My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic – Fluttershy Trailer

By on January 31, 2013 at 9:23 am

The Mane6 team has finally begun finishing work on one of the most anticipated characters in My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic: Fluttershy.

Her main mechanic seems to focus on summoning animal friends, which she can then activate at a later time to extend her combos and create mix-up opportunities. Many of Fluttershy’s attacks utilize her pet, Angel Bunny, which gives many of her normals disjointed hit-boxes. Finally, her one super that seems to be implemented at this time is a legion-style super that ends with a spinout effect.

Source: Mane6

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  • Matthew Schneider

    This game looks like ass, sorry.

    • metaXzero K

       What doesn’t look like ass for you?

    • Jay Wright

      Apology accepted. 

      • i seen a apple bloom with a GI  image on gamespot and you won me over , get on it, if you guys have not started work on her yet, think a makoto style with normal walk speeds and a command grab

    • locazo87

      UMVC3 looks like ass. So many sparks here and there you cannot even see what are you hitting on.  But yeah is Capcom and any shit from that company sell millions.

      • sb

        Failed replay

  • gigaxbuster

    Cool.  I plan on maining Rainbow Dash, though.  Can’t wait.

  • Raidanzoup

    Eh, music was more hype than the combos. Was that LilyPichu tho? Pretty sure that’s Lily’s voice.

    • Oreo

       Yeah, it is.

  • Etienne Pnj Austin

    I don’t get it. Is there a gas leak?

  • tiki.92

    Why is it when someone makes an indie fighter they always are involve the magic series [A, B, C, D, Launch etc. etc.] I’ve yet to see an indie fighter that’s more traditional a la alpha 2 or ST and such.

    • Adelheid Stark

      Akatsuki Blitzkampf. Vanguard Princess. On the American side, Battle Capacity. I can name more, if you want.

      • Jeff

        Please do.   Magic Series is a big reason why I don’t deal with indie fighters all that much.

    • metaXzero K

       Easy to understand and simpler than the 6 button scheme of Street Fighter.

      So basically, they are going for accessibility.

    • D is a “drive” button in this game. Like BlazBlue. There’s a separate meter for it.

  • Jamal Robinson

    AWWWEEE YEAAAHHHH ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Every super should end with a picture of

  • Shane Guidaboni

    I can’t believe this even exists. 

    • Yes. To me it seems like one of those things you talk about with your friends, “oh man, imagine if they’d make X game with Y. How funny wouldn’t that be?” But the reason it’s funny in that case (okay, it’s not “funny” there either, but you get the point) is because of the sheer absurdity of it happening.

      But if someone were to actually pour effort into what we were talking about, and that means, sitting there, working on that project for hours on end day after day, then suddenly, it becomes less funny and more weird.

      Well, that’s how I feel, anyways.

      • locazo87

         At least they are working on something. What all of you are doing? Whining.
        You seems more to be some chinese guy living on the 70s China than americans living in the 21th century. Today people can choose what to work on. If Mane6 people want to work on ponies, let them be.

        • So because I’m saying that I have a tough time digesting this as reality, and shared sentiments with another poster, I’m whining? I think you need a dictionary, ’cause I wasn’t complaining about anything, or saying anything sucked. Each to their own. I was sharing my astonishment with another poster.

          I mean, you’re the one who sees ‘whine’ just because my comment is non-positive. Should opinions not be posted unless they’re “oh this looks great! Thanks a bunch!”?

    • Yes. Because Ryu fighting Wolverine was something everyone saw coming.

      • suproman

        Yeah, everyone did. Popular action series gets interest from fighting game developer, for its action and animation qualities. Popular brand gets licensed and developed by fighting game developer, to to capitalize on the genre and brand name. Things work out so developer takes it a step further. This continues till they have an established series, in doing so they accumulate reusable assets along with it. The assets are compatible with other brand assets at the time, giving it potential for combinations. Due to the success of the previous games, both companies agree to use those assets for a crossover. This continues and becomes an established series. Learn the history children. This site is full of idiots, I don’t no why I keep replying.

        • someguy1234

          I’m sure you have a successful indy game in the making with your marketing know how. Tell us about it when you get passed the writing phase.

          >This site is full of idiots, I don’t no why I keep replying.

          Then don’t.

          • suproman

            Funny shit is I do have a successful “indie game”(better edit that) title in the making. There is no need to tell you and your  friends about it, since idiots aren’t my target audience.

