: 

          If anything, the skullgirls community still have a bright future ahead of them.

          • Gregory Prytyka Jr.

             In retrospect, I probably should have seen that video first before acting out. So maybe I’ll quit the ranting and badmouthing, although I do still feel Skullgirls should have won.

        •  them go and tell EVO that Melee should’ve been there automatically instead of a couple of those other 7 games.

          • I actually agree with this. I am a Skullgirls player and I don’t know anything about Melee in all honesty. But I do believe there should have been a game like Melee (Brawl or PSAS if you think it’s similar) in EVO from the start. I really wish EVO had a game that represented each community including Smash and Indie games.

            Personally wish SFXTK would have stayed off the list. :/ That’s my opinion on it though. Congrats to the smash players and I hope to see some hype matches at EVO.

          • Very mature of you comerade. I also agree that SFxTK should not have been included

    • tatodk

      As a Melee player I agree that Skullgirls needed it more…but we wanted it more.

      • Gregory Prytyka Jr.

         Exactly why Skullgirls shoulda won. What is “needed” outweighs what is “wanted.”

        • Louis Lam

          The Charity’s for Breast Cancer, not dying games.

          • Last I checked the game is alive and kicking sir. 2nd place and ALMOST beat Melee kinda does things about that.

          • Louis Lam

            Then SG players better stop ranting about how they “need” Evo.

            15K Behind is not almost BTW, and substantial portion of that money was not for competitive interest, which I’m totally ok with BTW.

          • As addition, since I can’t reply below… 
            That last 15k,, was placed 2 minutes before the stream ended.. AFTER Skullgirls had pulled ahead by 2k.

            And yes.. SG needs evo more, because its a newer game.. MADE by gamers, FOR the FGC. 

            I will admit though, the hype of this drive helped a lot… it breathed life in a community that was having issues with wanting to stick around due to Lab Zero’s problems. Evo would of been the icing on the cake on the revival of the franchise, but..  dont call a game dying because the company had to put things on hold for a little bit. 

          • undamned

            SG got ebay sniped.

          • locazo87

             15k is almost if you compare it with third place. Well you seem to be a Capcom fighter anyway.

        • Huugh

           What is needed is for you to get your salty dick outta your ass. SG EVO isn’t a charity to dying games. PLS

  • NyuBomber

    Can’t we all just fight along? 🙁

    • RenaTurnip

      Now now, don’t try to get people to follow common sense 🙁


    i hate cancer!

  • Noel Vermillion

    FGC is stupid

  • I wonder if all the people that talk shit about Melee even understand how it works at a competitive level. It’s the deepest FG I know of next to GGXX.

    • DJ Hawkes

      they dont, because they write it off as casual before they even watch it.  the FGC doesnt know shit about melee because the want someone to hate so they ignore it. then they say shit like “i know when to take a nap” because they dont know what the fuck is happening when they watch melee and dont know how hype it really is

      • Louis Lam

        Stop labeling what you read online as the “FGC”, stream/front page monsters are an overlapping but extremely different group than those who actually go out there and play fighting games. Realizing that is how we get rid of the imaginary borders and tensions between communities.

      • IFD|Humbag

        A lot of us actually understand Melee quite well. There are a lot of trolls out there DJ. Stop being such an easy fucking target and acting like the exact thing you are making fun of. It like me saying “I bet the smash crew does not even know what the fuck is actually going on during a high level SF4 match.”

        • DJ Hawkes


    • So Deep like using a glitch to win?
      So Deep like using one button to attack?

      Man, that’s as deep as a 1 foot kiddy pool.

      • Ayo_Ayo_Son

        Yea, it’s not like Capcom games or other games played at Evo had glitches exposed and used at a competetive level.  No…No…That’d be impossible for a “real” fighting game right?

        Could you tell me sir, when’s Marvel?

        • In 5 minutes, still a better game than Melee ever will be. 🙂

      • While I’m not a Smash Bros. fan — at all — this is a monstrously stupid post.

      • one button attack? That ain’t tekken son

      • Lucas Blomgren

        You can press one button to attack in SF as well. Argument invalid.

      • Spacing

    • Heavy emphasis on execution doesn’t equal “deep.”

      Yes, I’m aware there’s more to Melee than that.

    • locazo87

       Are you comparing GGXX with Melee? OMG.

