Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike – Beginner’s Hugo Primer by ReNiC

By on January 31, 2013 at 11:11 am

ReNiC‘s Beginner Primer series returns, this time taking on Hugo. Hugo has an interesting combination of some of the best and some of the worst moves in the game. ReNiC focuses on Hammer Frenzy but says that all of Hugo’s supers are viable in different matchups. He even talks about how Hugo’s 3rd Strike incarnation is different from the version in Street Fighter x Tekken.

Source: ReNiC

Angelo M. D’Argenio A.K.A. MyLifeIsAnRPG got his start in the fighting game community as a young boy playing Street Fighter II in arcades down at the Jersey Shore. As president of Disorganization XIII, he travels the convention circuit presenting a variety of panels from discussions on gamer culture, to stick modding workshops, to fighting game comedy acts. He has a passion for looking at the fighting game community from an academic standpoint and has completed several studies on effective fighting game learning and the impact fighting games have on social circles. A six year veteran of the gaming industry, he also writes for Cheat Code Central and is a lead game designer for Ember Games. On Tuesdays, you can find him getting bodied by Chris G and getting mistaken for Seth Rogen at The Break.
  • DropDeadEddy


    My Hugo is just as good as this one and I never use much of what is utilized here.

    • Jasin Walraven

      then why are u not famous?

      • DropDeadEddy

         because I don’t want to be.

        And, I just play for fun. Not fame. I don’t think I’m the best.

  • You can’t tech meatsquasher… I like Renic and he puts out really good stuff that is helpful for a lot of newer players, myself included, but some of the info here is just straight up incorrect.

    • Art Salmons

      Not to mention that he doesn’t have a script and seems to be making it up as he goes along. And he apparently can’t get a friend to help control 2P or set up the training dummy to do it. Instead it’s just “if the opponent was jumping, this would catch him”

      • He missed cr.hp too, which is a really bad move and important to tell new hugo players not to use. It’s a free punish for your opponent outside of some really specific situations (such as, it makes a good anti-air in a hugo mirror)

        • DropDeadEddy

           cr HP is good in a pressure jump situation

          • veinjin

            I used cr HP in pressure jumps often. its one of those moves no one expects (everyone told me NEVER use crHP) so i oft times lands.