  • Justin Archer

    I can’t believe this game was made. If the target consumer was for little girls I wouldn’t care but it’s for grown ass men to play. I just don’t understand.

    • Triox

      Sometimes people like stuff that you don’t.  Sometimes there isn’t any deep philosophical  reason behind it.  Don’t try and understand it, just accept it.

      •  I said exactly the same thing as Archer, but in the back of my mind I know what you say is true. But it’s really hard to understand the appeal of this game (or MLP in general) to anyone male and/or over the age of 8. Then again, one of my favorite games includes fantasy battles between Captain America and “an angry space midget with a sword”.

        • locazo87

           I had the chance to play the leaked demo. The only thing I can say you its if you forget that you are actually using ponies, you will find that fighting mechanics are awesome. Even better than games like SFXT when the only thing you have to do is send your opponent in air, crouch and hit them with mid punch three or four times and do a special movement.

        • Triox

          There’s no honestly good way to explain it so that I can make other people understand.  This is about the best video that gets it the closest

          Every fan has their own story.  A lot of them started out as people who thought like you and Archer who just didn’t understand it and finally just tried it to see what the fuss was about.  Some people still hated it afterwards.  
          There really isn’t this formula to figure out why it’s as popular as it is.  To me it’s a combination or the show actually being good, and the MLP community’s rabid fandom just being incredibly fun to participate in.

          • MuhhPhukka

            So how many cocks did you suck before getting into My Little Pony?

          • bizkit01

            Haha, I get it! It’s because people who like ponies are gay! Get it guys?! … Guyz?

          • Triox

            Why?  You trying to break my record?

          • 42 cocks and 16 chickens…a few turkey too.

      • locazo87

         Your words triox are just sublime. You have to accept that people have tastes, thats all. But we cant expect so much from Capcom gamers. For them everything except SSFIVAE is a shit.

    • Joel Anderson

       That’s cuz the target for the cartoon isn’t little girls either. The creator said she was trying to target everybody instead of just little girls, and she succeeded. Now here comes a game targeting everybody. Both are popular with guys. Deal with it.

  • Those hitboxes are gonna look like shit

    • Jay Wright

      They are pretty much just red and blue rectangles. I mean, they aren’t PRETTY, but no need to put them down. 

  • Keon Misterr

    Seems legit.

  • Still better than skullgirls,keep it up folks

    • sb

      Failed comment

      • So what does sb stand for? “Super Butthurt”? “Salty Baby”? “Seriously Bitchy”? 

        • Mash Harder

          smash brothers

        • sb

          Butthurt baby bitchy oh yea confirmed gaymer what do they really call you Honey ya freak

          • For someone so obsessed with the word “gay”, it’s obviously “secretly bi”.

  • Triox

    Fluttershy is looking like she’s going to have really good reset/mixup potential like Pinkie Pie, but with more damage.  The hawk looks awesome for opening people up.  And I love that her launcher is Angel doing a shoryuken.

    My main concern right now if how she is going to deal with a lame play style like Rarity gem zoning. As an AJ player, I can get zoned pretty hard, but at least I can attempt a lasso to get in.  But with Fluttershy I’m worried she just might get zoned out really easily. Perhaps the inclusion of a pet that she can send out and it will hold the opponent in place for a couple seconds.

    • Yo gems???

      • Triox

        • locazo87

           Insane. But remember that is not the final product.

          • Triox

            Yeah, that’s from last years Evo build that got leaked.  I understand why Mane6 was disappointed with the leak because that build is really broken once people sit down and find out all the workings of the game.  A lot of the things in the newer build (Canterlot Gardens build which wasn’t leaked) have fixed problems already.

            That said…Rarity Gem zoning won’t change all that much and will still be effective.

        • Coinbox Tees

          i like how the game asks you if your desk

  • locazo87

    The special movement makes me remember Manto Ape from Kabu Klash.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Chooch

    How does the combo at 1:07 even work? Is there really that much hitstun or is the combo counter just broken?

    • Triox

      If you look right before Rainbow Dash (the blue pony) is froozen, Fluttershy does her stare.  I’m guessing that it’s a special move that freezes the opponents for a few seconds

      “There’s some good chickens”

      • Chooch

        That.. seems pretty broke.

        • Triox

          That’s just my guess though.  I mean it makes sense when you consider how the stare affects people in the show.