  • Yo guys no salt against Melee, or any other game for that matter. Melee will be there and will probably have the biggest following in the FGC. And if melee hadnt made it to the roster, I would have loved to see Third Strike, MVC2, CVS2, GG, or BB in that order

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      3S is dead.  Justin can’t even play Marvel 2 anymore, by his own admission, Marvel 2 would have no hype. CVS2 has been dead for years.

      GG and BB don’t exist.

  • Skullgirls needs a little more time before it becomes EVO ready. Congrats Melee.

  • Torbjørn Rønningsen

    I think this is awesome. I always hated the the two communitys was seperated, I hope more realise that melee is a deep game, and give watching it a chance!

    Awesome with the amount of money collected.

  • David Wilson

    you can bet if sfxt was in the donation drive it wouldnt have raised as much money as the top 2.

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      Considering it was excluded from EVO 2012, I bet it would have.

  • If you aren’t excited about Melee being there, then don’t watch. It’s kind of sad that this is getting more attention (at least in the comments) than the awesome amount of money raised for breast cancer research. You guys accomplished something awesome here. Take a little pride in that first.

  • Jimmy Rustlin

    get ready for dat wombo combo

  • DemonFox DemonFox


    • gigantor21

      LOL don’t hold your breath.

  • GHNeko

    And this is why SRK Front Page is the filth of the FGC community all over the internet. lol.

    Cuz when you actually go to grand scale tourneys, you see and hear 0 hate for Melee. Apex is a great example of that.

  • AJ / Mixah

    Wasn’t too long ago that we got accused of sexism… Yeah.

  • gigantor21

    Well, so much for the potential warming of relations following Apex. *sigh*

    At any rate, fuck cancer.

    • tatodk

      Thankfully, SRK comments are not representative of any general party. lol

      • gigantor21

        And thank God for that shit.

  • CDiggity

    Grats to melee, you proved you wanted it the most…

    Now that that’s out of the way, I have a massive beef with this selection. From a logistical standpoint this was potentially one of the worst choices because it not only requires a separate console from the rest of the games, but also I am guessing that melee wants it to be run on CRTs as well. EVO is already at a critical load running significantly more games than last year, and you donate to a game that could potentially run 15+ minutes for one set of 3 (although I do recall Bo1 in 2007). Depending on entrants (I’ll be generous and assume that it will be around APEX numbers, so about 300) and the amount of space they are given. This could take a very long time.

    And to the melee community, please don’t steal EVO’s stuff, split the pot, or jack off on hotel beds. That would be much appreciated 😛

    • Guest

      I don’t jack off onto hotel beds. Only beds in the houses of people that host. That way it’s more personal

  • MikeTysonQuotes

    With over 94 000$ donated, Smash DESERVES a PRIMETIME streaming spot. Don’t stream smash top 32/finals at times that NO ONE is watching, which is what happened to SFxTekken last year.

    With such a large contribution to making the FGC’s image more positive, Smash deserves the spotlight. Don’t put Smash Finals on Saturday night or Sunday morning. Smash should be streamed LAST, or at least the tourney right before last.

    So maybe stream Marvel 3, then Smash, then Street Fighter 4.

    • windsagio

      Best thing is, they did it without developer support.

      Not a huge fan of the game, but the smash community showed everybody EXACTLY what the FGC should be.

      • SnowParrots

        It’s quite amazing that they were able to organize and show their support without the help of Nintendo. I may not really care about their game, but I’m glad that all the smash communities efforts payed off.

        But I personally felt that the best thing was that Lab Zero showed exactly what a developer should be. I don’t believe that developer interference is possibly a bad thing when it is done so genuinely. The developers and cast of Skullgirls were as passionate about their project as their fans. It really didn’t feel like there was any separation between the staff and the community on the Salty Cupcake stream, and I thought that was a beautiful thing.
        And on both sides, the community charity drive streams were incredibly entertaining and unifying for two games that might not get so much attention on a regular basis. Both sent a great message, despite things sort of falling apart in this comment section…

        • windsagio

          the only trap in developer support is the risk of ‘false positives’.  If Sega had put 100k into VF5 (to take a neutral example) and then you get a turnout of 30, then everybody loses (except for those pesky people with cancer of course).

      • Excatly. That is the true spirit of the real fighting game community.

    • Gailim

       I would imagine that the scheduling will be determined by entrants. That is how it always seems to go. games with the lowest entrants go early, games with the highest are the main event

    • MetaphysicalMan

      This was a competition for the _eighth_ spot and you think it will take precedence over MvC3.  Delusional!

