Skullgirls – European Version DLC Colors Leaked Early

By on January 30, 2013 at 11:00 pm

An update to the European Sony Entertainment Network online store has accidentally made the upcoming Skullgirls DLC palettes available for purchase early. Lab Zero originally said the DLC palettes wouldn’t become available until the Xbox 360 patch was out, so we can only assume that this was a mistake on Sony’s part. The palettes have been confirmed to be working on the European version only. They will not work with the American version of the game. Only the palette bundle for the full cast is available. Individual character packs are still not available for purchase.

Source: Sony Entertainment Network

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  • Austin Davoren

    Someone leak this shit over in America.

  • Cellsai

    The pack includes 5 colors for each character and unlocks any palettes you hadn’t unlocked yet in the core game by the way.

  • I really hope this doesn’t cause problems with the Xbox getting the DLC colors with Microsoft’s absurd “you can’t released on our platform if you released something on a different platform first” legal red tape.

  • I know the two in the middle are Kula from King of Fighters and Jessica Rabbit, but I can’t quite remember the other two. I want to say the first one is Rider from Fate-Stay-Night, and the last one is Leviathan from Skullgirls?

    • Jake_Was_Here

      The one on the left looks like Luka Megurine. Seeing as how Filia already has a Miku Hatsune palette, I’m not surprised.

    • Ryan Harris
      last one is a reference to this.

  • d3v

    Some of the colours look familiar, but I can’t recall exactly what they’re references to.

    • Zonder88

       I see Kula from KoF :3

      • d3v

        Oh yeah. I guess her more “mature” build distracted me.

    • sb

      The second one look like Spiderman colors

  • Elloyd Bennett

    still playing xbox version *sobs in corner*

    • Raymond

      Don’t worry man. I am too. XD

  • Zoroko

    2nd one is that girl from KOF
    3rd is Jessica Rabbit
    4th is the tutorial-mode teacher if I’m not mistaken.

  • Zoroko

    2nd one is that girl from KOF
    3rd is Jessica Rabbit
    4th is the tutorial-mode teacher if I’m not mistaken.

  • Art Salmons

    “We were totally going to have 17 DLC characters for you already and extra stages and modes and sequels and free candy, but it’s all Microsoft’s fault for not having large patches. So here’s some colors. We worked really hard on them.”

    • Jason Slade

      Not really their fault that Autumn Games who currently owns the Skullgirls IP got sued over 13 million in bad debt and had to layoff the Skullgirls team as a result.

      Has nothing to do with Microsoft.

    • Makr0ss

      Alex Ahad said on stream last thursday, that nearly ~30 new characters compose the universe of Skullgirls. Not all of them would likely to be playable charactes, but go figures.

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    yeah, but still fuck ms. 

    • Wei-Yann Chen

      fuck everything

  • Zach Sporn

    Significant SG leak that gets people hype the day before a vote-by-donation drive closes in which the game has a good chance of making it to EVO?

    #Staged. #Takemymoneynow

    • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

      I doubt Lab Zero would risk having Microsoft reject the patch indefinitely and not allow the release of the DLC, which translates to more income, trying to pull a publicity stunt.

      That said, I hope MS doesn’t retaliate.

  • Expiriment_Kow


  • the who framed rodger rabbit color is my new color…..

  • Los Illuminados

    Well, well what you know. that is KOF’s KULA colors.