  • Why was this posted here? The “anime” fighters already get enough crap and pedophile comments. Now it’s time to here those same comments again, but with gay and furry comments added. 

    • gigantor21

      It’s still a fighting game, and this is a fighting game site. That people are going to talk shit isn’t SRK’s fault.

    • metaXzero K

       Because they aren’t doing it for the haters who spend way too much time on articles they hate.

  • sb

    Confirmed most gay fighting game ever made the gaymers are gonna flock to it to play it

    • Failed comment.

      • sb


        • You seem a bit obsessed with the gayness.

          Like those politicians and priests who spend their whole lives being anti-gay and then come out when they’re 70.

          Accept yourself.  You’ll live a much happier life.

    • Chooch

      Gay and not even interested in this game.

      • Yet you clicked the link. Hmmmm.

      • Zombieoni

        Did you just say you are gay and not interested? Odd way to come out of the closet, but to each his own,

  • Zonder88

    Its funny how so many people pretends to be interested in this game but when its released barely anyone will stick with it for more than a week, lol.

    • You should put your psychic powers to a better use, o wise one.

  • RunningWild1984

    Meh, Marvel/Anime style combo’s. I wish there were more games that didn’t involve air combos.

  • Can’t wait to play this at Evo next year.

    • Mike Arthur

      You’ll be waiting a long time, brony scum.

      • It was at Evo last year.

      • Oreo

         It’s actually gonna be at EVO this year at the Indie Corner.

  • Ultimator

    I still don’t understand why grown-ass men are obsessed with pink and blue ponies….but whatever floats your boat, I guess.

    • The haters should love this game. It’s pony beating the shit out of each other,

    • Rigumantis

      World is getting ridiculous get use to it, it’s gonna get worse.

    • Johnson Nguyen

      I still don’t understand why grown-ass men gather together and play with ball-headed sticks and 6 buttons… but whatever floats your boat, I

      • suproman

        To control the video-games played by the ball-headed sticks and 6 buttons. If you can’t understand that, goddamn you might be dumb to the point of not understanding this comment. Unless you’re talking about something completely different, than I can’t help you.

        • monsterwafflez

          Their comebacks sound so forced. Like they can’t think of anything to say so they just try to compare gaming to their obsession with a child’s toy. I doesn’t matter how they say it. It always sounds weird when grown man says he likes these ponies.

        • Johnson Nguyen

          No, you must not understand MY comment. There are people who think men liking ponies are weird; yet there are people who think men gathering together and getting hyped through playing video games are weird.

    • Justin Woon

      It’s because those grown-ass men have an open mind and don’t find pink and blue ponies girly. If you can’t get over the fact that a show (or a game about said show) about brightly colored ponies isn’t super-girly, go away and let people who can get over that fact enjoy the show.

  • Shingo

    Wait a minute…

  • Richard Johnson


  • allytronic

    1:17 game not even out yet and people are already teabagging WTF

  • Corporate_Marth

    Derpy or no deal.

  • looks like a gay strider

  • Raffospink

    *Rubs eyes* Am I seeing this right? My Little Fucking Pony on Shoryuken?

  • Evan Little

    Get this fucking garbage off SRK.

  • G.F. Ahrun

    Really epic video here… Altough Flutter is my fav pony, I don’t think I’ll addapt playing as her… She just looks like GGXX’s Zappa…

    For me Pinkie Pie is my best pony in the game. I liked her random moves and teleport…

    • bigtaz504

      Kill yourself!

      • G.F. Ahrun

        I love you too

  • Josh King

    “Thiiiiiiis is whining!”

  • Yperion10000BC

    Some CoD fagboy made this game obviously to mock fighters and few of you cherish and advertise it.My god what the fighting community has turned to.

  • bigtaz504

    Wtf did i just watch? Yhis looks like crap. Glad this isnt going to evo!

    • SonOfTheNorthe

      Too bad. It’s was in the indie section last year, and will be this year.

      • Eric Nguyen

        Whelp, guess bigtaz504 was right. The game got C&D’d after all.

  • bigtaz504
  • S. Hammadi Moulki

    why does this deserve so much hype ?

  • GMK Goat

    Barring the EVO 8th game announcement this one has 3x more comments than any other article on SRK in the last 24 hours. So much butthurt.

  • Aceofspades53

    Of course it had to be the cute, shy one that fights similar to Zappa.

  • ragnarok954

    Don’t give a fuck. Im playing this.