      Besides, there are tons of people watching EVO at all hours. If no one was watching SFxT last year, it wasn’t because of the time slot, I assure you..

  • BeholdMyPower

    GG, breast cancer.

  • thirdstrikesucks

    Ain’t no third strike and they pooled all the money from the entire 3s community together too, $70

    • suproman

      Damn, you’re petty even in the face of breast cancer research. Someone in the SFIII-3S community must have really raped you bad in that game.

      • thirdstrikesucks

        If 3s community cared about breast cancer research they would have donated more than $70. 3s players support cancer, and 3s is a cancer.

    • Hey_Sim

      We await your return, warrior.

  • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

     nice that so much went into a good cause. Sucks that it is Smash that won, would’ve much rather had SkullGirls or pretty much any other fighter on the list besides smash.

  • ScumItOut

    Melee earned and deserved it. 

    But drop SFxT and put in both Skullgirls and ST. 

  • Tokido




    L O L

    • disqus_Xi6wkNUUQ0

      Melee was in EVO 2007. Stay salty, my friends.

      • Dion Johnson

         aww, why salt? I wanted Strawberry Jelly…

    • Adelheid Stark

      Smash was at evo in 2007 and 2008. Pay attention, now.

    • junkimchi

      You realize Smash was on EVO twice already?

    • Walter White

      Melee was in Evo 2007, and is the only game from that year’s lineup that continues to have a tournament scene.

      • sb

        And what state was fighting games in when that happen those years DEAD its not the dark ages no more and paying was the only way it made it back in

        • Louis Lam

          lol it’s 2013 and people still believe in the “dark ages” of fighting games?

  • memyselfandi770

    First let me say that think it is truly dope that the community was able to raise this much money for a worthy cause; I really think that speaks greatly on how far EVO, and the collective strength of the community at large have come. That said, I really do wish some of the other games on the list had made it instead of melee. I mean don’t get me wrong, congrats to the fans of this game and all that,they won fair&square bottom line; but damn I really do not care to see this at EVO.

    I just hope that everybody who helped get this game in GENUINELY gives a shit about Smash, and I know a lot (if not most) of them do, but whenever it’s time to choose something in the community there seems to be this plethora of people who kinda give a shit, with half assed opinions who popup, and rally around the bandwagon (cough, cough, cough Phoenix Wright, cough Frank West, cough), and are the very same ones hopping on the Bitch and Moan bandwagon at the next stop when it’s time to deal with said decision they made possible. Again, the Smash crowd won fair and square so I can’t hate, but I am disappointed to say the least.

  • Why are MK9 and SFXT automatically featured in EVO? It’d be SO GOOD if there were only 5 set in stone and 6th, 7th, and 8th spots were up to community donations

    And way to go, Melee

  • Why are MK9 and SFXT automatically featured in EVO? It’d be SO GOOD if there were only 5 set in stone and 6th, 7th, and 8th spots were up to community donations

    And way to go, Melee

    • sb

      They left 1 spot open for the community to donate on and look what happen 3 spots please no

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      SFXT is included because it just received a complete overhaul, and because it’s the latest Capcom title.

      People forget EVO is predominantly a Capcom-oriented tournament.

  • memyselfandi770

     I agree, I mean I would’ve taken pretty much everything else instead of this, but they paid the cost to be the boss so I can’t say to much about it  unfortunately.

  • Raymond

    Damn it, I knew i was going to come here seeing that melee won. I really wanted skull girls to win because it is always fun watching. I like playing smash my self but competitively, smash is really really boring to watch. I only time i watched it, was when some guy was playing zero suit samus, and i really like her. XD

    To bad skull girls but hey, at lest skull girls is getting a new char soon. Lol

    • Johnson Nguyen

      Melee won, not Brawl. Pay attention.

  • gosho petkov

    No Blazblue? Well, time to kill myself.

  • I’m happy that we raised so much for breast cancer. I just wish SRK and Wizard could do something for Skullgirls for doing so much. This tweet below sums up my opinion and I still want to see a response.

  • ReoAyanami

    So basically what a lot of people are saying is thank you smash community for your money and making the fgc look good but your game still sucks and shouldn’t be at Evo.

    Way to go FGC.

  • sludgepuppy

    You guys sure are quick to forget. Of course front pagers would only complain about Melee being in. I can practically guarantee you 3/4 of the people posting on this page complaining didn’t even donate. So cry about Melee all you want, but they ST and SG did a damn good thing raising all this bread for breast cancer research.

