Street Fighter x Tekken DLC Discounted on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace

By on January 29, 2013 at 10:32 pm

As many (if not all) of you are probably aware, Street Fighter x Tekken’s ver. 2013 patch dropped today, bringing with it a whole slew of changes and perhaps new life for the title. To commemorate this occasion, the various downloadable content packages that were released during the game’s vanilla days have been discounted on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace.

All the deals have been listed below for your perusal. The Xbox 360 deals are set to last through February 3rd, and it’s safe to assume the PlayStation 3 sales will as well, so be sure to jump on these as soon as possible if you’re interested.

  • SF/TK Additional Characters Pack – ($14.99 / 1200 MSP)
  • SF/TK Alternate Costume Complete Pack – ($13.49 / 1080 MSP)
  • SF/TK Swap Costume Complete Pack – ($8.99 / 720 MSP)
  • SF/TK DLC Char Alternate Costume Complete Pack – ($4.49 / 360 MSP)
  • SF/TK DLC Char Swap Costume Complete Pack – ($2.99 / 240 MSP)

Sources: PlayStation Blog, Major Nelson, tip via cinnamonpirate

  • Andre Theriault

    wow a discount….ish

  • Smashbro29

    For PS3 owners: Still not justifiable if you have a VITA (and I’m taking for granted you like the game.)

  • Almost bought the character pack.  Almost.

  • Glynn Nelke Jr

    no thank you. I’ll just play SFAE2012 and wait on AE2013

    • Guest

      As long as SFxT is at EVO, people will play it. Expect to hear about it lots until July. People will pick up Skullgirls again too if it makes main stage

  • Bryan Rosas

    Sakura #Kreygasm. 
    Already have cuz it came w/ the anniversary set.

  • Steven Hunt

    I didn’t have my glasses so I read “discontinued”, and I was like “Waitwhat.”

    • Cellsai

       Every time I glance at the article title I do a double take thinking it says ‘Discontinued’

  • Elloyd Bennett

    wait 1200 points is the discounted price… not happening.

    • BXFenns

       I know right? For that same price, you could buy the /3/ KoF13 DLC characters!
      Or 3 out of 4 of the MK9 DLC characters!

      $15 for 12 characters is such bullshit.

      • thirdstrikesucks

        Yeah and on top of that you’d get to play a good game like KOF 13 instead of SFxT

        • BXFenns

          A good game?

          Oh! You mean like 3rd Strike?

          • thirdstrikesucks

            3rd Strike has a smaller playerbase than smash bros

          • BXFenns

            – [Citation Needed]

          • thirdstrikesucks

   huge community vs twenty people on ggpo, who are all awful at the game and couldn’t qualify for 25th over a marvel player

          • BXFenns

             0/10 – please try harder.

          • thirdstrikesucks

            sorry toots you got your citation, your game’s awful. ain’t nobody more insecure about themselves and their bad game than 3s players.

          • BXFenns

            I like that you think I actively play 3S.

            But you are apparently comparing a forum to a Game lobby room.


          • thirdstrikesucks

            I don’t think you actively play 3s, because no one does. The only people who defend it are people who suck at all the good games and pretend to like 3s cuz you think it gives you credibility.

          • BXFenns

            You are really adorable.

            -15/10 though.

        • GO4PRO

           This x 1000

        • Emezie Okorafor

          Haha, the “good game” argument ain’t gonna fly anymore.

          Because people are liking the changes…A LOT.





          • BXFenns

            Well obviously the FGC is going to collapse in on itself now.
            It’s the start of the FGpocolypse.

            I’m kidding of course.

          •  Thank god, we needed a good culling.

          • thirdstrikesucks

            well it is a better game than 3rd strike so it has that going for it

          • suproman

            Must be the best fighting game to date then, thanks for the info.

          • KubikiriTurkojin








            maybe if you changed, a LOT. 


  • shit is still overpriced

  • I’m still going to have to buy a $20 PSN card to get at least the characters.

