[UPDATE] Injustice: Gods Among Us to Feature Optional Street Fighter-Style Controls, Push Block Mechanic, Online Training Mode, and More

By on January 30, 2013 at 10:29 am

Earlier this morning, a variety of news outlets posted details from their time spent trying out NetherRealm Studios’ upcoming DC Comics fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us. This was accompanied by the release of a brand new trailer that offers glimpses at the game’s story mode, which looks more and more extensive as each new piece of information is released.

UPDATE – NetherRealm Studios producer Hector Sanchez sat down with Giant Bomb to discuss, you guessed it, their lofty goals with Injustice’s story mode. After spending time expanding the importance of story in fighting games with Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Mortal Kombat 9, they’ve transitioned their experiences with those games to Injustice.

On the mechanics side, the game will provide recordable dummies within its training mode as well as an option to turn off negative edge inputs. Compatibility packs will also be mandatory downloads in an effort to eliminate an issue players had with DLC in Mortal Kombat.

GameRevolution’s preview includes much of the same information detailed below, with one notable difference. Apparently, Injustice features a push block mechanic that will allow fighters to burn meter in exchange for some relief against rushdown-heavy opponents.

The developers took note of several notable changes, though. Hardcore fighting players can turn off environmental damage if they prefer and can now use a part of their meter to push back any opponents who might be guard crushing them in a corner. Players can also opt to change all of the traditional four-direction moves into quarter-circle and half-circle inputs that are better suited on the arcade stick.

IGN focused on the story in their piece, mentioning that they were able to run through Injustice’s entire first chapter. In an effort to keep players immersed in the story, cinematics and battles will flow into each other seamlessly, and some even contain quick-time events that affect health in the next fight. Add to that a minimal heads-up display, and it would appear that NetherRealm has gone all out in that regards.

Perhaps most interesting though is the fact that Injustice will feature two separate control schemes: a Mortal Kombat approach (ex. down forward punch) as well as one that caters to the Street Fighter crowd and implements fluid motions like half- and quarter-circles. It remains to be seen how well these fit into the fighter, but it’s nice to see the developers are working to make their game more inclusive. The article also makes mention of an online training mode.

As for the fighting itself, I experienced all the same over-the-top action we saw back at New York Comic-Con, but I also learned a few amazing new facts. By far the most significant: you’ll actually be able to choose between two completely different sets of controller inputs. If you enjoy Mortal Kombat’s traditional “down-forward-punch” style, you can stick with that, but if you prefer Street Fighter’s quarter-circle-oriented inputs, you can switch over to those instead. To my knowledge (and correct me in the comments if I’m wrong), no fighting has ever gone to these lengths to accommodate player preference.

The developers have also added a few other convenient touches like a two-player online practice mode, the ability to tag moves in the menu so they’re permanently displayed on-screen during a fight, and the option to turn off the interactive elements in the game’s environments.

While IGN’s article mentions that the interactive environments can be turned off, Venture Beat highlights the stage effects. NetherRealm’s Hector Sanchez says that stage choice will play an important part in competition, similar to what we’ve seen in 3D fighters like Tekken and Soul Calibur.

“The successful players [will be] the players that are going to incorporate the background elements into the match versus just trying to play it like a normal fighting game,” said NetherRealm Studios producer Hector Sanchez. “That’s why the arena choices are so important at the beginning of a [multiplayer] match. Do I want to play in a match where someone has the opportunity to keep throwing stuff at me, or do I want to play a match that’s more about positioning?”

Luckily, Injustice includes a training mode that points out the various interactive spots of the stage to help players learn the ins-and-outs of each one.

Shacknews focused almost entirely on the story mode, and managed to fit a couple of huge spoilers into their write-up that help explain why superheroes are fighting other superheroes and even teaming up with villains over the course of Injustice’s story mode. We’ve included them below, but let me reiterate: SPOILERS follow from here on out, so be careful!

The story of Injustice will be told achronologically, jumping between the future and the past. In the game’s intro cinematic, you’ll see a distraught Joker at the mercy of Superman. The clown revels in his success, killing not only Lois Lane, but Superman’s unborn son. Batman attempts to calm the superhero, but it fails–Superman kills the Joker by punching through his chest.

After that introduction, the story jumps to before Joker could detonate the bomb. Batman is the focus of the game’s first chapter, which has him starting his investigation of Joker’s escape. After a fight with Deathstroke, the story continues into space, where Batman must fight Lex Luthor. Taking a page fromMortal Kombat, once Batman’s chapter ends, the story will go on to another character, revealing more on why these characters are duking it out.