    • RD20

      donated to both mlp and to sg after the mlp devs said not to donate anymore hate all you want but really excited for fim seems very solid.  Melee to me will always be a party game because that is how I prefer to play it other don’t idk /shrug important thing is 225k plus for cancer research

  • Andre Felix

    This cemented my decision to go to Evo and enter both Melee and UMvC3. Last night was such an inspiring effort by the community!

  • OldManCaboose

    This reminds me, my inner statistician is curious about the data of the donation drive. I am curious as to a few facts, mainly the number of UNIQUE donors to each of the games, the percent of donations less than $100 for each and the percent of the total those donations account for.  I want to see how this would break down, especially among the top 3.

  • Duck Strong

    Who wants to bet the Canon’s claim this on their taxes and profit like 20k?

  • poor skull girls, it should have a special side slot at evo  

  • Jose_Levoj

    How could you hate on a community that donated $94,000 dollars. The only reason melee didn’t  stay at evo was due to the reception brawl got the following year a majority of the smash community just didn’t like the game mechanics the $170 it made during this drive says it all. watching melee matches is hype especially if you understand the tech these competitors apply to this game. GG breast cancer and if your hating, hold that shiet. 

  • I bet half the people complaining about Melee getting the ticket don’t know the difference between Melee and Brawl, most have never played the game competitively, and the rest don’t care to watch a full set before putting an arbitrary limitation on their attention span do to preconception about its entertainment level. If you can’t watch some of the best Melee players in the world fight without being bored, then there is a problem with your brain and not the game.

    That said, I know that almost everyone on this site bitching isn’t going to actually be at Evo, isn’t actually going to watch Melee, and isn’t really going to stop smashers from having their time. What this is really dependent on is how Evo is going to set things up to do this, because it’s true that Melee takes longer to play than other events: it’s the nature of the game. If they change the rules, the smash community will be upset and feel cheated. If they don’t change the rules, Melee could potentially take the same amount of time to finish as 3 of the other games. I really think that the tournament organizers should meet with the smash community (on the boards, on a stream, with pro players, with Melee TOs, etc.) in some way months prior to game day in order to get all the ducks in a row.

    Lastly, thanks to everyone for the 200k hit combo on Breast Cancer. 

    • Just want to point out that it’s silly to think everyone complaining has no knowledge of the game in question. This is the same defense Sonic ’06 apologists made to argue the game was good.

      This isn’t to say Melee and Sonic ’06 are on the same level.

  • Los Illuminados

    Congratulation Melee for winning the 8th EVO 2k13 spot. that is a insane amount of money from them. they sure earn that 8th spot at EVO. i am happy for them. thanks to all who donated as well. it was a close race from what i heard. 

    Speaking of  donation drives.  Orochinagi is hosting a donation drive to send KOF Player BALA to this year WGC 2k13! going on right now. Please donate whatever you can as the goal/target is only $1000. Any donation is very much appreciate. go to link to donate -> 

    Also CafeID is hosting a donation drive for themself to travel and attend WGC 2k13! you can donate to them at their twitch channel. ->

  • Los Illuminados

    Congratulation Melee for winning the 8th EVO 2k13 spot. that is a insane amount of money from them. they sure earn that 8th spot at EVO. i am happy for them. thanks to all who donated as well. it was a close race from what i heard. 
    Speaking of  donation drives.  Orochinagi is hosting a donation drive to send KOF Player BALA to this year WGC 2k13! going on right now. Please donate whatever you can as the goal/target is only $1000. Any donation is very much appreciate. go to link to donate -> 

    Also CafeID is hosting a donation drive for themself to travel and attend WGC 2k13! you can donate to them at their twitch channel. ->

  • Thanatoz

    The end result was obvious the day this was announced. Smash is a contained group of players, they all donated to the same game(with a small brawl total aside), while the FGC was split committing to Skullgirls and Super-Turbo. I get that smash is fun and skillful, but until I have an expert explain the finer details to me, I fail to see how it’s anywhere near the complexity of SF4 or Marvel 3. I’m open to this and think that Ultrachen and maybe some official evo grp should try to promote a guide/video series/podcast that explains the finer details of the game to the fgc. To be received well it should be something like Ultrachen + one reputable smash expert for a break down similar to the one they did for virtua fighter, soul calibur V, and skullgirls.

  • LOL @ Furyfire’s desperate “war” against melee. Why open your mouth and broadcast that ignorance and lack of understanding? So embarrassing.

