Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 Video Roundup (01/31)

By on January 31, 2013 at 1:17 pm

The new SF x TK patch is out, and the community is hard at work trying out all the new changes. Let’s see what they have posted in just a few days.

TheOdoFaction has started a brand new video series dedicated to the updated game. This video goes over Asuka’s changes and shows off some of her new BnB combos. Asuka can push herself to 400 damage meterless and about 500 damage with an EA air grab. She’s gotten quite a few buffs, including new links on her cr.MP and cr.HP, and one of the most damaging throws in the game.

SaishuuKessen has uploaded this video shows shows off some changes to Guy.

ReNiC posted two videos showing off a few new capabilities of Abel and Hugo.

kronik24709 has uploaded a multi-character combo video that shows off a good portion of the roster.

Finally, error00001 has used the PC version (pre-patch) to show off a gem setup that nets him over 1000 damage simply by landing an EX cross counter. It’s unlikely to happen in an actual game though.

Sources: TheOdoFactionSaishuuKessenReNiCReNiCkronik24709error00001

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  • Dennis de Kok

    dudley holy sh

  • chipsndips

    That Abel vid is priceless.

  • Mash Harder

    “shows off a good portion of the roster”
    …3 seconds into video – “Chars included: Asuka, Nina, Alisa, Guy”

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    you bleed like mai li, mai li goooood fuck. 

  • EA Air Grab, “It’s in the game!”

  • Shelton Doutherd

    I just created a video that show the synergy for Dudley and King.  Please share if you can.

  • Ryan Harris

    So I get online and…bandwagons, bandwagons everywhere.

    • Jelani-Akin

      I freely admit I have jumped back on the Paul bandwagon (though I’m not maining him).  Can you blame me?

      I mean the man’s win quote is him yelling his own damn name.  You can’t stay away from a character that awesome.

      • Ryan Harris

        Paul is one of those characters I feel like I cant blame people fo trying out now. Him and Yoshi both. They were just too gimmicky and bad to be used seriously the first time around. But all I’ve been seeing as of late is nothing but Guy, guy, guy and asuka, asuka, asuka.

  • Adrian Denton

    Why do most SF players act like 10 year olds?..If I dont win I’ll stamp my feet wah wah wah!! Which 2 buttons make me punch my opponent the hardest? Which character will give me the best chance of winning if I press all the buttons as fast as possible?