It’s not surprising that Superman has gone evil. What is more surprising, however, is the characters that appear to have turned “good” in an effort to take down Superman and his Superfriends’ totalitarian regime. While ultimately, the story of Injustice merely serves as an excuse to have these heroes brawl, this unique twist on the DC Universe should entice any comic book fan.

Make sure to visit IGN, Venture BeatShacknews, and GameRevolution to read their full articles, which contain more information on Injustice’s story mode.

  • samirerre

    sf style?,now im hyped

    •  The article also makes mention of an online training mode. http://www.Madeupto68dollarperhourontheinternet.qr.net/j6lZ/g789236?h5981,0p-pjdbO-CGC4

    • Emezie Okorafor


      If every new fighting game has to “be like SF” to get people to play it, then that is pathetic.
      And, that’s coming from a SF fan.

      This community is so damn close-minded that it’s baffling.

      (Nevermind the fact that MK games ALREADY allowed for quarter circles and DP motions.)

      It’s another Soul Calibur 5.  “Let’s randomly cram ultras into the game with QCF,QCF motions that clearly do not belong in a 3D game, just to appeal to the SF4 crowd.”  I thought it was an odd decision, but now after reading comments like yours above, I understand it.

      MK9 was a massive success because of its own creativity and uniqueness.  NRS doesn’t need to do stuff like this.

      I hope this is not a trend in fighting games from now on…

      • samirerre

        i prefer king of fighters style but sf style is close enough.
        personally i think its the developers choise,and we have a little if any saying in it.

      • StunningBiceps

        I wouldn’t call mk9 a massive success, but that’s me.

        • You wouldn’t really even tho MK9 took basically all of the fighting game of the year awards and was by far the highest selling fighter this gen? wow i would love to see your defintion of a “success”

      • not to sound like an asshole but wasnt it capcom who start this fighting game shit to begin with? so basically almost every game has a SF element to it…. DERP!

      • d3v

        Except fluid circular inputs have been the norm for 2D fighting games for years now with the sole exception of MK. As was stated, these kinds of inputs are better suited for stick than the 4 directional inputs from MK.

  • This is casual-ization done right.

    • Exy

      To me this sounds like they have no idea who their target audience is anymore.

      • OFC Salty Santa

        What about keeping the core audience while expanding the target audience without comprising the original game

        • Exy

          These changes sound like afterthoughts. Suddenly being able to turn off a lot of the original features sounds like goldplating.

  • Anyone notice Hawkman/woman at 1:49? Looked like a cinematic but it’d be very cool if they included one of them.

  • Vector_C

    inb4 more people complain about Joker’s voice.

    On topic though, I love the more SF-traditional fight scheme. I’ll definitely be using that, as MK has always felt too awkward to get used to in my personal opinion.

    • HombreGranJefe

      Not much anybody can do about it.  Mark Hamill doesn’t want to do Joker’s voice anymore. 

      Only reason why I don’t like John DiMaggio’s version is that at times, it sounds too much like Bender.

      • dimaggio sounds better then then dong zhuo over here 

        • HombreGranJefe

          That’s Oscar caliber compared to the original Resident Evil.

      • I feel DiMaggio’s Joker is just too generic sounding. Kevin Michael Richardson is the best of the rest (the rest being everyone that isn’t Hamill) if you ask me.

  • NyuBomber

    Cool beans! Skipped over the story spoilers, but everything else, but one sounds good.

    That one is the option to turn on/off the interactive stage elements. On the one hand, yes, awesome, the option to just have a straight-up fight! On the other hand, from what I know, there was nothing random or unpredictable about the stage elements, meaning that their development would be a legit strategic element to consider, an extension of the concept behind the corner/screen wall in 2-D fighters and walls/half-walls/ring-out edges in 3-D fighters.

    Being that Injustice is a 2-D fighter, I am/was looking forward to some competitive exploration of that area in the 2-D space. Since they’re developing the game with the stage hazard option in mind, I doubt that any individual character or character type will be too reliant on certain stages/stage elements for their effective game plan, which is good. Overall ,I can’t argue int he face of options, and I’m optimistic about the game no matter how this particular part shakes out.

    tl;dr: When’s DC?

    •  My only real concern about hazards (and the reason I’m glad you can turn them off) is because it potentially gave an advantage to one player over the other simply because of what side they started on.