  • Nullspace

    Inb4 all items/smash balls on, the only way to play Smash.

    • Raymond

      That’s how i like to play smash. Makes the game fun to play and watch. Lol

    • Dion Johnson

       they already confirmed that Melee will be using the Smash communities’ rules/

  • Zenzo

    I think this is great. I’ve never gotten a chance to see Smash at a competitive level, and the FGC should be all about bringing more people in.

  • OldManCaboose

    Even though Melee won the donation drive, I think Skullgirls gained the most from this.

    It seems that a major goal of the Smash community was to increase the player base of competitive smash, those numbers have been stagnant for the last few years, with 270 players at EVO 2007 vs 310 at APEX 2012 vs 330 at APEX 2013. I don’t think those numbers will change much considering you pretty much can’t buy melee new anymore and there are no plans for a re-release, and many people seem reluctant to trade in their copies because of the nostalgia/partygame/competition factor.

    On the other hand, the significantly smaller community of Skullgirls brought a lot of attention and curiosity to it by challenging the front runner of Melee. I’ve already seen some instances of people showing interest in the game on PSN, and with the advent of the PC edition (ie you can buy multiple copies on Steam and gift them), this should only get better.

    What I’m trying to say is that DiveKick will be released soon, and it will kick all sorts of ass because it is the one true game.

    • Andre Felix


      I am a Melee and Marvel player, and I just played Skullgirls for the first time on Sunday because of the hype it’s been getting. It’s really a great game

    • Jebril

      You can buy Melee on eBay always…there are plenty of copies, and if you’re that desperate hack your Wii and download the pirated version, it’s not that hard.

    • FrootLoopsAreAmazing

      ehhhh…its actually pretty easy to get a copy of the melee, but I do agree that EVO won’t change all that much for smash or the rest of the FGC

  • The community raised over $225K for breast cancer research?  Someone call Kotaku!

    • ShaithEatery

      I do find it funny that there’s not a trace of this major event in gaming history on their front page

    • Nullspace

      Implying Kotaku would actually post a positive story on the FGC. Even if they did post this, you know they’d HAVE to bring up Cross Assault.

    • Gailim

       I actually did send Kotaku a tip about this 2 hours ago

    • windsagio

      You guys are still pisst over that?


      • DisqHatman

         With good reason – When you only get negative publicity and all positive things are completely ignored with what is a somewhat influential blog, it’s an editorial mandate and not just coincidence.

  • Isaac Hudson

    If you’ve never SHFFL’d, dash-danced or wave-dashed…don’t even try to call melee a casual party game.

    I play Blazblue, SF, TTT2, SG and yet I’ve played a lot of Brawl and Melee.  Smash is without a doubt a competitive fighting game that you need to put WORK into.

    I wanted SG to win.  Congrats to Melee though – it should be epic to watch.

    • Elloyd Bennett

      someone who is on the same page.. thank you.

  • Hey_Sim

    Wasted my money on Third Strike. Anyway, at least it went to caner research.

    • Your the first person I have seen to actully say they voted for Third Strike(maybe the only one that voted?). Props to you 3rd Strike>Super Turbo

      • Hey_Sim

        Cheers pal

  • John Spankenstein

     I’m totally okay with Melee… so long as it’s four-player, all items, and random stages. It won’t be, so meh.

    • Tyrone Allen

      Then it becomes a party game again.

      • sb

        Thats what it is NOTHING can change that

        • Johnson Nguyen

          Not this fallacious argument again…

          Look, if you think calling Melee a “party game” somehow invalidates it from being a complex and deep fighting game, then I have news for you: the other fighting games are just arcade games–they started out as arcade games and still retain the arcade flavour.

          Brb, playing TTT 2 at a party.

  • Kitsuziza

    I think is would be really dumb if the smash bros fighting game community raised up all this money to get it’s game into Evo only for there rules to be ignored. If I’m not mistaken when you play SFXTK competitively you play without gems right well melee is the same way to play it on a competitive level a certain set of rules come with the package. Evo decided to ignore the was the community played the game before I hope it does not make the same mistake again.

  • Lol. All the hate for Melee. You know what, deal with it. This is going to be my first Evo. I’ve always wanted to go but was never up to par skillwise in other games. Now that my main game is there, I’m going and I plan to enjoy the hell out of it. You don’t like the game? Deal with it. I don’t care and the melee community doesn’t care either. We don’t “need” Evo for our game to survive. Did it for so long without major backing, we’ll keep doing it. Game is old? Stood the test of time sounds more like it. Just because something is new, doesn’t mean it deserves anything. Mad? Stay mad while I show off my APM on my GCN controller

  • Jebril

    Never thought some people could be so scummy…wait actually I did, but for some reason it always surprises me.

