Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – The Battle for Morrigan: Terry Bogard 18 Takes on AGE|NYChrisG

By on January 31, 2013 at 8:40 pm

After Glow Elite’s Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez is considered by many to be the best Morrigan player in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. However, he isn’t the only notable Morrigan player out there. Terry Bogard 18 is another such player, one of the few who does well without the seemingly requisite Doctor Doom Hidden Missile assist. These two recently got the chance to face each other online via the Edmonton Gamers stream. The resulting matches have been subsequently shared over YouTube.

In addition to these, Edmonton Gamers have also shared a video of AGE|NYChrisG using his Phoenix Wright team against oPR ChAmAkiTo.

Source: EdmontonGamers

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  • KingxKing

    WTF is this

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  • match 1 and 2 ar the exact same match ;x

  • Kevin Geoffroy

    Same match…

  • Dubsys

    Terry Bogard is ass can’t wait to see him go 0-2 at evo

    • Garrett M. DeCrosta

       Says the guy with the horse face Facebook picture…

  • Oerba

    I’ve seen this Terry guy in random streams, his Morrigan is very good for someone who plays online, but offline his style wouldn’t fly.

    • 1tuffhombrey

      Flocker was an online warrior before he started wrecking up shop in tourneys.  I think social issues will set Terry back if anything.

      • J.D SRK

        Flocker Plays Zero…..

        • Does he still play Zero? I saw him using Morrigan at NEC.

  • nice

  • Garrett M. DeCrosta

    As soon as I saw the Random Million Dollars I stopped watching…..

    • Awsumpossum12345

      Wasn’t random. Dante was low on health so he decided to safely DHC in AV. As to why he chose Million Dollars instead of DT……idk.

      All i know is raw tagging against Vergil is dangerous.

  • IFD|Humbag

    Like why is this relevant? Online UMvC3 matches being posted to front page now? Seriously?

    • WeESportsNow

      Well they post Maximilian videos here right?

      • Hey_Sim

        Maximilian videos don’t solely rely on online matches. There’s normally a topic of discussion that can benefit newcomers.

  • martin rush

    THEE terry Bogard? 

  • Why would you give publicity to Terry bogard? The guy is a complete ass, he sends rage mail and brag mail to almost everyone he plays against, the kid is a complete social retard.

  • J.D SRK

    Terry Bogard is a salty ragequitter…..

  • terry bogard is ass

  • wBENDERw

    i just wanted to say ‘ass’

  • Paolo Novero

    C’mon c’mon! Get serious!

  • Hey_Sim

    Terry Bogard is good at this game but he needs to treat his opponents with respect. The guys a complete asstard.

  • MrBGuy

    Dev posting footage of a scrub-mentality player .. oh the irony

  • Herbert Jones Rovbinson

    Thx for the snorefest

  • Boooooring! -.-

  • RAEN74

    epic pheonix though

  • Terry Bogard for EVO 2013 Champion

  • Are there any good Morrigan players that aren’t dbags?

  • emc

    who ever is letting people post awful fucking news threads needs to be fired. First we get some awful strider on point video. Then some awful DMC DHC crap no one cares about, and now this? It’s not even a BO5, it’s ONE youtube video. congratz SRK, you suck.

  • Edmonton Gamers

    People going nuts over the footage =( you guys should check outthe Moons vs Chris G match I uploaded

    (Hawk,FB,Ryu) Chris G vs Moons (Shuma,Spencer,Doom)

    and the second set

    I understand that because they are online matches recorded from my lobby that you folks may not think they are much, I personally enjoy the matches and played in the lobby myself. Perhaps the quality of the video needs to be better and for that I shall work much harder on. But  aside from that it is a bit sad to see that people assume that since its online its not worth watching. Ah well I will continue to host the stream/lobby and hope that my virtually unknown stream will gain some sort of audience.

    For those interested in seeing the full vod it can be found here



  • Scott Yang

    chris G is amazing. Terry Bogard is too, man o man wish i had the skill of these guys 🙁

  • Online matches…