      • NyuBomber

         True and fair enough.

        There’s also the consideration that each character’s “class” determines what they do with certain hazards, ie. Superman, Grundy may grab a car to smash it, but Nightwing, Harley would bounce off it for mobility. Which is also interesting ,and something I’d like to see explored.

        But, like you said, the option to turn it off if it doesn’t pan out is welcome.

  • Netherrealm is quickly becoming my most watched fighting game studio. I love what they do for fighters, and how they keep rethinking the way they’re done.

  • GO! GO! ED

    SF styled controls? Now I’m vastly more interested.

    • Rahavic

      when I played MK9 (and I played it on stick) any input that was down -> forward -> Button I’d always just do a hadouken motion for anyway, I’m not really getting why the “SF styled controls” was needed, but again maybe they just noticed it wasnt working alot. Hell I’d do a pseudo DP motion (kind of) for Johnny Cage’s nut punch and anyone who knows that input knows what I’m talking about. 

      • Beaversnducks

        This is what I was thinking, too, I fail to see the functional difference. I’ve always used SF motions anyway, and I fail to see how an mk control scheme wouldn’t be superior in any given scenario, since you have to push D and F in a full qcf motion anyway. Now if they added srk motions, that would be different.

        Seems to me that d+f instead of full qcf was always mk’s version of input leniency for mimicking Street Fighter controls.

  • pandemlc

    What are they referring to when they say down forward punch style? Isn’t a QCF down and forward as well? Online training mode is awesome though. 

    • Dexterpaddles

      I’m hoping it means it gets rid of all the tap motions, like forward forward, or back back.

      • Антон Пятаков

        they already did that for MK9 since it has ff and bb as dashes

    • NyuBomber

      The way I understand it, the MK style is literally Down, Forward + P. A half-circle forward would be B, D, F + P. It would also use some unorthodox (to SF) motions like, say, B, F, F + P.

      SF style refers to Down, Down-Forward, Forward + P. Half circle would be the obvious motion. Something like B, F, F + P may be remapped to another motion.

    • It does work like that at least from what I understand most of the new generation fighting games have implemented the whole short cut commands thing they just never pointed that out…ever.   

      I was excited but honestly I’ve played mortal combat with street fighter style commands before I have to see what exactly they mean before my excitement level peaks.

  • Let’s see:

    1. Hawkgirl confirmed

    2. Really liking some of those alternate costumes.

    • sb

      Confirmed to be in the story so far but playable not confirmed and hope it stays that way

      • Kenny Oconnor

        i’m going to guess as a hidden char they havn’t show yet

  • whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

  • 1:46 is dat some Sinestro Corp Batman?

  • Brandon Peaches

    kind of feeling a RED SON story to me. Well played. 

    • sb

      Theres even a Red Son costume pack with pre-orders

      • Snow Loss

        Suspiciously lacking Batmankoff no less.

  • CptPokerface

    Quarter-circle forwards in my NRS fighting game? Oh yeah..oh HELL yeah.

    • sb

      I been using QCF & QCB sense MK1 i never tap D,F or D,B its faster to do the motions doesnt matter MK or SF style not a problem for me

      • CptPokerface

        Mk style isn’t hard but it’s a real smart move on their part to include a playstyle they many people are accustomed to in addition to the traditional playstyle of NRS games.

        • Legion

          meh always used QCF in MK games anyway easier than d, F

  • Dat Supes “NYEEH!”

    It would be weird if they made that Hawkgirl/woman model and she wasn’t playable, but then again it’s not like NRS didn’t do the same thing with Motaro.

    • sb

      Using a model in story doesnt have move sets so its not weird but the MK9 bosses can be considered weird they wasnt playable without the hack and they where complete with move sets making them playable with the hack

  • Jeremy

    Sooo…why isn’t this game at evo? 

    • sb

      didnt come out in time no establish fanbase it would be boring because the game would be too new but EVO 2014 we in there

    • Joey T Medina

      No offense to Skullgirls and Melee, but I’m actually pretty upset they didn’t just give the 8th slot to Injustice. They’re doing such a great job making it. It even has the frame data on the command list for fuck’s sake.

      The sad thing is that if Injustice was a Capcom fighter, I really think it would of just been a shoe-in. I’d even be surprised if anyone of you disagree with that happening.

      EDIT: Nevermind… it’s true that a release of April 16th is a little too early for a game to be in EVO. Still salty though.