  • h3n0g00d

    some discount…. you fuckers not taking anymore of my money…

  • Love the game but the costumes are overpriced. Two costumes for each character in one big bundle for $10. That would be fair IMO.

    • TempBast

      That ain’t fair, that be a damn good deal.

      • KubikiriTurkojin

        no, it would still be a fucking rip off. 

  •  PSN got bodied one more time…

    • Hecatom


  • tanjil

    why aren’t the costume packs the same prices?
    SF/TK Alternate Costume Complete Pack – ($13.49 / 1080 MSP)SF/TK Swap Costume Complete Pack – ($8.99 / 720 MSP)

    Same amount of costumes, just one pack is more recent than the other =S

  • Austin Davoren

    Seriously, Capcom, suck my dick.

    • Yperion10000BC

       Lol the current people at this company might like and beg you for that.
      Ignoring and not supporting them only might hurt their feelings.

      • Glenn Vaughn


  • BXFenns

    Are people really still bitching about the price of 12 characters? With the discount, it’s fucking $1.25 for each character. Full price is like $1.67.

    KoF13 was $5/character, and they were just alternate versions of characters already in the game.
    Jill and Shuma were $5 a piece.
    MK9 was what? $20/4 characters?

    “But they’re already on the disc waaaaaaaaaaa I’m butthurt about it waaaaaaaaaa”
    Sure. That was bullshit. But you know what? I’m on shiternet. That kept the download for the new characters quick and easy, instead of making it take 2 hours.

    “But but but they should be sold in team packs waaaaaaa!”
    And you’re complaining about the price now?
    Are you kidding me?

    • Michael Adamson

       You should never have to pay for characters in a fighting game. Never

      • BXFenns

         I’m sure Mike Z will be totally down for that train of thought when they release any new characters for Skullgirls. Him and his team should just give that shit out.

        Are you dense or what?

        • mike z has already stated why skull girls would work with dlc as opposed to most games thats because the game is balanced around situations. not character archetypes like one might think if a dlc character pops up it wont throw off the balance because all characters are equipped to deal with all possible situations.

          • BXFenns

             That… Has nothing to do with my example.

        • KubikiriTurkojin


    • sb

      They got me laughing over here damn people are cheap and expect to get shit for free its 2013 its chump change chumps

      • Hey_Sim

         That wasn’t the point. The point is that it’s too damn expensive, and I do agree with one of the other comments, nobody should have to pay for characters. It doesn’t matter what other companies have done. The plain truth is that $14.99 is a crazy price just for extra characters. I might as well blow that money on another game altogether.

        • BXFenns

          Are you retarded?

          Tell ya what. For $14.99 you get twelve new characters /and/ a completely rebalanced game /with/ system changes!

          It’s like a whole new game!

          • Hey_Sim

             The update didn’t come with the $14.99. What’s your reason?

          • BXFenns

             Ah. So you are retarded.

          • Hey_Sim

             @BXFenns:disqus You were just trying to waste my time the entire time. I’ll ignore you now.

          • Christopher Wrightson

            no… you’re just f*cking retarded. Your tunnel vision thinking and inability to see the big picture (much less a grip on reality) is shown through your prev posts.

            Not hopeless though as you have the sense to shutup and leave. #Humanity

            edit: Friend said I was being harsh so I’ll try and be a little more “understanding.”

            I still think you’re line of thinking on this matter is stupid but you might not BE stupid. Sorry.

          • BXFenns

             Here, I’ll breakdown what I’m trying to say here.

            You’ve already got the game right?
            They released the patch today.
            They discounted the characters today.
            If you buy the characters today, and download the patch today, then it’s like you got a whole new game!

            So there you go. I was making a joke but now it’s not funny because I had to explain it.

    • fly

      it’s on the disc already. 

      • BXFenns

         “”But they’re already on the disc waaaaaaaaaaa I’m butthurt about it waaaaaaaaaa”
        That was bullshit. But you know what? I’m on shiternet. That kept the
        download for the new characters quick and easy, instead of making it
        take 2 hours.”