    You guys should be thankful to the Smash community for raising almost 100K in the FGC’s name the community that’s constantly shit on it again and again…and continues to till this day it seems…

  • 1338h4x

    So glad to see Melee win, but it sucks that there could only be one winner after the Skullgirls and ST community came so far too. Promise them spots in Evo 2014!

  • Andrew Gonzalez
  • lol so many people mad that melee’s in evo
    it’s hilarious

  • hunter

    Funny how so many people disregard melee. They want another cookie cutter fighting game in place of something innovative that has withstood the test of time for 12 years. Keep denying smash all you want, but it’s leagues ahead of the traditional fighter.

  • Robert Pulone

    I don’t care if melee isn’t a fighting game that similar to the usual Evo titles. I don’t play it one bit but it’s a huge community of extremely dedicated and skilled players and it will be a real treat for us to host their big game. I can’t wait! Try to have some respect. They won the vote, so don’t be a salty loser if it wasn’t your game of choice. This was a really great cause too, so let’s just see how it goes.

  • Melee is one of the best fighting games of all time and if you don’t get it then you probably weren’t any good at it. Melee requires just as much apm as many other top level competitive fighting games.

  • Lots of fun at EVO in 2007.  With the hype from this donation drive though….2013 is gonna be huge, I think.  I’ll be entering Melee.

  • From many of these comments it sounds like EVO’s main purpose is game endorsement now  😛

    • windsagio

      if you’re a developer it kind of should be.

      especially in a case like zero-labs, they need to be looking constantly to raise the visibility and esteem of your game.

      The evo fundraiser is an amazing opportunity for this whether they win or not.

      • For developers that makes sense, but the 8th slot was for the “players” choice.

  • When everyone expected Sony or WarnerBros to buy the spot for their game, no one was waiting on Nintendo to try and save the failure that is the WiiU by adding Smash to the roster. What a turn of events.

    • I think Nintendo didn’t give a goddamn sh*t about EVO.
      Actually they hardly never encouraged the Melee community.

      They even peed on us abondantly with brawl (As I see it, for example they called a famous Melee player to beta test it, everything that he pointed out was removed, like combos or move used in advanced gameplay)

      For this donation it’s Melee community only, the final donation was namecoded as the spirit bomb (Genki dama), and happened after a special event put on by Melee Players.

      It’s unlike Skull Girl who had support from developpers (I think this wasn’t “cheating”, just an edge they had)

    • GuyAlpha

      Wait, how would donating money to get a gamecube game into EVO help save the WiiU?

    • windsagio

      Nintendo is pretty much notorious for not supporting things like this at ALL.

  • :Semi Troll Post:

    Melee deserved this victory, period.
    But Skull Girls raised so much money, that it really deserve some light !
    Just loose Street X Tekken to make room for better game :p

    • Hey_Sim

      At least they’ve got a side tournament now at EVO

  • Congratulations for donating that much money for the greater good. Also kind of glad to see that the Smash community raised as much money as they did. I would’ve liked to see Skullgirls make the cut, but it will have it’s chance at a later time, I guess.

  • Zonder88

    Thank god ST didnt win. Look its a great game for its time and all, but get over it. This is now 2013, not 1993 or whatever year it came out.

    Thank god MLP didnt win, people voted for it for amusements sake and trolling, not because they give a shit about watching MLP on the main stage.

    I would’ve been fine with any of the other games winning.

    • RD20

      First of all you are wrong one the 2nd, Second of all what the heck do you think melee is its old as hell came out for the cube for cripes sake

      Either way the important part of this 225k for breast cancer hell yes nice job all

      • If you look at melee videos from EVO 2007 and melee videos now, it’s pretty much like a whole new game XD..

  • Darklurkr23

     O god Smash…*facepalm*

    Fighting is Magic would’ve been better. At least that actually IS a FIGHTING GAME.

  • Darkflare

    Get hyped for “No items, Fox Only, Final Destination”

  • a significant inventions but also need to be careful to test

  • My mother is a cancer survivor also. She got 8 sessions on chemotherapy and now we are still doing check up every month to make sure that she is already cured. But still praying that she will have her full recovery.