      • Let’s not get too bent out of shape. Even though it isn’t in that well-deserved 8th slot, you already know there’s going to be a side event, and there will be mad attention and hype for it. I’m ready to see what kind of tech comes out.

      • Lorance Carroll

         The game literally CAN’T be at EVO this year because the road to EVO has already begun and this game doesn’t release until April. Best believe it will replace MK next year though!

        • Well that’s just not factually accurate, SFxT and SC5 were included last year under almost identical circumstances (released in March 2012), and MK9 was released about 3 months before its first Evo appearance.

          Having said that I don’t disagree with the decision not to include it. Evo 2013 will effectively be the sendoff for MK9, and after that Injustice will hopefully have a big scene and a bit of tournament history built up in time for Evo 2014.

  • Leandro Moreira Duarte

    LOL at the at that Superman screen cap from the trailer. “What am I fighting for????”

  • Dat unmasked Slade.

  • James Reilly

    Story Mode looking epic

    Im seeing some alternate costumes such as Nightwing

    More character reveals and SF style control?! YES

  • Beb0p

    Leave it to Street Fighter to attach itself to everything even when it’s a completely different game.

  • Disco-lemonade

    Was the inclusion of SF-style inputs necessary? I mean MK9 read qcfs just like d,f

    • sb

      yea i know but they mean no B,B or F,F and B,F,F inputs like MK

      • Disco-lemonade

         Ah, I guess that makes sense.

      • Антон Пятаков

        MK9 had not BB and FF motions. They changed it to BF instead. You can’t say it’s new to NRS game.

  • RomanceHD

    Com’oooooon Black Canary! Daddy needs a new pair of.. bitches in this game 

  • Edson Silva

    Didn’t read “SPOILER”, proceeded to read the text…i’m so pissed now, i sure would love to see it happening, now i known.

    Anyway, looking forward to see more stuff, btw, big wave at 1:45(Aquaman in the house)

  • JohnGrimm

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but out of all the problems I personally had with MK, the special move inputs were not one of them. It seems like a silly inclusion to me.

    • I think its aimed at fight stick users. would be my guess.

      • JohnGrimm

        I don’t know of any stick users that had a problem performing MK special moves. Namely because MK special moves are stupid easy to perform.

        • most capcom kids bitched about mk9 inputs.

    • NyuBomber

      Silly, maybe, but also not harming or taking away from anything.

      It’s not like they cut Metallo or Orange Lantern Larfleeze to make room for it, right?

      …I want Larfleeze, dammit.

  • Glad you guys are excited about what we are doing! Keep the comments coming! We are watching!

    • Nathaniel Montes

      Dude, I had no idea you were a part of this. Every CVS2 diehard should pay keener attention to this game’s development if they haven’t done so already.

  • Glad you guys are excited about what we are doing! Keep the comments coming! We are watching! Bah, double post! >_<

    • Joey T Medina

      EDIT: Scratch that, nvm

  • No Question, no sale.

  • this is just a MK clone!!! why the fuck should i be hyped ???

  • MasterScrub

    Oh boy, Hawkgirl! GET HYPE SON

    -said no one ever

    • not many were hype bout she hulk, after she became low tier everyones hype seeing her played well.

  • Ricardo Medero

    a story like the one MK had? im scared of that story already but other than that the game is looking pretty good and the SF controllers is a good thing

    i hate playing fighting games with dpad

    • Антон Пятаков

      Do you rather prefer the story Street Fighter had? kappa

  • Alga Evans

    sexy slade fucks all the bitches

  • I wanted to say that I read like 1/100th of the article, and watched like 4 seconds of video before I decided I absolutely HAD to get this epic game (because that is the truth), but the REAL truth is I kind of decided that the moment I first heard about this.  

    It’s like NetherRealm studio’s wants to apologize for MK vs DC by releasing a game so epic that it shatters my reality like a Superboy-Prime punch.  And succeeded.

    Are there fatalities or finishing moves of any type in this game?  Stage fatalities?  Not saying I want gore, especially considering it’s a DC title and I know how they handle their IP, but is there some sort of “this guy got ruined” moves besides the super ultras such as Flash light speed punching people (aka this game’s versions of X-Rays)???

  • Riot

    What MK game doesn’t let you do circle motions instead of direction taps? Seems weird they chose now to make that distinction.

  • Arion Johnson

    I haven’t played MK9 in a bit, so correct me if I’m wrong. But, if I remember correctly, you can’t execute inputs the exact same way you can in most other fighting games. While you can substitute a “down, forward” input with a quarter-circle forward, you can’t do it while you’re already holding down. 