        • Asaid AieezyOle Falah

          whats your problem

          • Christopher Wrightson

            His prob? Same as mine except without the love for the game (yet) as I haven’t played it enough. The problem is STUPID PEOPLE and this site… no this scene is full of them.

            They just keep sprouting up and no matter how reasonable your statements/ideas/prinicples are, people always find a way to think/act/look stupid.

            Pure stupid.


            That’s the problem.

          • BXFenns

             You do realize all I did was quote myself, right?

      •  And that means the shit was free to make?

        Hey I got a car sitting right outside right now, should I give it to you for free?

        • fly

          you already got paid, you’re just trying to nickel and dime me for the tires, which are locked in the trunk.

    • Know_the_ledge

      “sure the characters are already on the disc which means i’m paying for the game twice but who cares? It easier for me because it’s less work I have to deal with plus i’m a sucker anway. So why not? Eezy peezy is how us pussies like it.”

  • On the european PSN store there seems to be some kind of glitch, which allows you to download the DLC characters’ alternative costumes for free

    • Piccoro

       Nope. Just tested it.
      But strangely, the DLC characters Alt’s are listed as unavailable over here…

    • rootbeer1

      yeah i just got the DLC alts for free lol

  • Novril

    No thanks, my 15$ were already spent on GGXXAC, a game that didn’t disappoint me or try to rip me off.

    • BXFenns

       And you don’t have another spare $15 by now?
      Damn bro.

      • KubikiriTurkojin

        not for this bs, might as well whipe my ass with that money and throw it away. except buying any of this would be even dumber. 

    • You mean the game that had 4 different revisions, with each one causing you to buy another disc? 

      • Novril

         Yes but it was worth it cuz the games were good. 🙂

        • You mean the game was good. They’ve done nothing but paint the same house a different color, and expect you to pay full price again. It’s honestly no better than what Call of Duty and Madden does.

          • Hey_Sim

             What he’s trying to prove is that you can do something better with your $15.

          • My argument is that people shouldn’t post non sequiturs about their spending decisions, just to prove a game, that has added barely anything to its product through the years, is better. Arc Systemworks gouges their fan base, knowing they’ll pay premium to gobble up any minor balancing changes. 

            In all honesty, I’d much rather pay $20 for extra content, that was announced WAY before anyone had the discs in hand, then have to pay for a system update. Because in the end, I’d rather have an incomplete game than one that feels completely worthless to play, after a year, due to minor system tweaks the new version has.

          •  Well anyone who would buy every version of GG is retarded just on principle, the point is there are (arguably) better ways to spend 15 bucks.

        • BXFenns


      • Emezie Okorafor

        TRUTH BOMBU.

    • Yperion10000BC

       Same here, i’ve got 10000ms points and i dont intend to spend more than 1600 for the whole package(char+ALLcostumes),which still would be a rip off.

    • Glenn Vaughn

      …that same GG has been rereleased more than SF2 

  • I hated when it was discovered that the DLC characters were already on disc. That’s a given. I wholeheartly agree that this was a bad move by Capcom.

    IMHO, they already felt the heat for it. You get to see that in the price of the characters. I bet that it wasn’t Capcom original intent to sell them so cheap (a hint to that is that MvC3 chars were 5USD each).

    But I respect people not buying SFxT (or the char bundle) because of it. Matter of principles, and such.

    • Hey_Sim

       The game is actually very fun, more fun playing it than watching it, but I dislike this move Capcom have made.

    • Characters on disc = you pay for them
      Characters off disc = you pay for them and wait hours for the download

      I will never understand the mindset of someone being butthurt about shit being on disc. When capcom made the content is not going to have any impact on how much they spent making it and thus won’t have any impact on what they charge for it. If anything off disc could cost more because it’s more shit they have to get hosted.

