[UPDATE] Injustice: Gods Among Us to Feature Optional Street Fighter-Style Controls, Push Block Mechanic, Online Training Mode, and More

By on January 30, 2013 at 10:29 am

Earlier this morning, a variety of news outlets posted details from their time spent trying out NetherRealm Studios’ upcoming DC Comics fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us. This was accompanied by the release of a brand new trailer that offers glimpses at the game’s story mode, which looks more and more extensive as each new piece of information is released.

UPDATE – NetherRealm Studios producer Hector Sanchez sat down with Giant Bomb to discuss, you guessed it, their lofty goals with Injustice’s story mode. After spending time expanding the importance of story in fighting games with Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Mortal Kombat 9, they’ve transitioned their experiences with those games to Injustice.

On the mechanics side, the game will provide recordable dummies within its training mode as well as an option to turn off negative edge inputs. Compatibility packs will also be mandatory downloads in an effort to eliminate an issue players had with DLC in Mortal Kombat.

GameRevolution’s preview includes much of the same information detailed below, with one notable difference. Apparently, Injustice features a push block mechanic that will allow fighters to burn meter in exchange for some relief against rushdown-heavy opponents.

The developers took note of several notable changes, though. Hardcore fighting players can turn off environmental damage if they prefer and can now use a part of their meter to push back any opponents who might be guard crushing them in a corner. Players can also opt to change all of the traditional four-direction moves into quarter-circle and half-circle inputs that are better suited on the arcade stick.

IGN focused on the story in their piece, mentioning that they were able to run through Injustice’s entire first chapter. In an effort to keep players immersed in the story, cinematics and battles will flow into each other seamlessly, and some even contain quick-time events that affect health in the next fight. Add to that a minimal heads-up display, and it would appear that NetherRealm has gone all out in that regards.

Perhaps most interesting though is the fact that Injustice will feature two separate control schemes: a Mortal Kombat approach (ex. down forward punch) as well as one that caters to the Street Fighter crowd and implements fluid motions like half- and quarter-circles. It remains to be seen how well these fit into the fighter, but it’s nice to see the developers are working to make their game more inclusive. The article also makes mention of an online training mode.

As for the fighting itself, I experienced all the same over-the-top action we saw back at New York Comic-Con, but I also learned a few amazing new facts. By far the most significant: you’ll actually be able to choose between two completely different sets of controller inputs. If you enjoy Mortal Kombat’s traditional “down-forward-punch” style, you can stick with that, but if you prefer Street Fighter’s quarter-circle-oriented inputs, you can switch over to those instead. To my knowledge (and correct me in the comments if I’m wrong), no fighting has ever gone to these lengths to accommodate player preference.

The developers have also added a few other convenient touches like a two-player online practice mode, the ability to tag moves in the menu so they’re permanently displayed on-screen during a fight, and the option to turn off the interactive elements in the game’s environments.

While IGN’s article mentions that the interactive environments can be turned off, Venture Beat highlights the stage effects. NetherRealm’s Hector Sanchez says that stage choice will play an important part in competition, similar to what we’ve seen in 3D fighters like Tekken and Soul Calibur.

“The successful players [will be] the players that are going to incorporate the background elements into the match versus just trying to play it like a normal fighting game,” said NetherRealm Studios producer Hector Sanchez. “That’s why the arena choices are so important at the beginning of a [multiplayer] match. Do I want to play in a match where someone has the opportunity to keep throwing stuff at me, or do I want to play a match that’s more about positioning?”

Luckily, Injustice includes a training mode that points out the various interactive spots of the stage to help players learn the ins-and-outs of each one.

Shacknews focused almost entirely on the story mode, and managed to fit a couple of huge spoilers into their write-up that help explain why superheroes are fighting other superheroes and even teaming up with villains over the course of Injustice’s story mode. We’ve included them below, but let me reiterate: SPOILERS follow from here on out, so be careful!

The story of Injustice will be told achronologically, jumping between the future and the past. In the game’s intro cinematic, you’ll see a distraught Joker at the mercy of Superman. The clown revels in his success, killing not only Lois Lane, but Superman’s unborn son. Batman attempts to calm the superhero, but it fails–Superman kills the Joker by punching through his chest.

After that introduction, the story jumps to before Joker could detonate the bomb. Batman is the focus of the game’s first chapter, which has him starting his investigation of Joker’s escape. After a fight with Deathstroke, the story continues into space, where Batman must fight Lex Luthor. Taking a page fromMortal Kombat, once Batman’s chapter ends, the story will go on to another character, revealing more on why these characters are duking it out.

It’s not surprising that Superman has gone evil. What is more surprising, however, is the characters that appear to have turned “good” in an effort to take down Superman and his Superfriends’ totalitarian regime. While ultimately, the story of Injustice merely serves as an excuse to have these heroes brawl, this unique twist on the DC Universe should entice any comic book fan.

Make sure to visit IGN, Venture BeatShacknews, and GameRevolution to read their full articles, which contain more information on Injustice’s story mode.