    Example: With Mortal Kombat’s inputs, I can execute cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.HP xx d,f+P the same way I would in Street Fighter. However, I would need to release the stick to neutral before inputting the special. Holding down the entire time isn’t considered part of the special’s inputs.

    With “Street Fighter” inputs, I can execute the same confirm without ever needing to release the stick to neutral.

    For people want to test this themselves, you’ll need both Mortal Kobat 9 and Street Fighter IV. Pick Sub-Zero (MK9), and try to execute his slide after walking backwards for a few seconds, without ever letting the stick go neutral first. You’ll end up walking back then getting f+4, despite technically inputting b,f+4. 

    Now pick Ibuki (SFIV), and execute her neck breaker after walking backwards for a few seconds. The neck breaker should come out every time. Holding back is considered part of the special’s half-circle forward inputs. 

    I imagine MK is designed this way to minimize getting accidental specials while executing normals and basic movement, during fast-paced gameplay.

    • Awsumpossum12345

      Thank you. I’m reading all these posts of people saying that theres no difference in just inputing SF-esque motions.playing MK.

      There is. So many failed fan blade throw attempts….

  • David Wilson

    i would be interested to know if changing the commands for moves would have any ramifications on the gameplay at all by using overlapping commands for option selects or whatever.  imagine the uproar if you could choose input style in a SF game.  it will be interesting to see how this pans out in the future.

    • perhaps like st. old/new  very different. maybe we ‘sf’ batman has different os than mk batman. thats probably thinking way too far in the future ^_^

  • Thujal

    As long as the two input schemes are created “equal” and are balanced. If they change a f,f motion into a d->f motion, for example, then it’s much quicker to execute that from crouching. And if that’s the case, then the SF control scheme would be tournament banned. And then it becomes much less viable to use rather than just as training wheels very early on as a transition tool.

    Fine for casuals, or whatever, but if a player using SF controls has an advantage over a player using MK controls and these are both usable online, then the MK crowd might feel like they have to transition to SF controls which they may not actually want to do, and then they feel “betrayed” by NRS!

    • You’re thinking about this way too hard.

  • tutsirai123

    Wow a significant lack of trolling and hate comments on an Netherealm Studios post? SRK is growing the fuck up and realizing good content when they see it 😀

    • Kurow Akutenshi

       Considering its an option to remove one of the retarded things about the game (environmental damage) I say it deserves praise

  • d3v

    No environmental damage
    Batman only
    Final Destination

  • Snow Loss

    They say in the interview that it’s a DC game, but I would be pretty surprised if they didn’t include a Subzero or Scorpion easter egg in the least if not a full blown hidden character ala Akuma in Children of the Atom.

  • Philcore89

    So is going to be like Civil War from the Marvel universe? seems original DC..

    • Kurow Akutenshi

       Marvel ripped off Kingdom Come first

  • Philcore89

    I like the traditional MK inputs! i love japanese fighting games,but i hate back to block…it’s so stupid.

    • JasonMueller

      You hate back to block, “it’s so stupid”.  If ur not trolling, then you’re literally the only person in the world who feels that way. Literally. 

      Ed Boon even hates block button.

      • Not really….I feel that way also…I hate holding back to block…

        • JasonMueller

          no you don’t, nogitoff

    • $18011339

      Back to block enables left-right mixups, a staple of basically all fighting games. I don’t think you thought about this…

  • is there any way…any way at all…to increase the saturation of this game? ffs it looks like you put it through the washing machine over 9000 times

  • GrayFawkes

    I can’t wait to see Marvel vs DV vs MK vs SF


    Cant wait for this. MK9 was best fighting game ever made IMO
    This is coming from big SF fan, since SF1

    • $18011339

      This is coming from someone who loves Mortal Kombat, I’m guessing by “IMO” you’re judging based on personal preference and not whether or not it’s actually a good game? Otherwise I’m pretty confused.


        I liked MK1 2 3 U3 but i never loved them, like i love SF2 and on woulds.
        Street fighter games where always my 1st preference.
        Then MK9 came along and that was it. MK9 Is my Favorite Fighter of all time.
        IMO in the end it’s my Opinion? i didn’t want to sound like i am the voice that people should listen too? Everyone has different tastes.

  • Poison ivy please!

  • hitman38

    this game will be a million times better than sfxt