      • Glenn Vaughn

        I think people might be butthurt because the characters were already there so when they bought the game for $60 they thought they deserved the entire game.
        Nevermind that couldn’t be it.

  • Yperion10000BC

    How about giving us ALL the costumes at 800MSP along with an apology and we can call it even you dirty lazy ungrateful c…s.

    • BXFenns

       Why would you even want these costumes?
      The majority of them look awful.

      • Yperion10000BC

        Spot on.The costumes that i like separately are18 (80msp) cost around 1400ms.Its not only the price its the feeling of incompleteness cause i like n play every character.The PC modders though get in the spirit of what costumes should look like.

  • Christopher Wrightson

    Ok people, seriously…?

    I also was someone who bought > became disapointed > and sold SFxT when it first arrived.

    But now with all the work that they’ve done to change the game entirely from the characters specifically to the mechanics of the game itself, I think they have earned another shot (hence why I traded Black Op2 (worst game in the series) for another copy of SFxT).

    But also look at the subtle changes with Capcon in general in regards to how they behave with this game. They screwed up and they know it so what did they do. Hire someone knowledgable in the FGC (Combofiend) to add to the team, be public and transparent in all the changes being made to the game, and keeping the players updated every step of the way.

    Now you know that when a simple patch costs THOUSANDS for a company to implement, that these guys are being serious about wanting people to give it another shot when they are spending post launch time and resources on fixing the game.

    Give it a shot.

    •  Yeah, I agree. Just a little nitpic: apparently there are stealth nerfs/buffs.

    • Yperion10000BC

      Unlike you i didnt sell the game, instead i was waiting patiently a year  for a costume n char price drop cause i feel like i own a third of a good game.Im not mad with the prices im mad with the general mentality of a company which has made a shitload of profit from fans without giving ANYTHING back.

    • fly

      all this money and effort going into a game that has already burned bridges to the community, and STILL they got the nerve to charge for all this dlc garbage packs. and no support at all for Street Fighter 4 or MvC 3, games I actually play.  

      20 bucks for everything dlc pack… and I mean EVERYTHING: characters (especially pacman and mega man on xbox), costumes, and gems/ and a complete game of the year (snicker) edition for forty bucks; and then maybe we’ll talk. 

      • BXFenns

         Are you retarded?

      • Yperion10000BC

         Lol im with you except with the mega man part.You ask a child (Capcom) for advanced maths when it cant even understand the basics.

      • Hey_Sim

         You sound annoying, but I agree with what you’re saying. lol

    • Hey_Sim

      I understand what you’re saying. I’m definitely giving this update a shot. I actually liked vanilla. But that’s not a reason to buy the characters.

  • thirdstrikesucks

    You too can own Buyer’s Remorse, the video game! Additionally you can feebly attempt to make your purchase not suck by purchasing the Buyer’s Remorse DLC for more than the actual game cost!

    • Hey_Sim

      I’d pay $15 to sponsor your comments. lmao

  • Gordon

    So now I need to wait 6-9 months for the patch to come to PC and I’m all set.

    Hopefully they don’t change the impossible-to-play-online netcode though, I’ve started enjoying playing fighting games at 5fps and teleporting characters.

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    you cocksuckers stupid. i still dont get how you stupid motherfuckers dont want vallue for your money, as much as possible for as little amount of money possible. you should be squeezing out as much as possible out of the publisher because that is exactly what the publishers are doing to the consumer. except the difference is a large part of the consumer group is made out of fucking retards that dont understand simple fucking logic. there is no pull from the consumer side because fuckers are way too fucking stupid. 

    • TempBast

      I support what I like and I like this game.

  • Peter Johansen

    Aw shit, I thought it was “discontinued”…it’s a discount, big deal, not gonna get it.

  • Marco Espim

    After SSF4: Twin Edition, I wouldn’t be surprised if the top tier characters “accidentaly” happen to be the DLC ones.

  • 1tuffhombrey

    Now i save money on new characters so I can learn new combos that wont kill anybody before the time run out, oh goodie.