MCZ|Tokido Talks to WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart About His Eighty-Hour Training Weeks, His Opinion on the Top Ten Japanese Competitors, and More

By on January 29, 2013 at 11:35 am

Ryan Hart of Western Wolves recently conducted an interesting interview with his Mad Catz teammate Tokido for the Low Land Lions website. Here, they discuss a variety of topics, including his thoughts on a possible Street Fighter 5. In his opinion, Capcom would do well to work on the next title in the series and develop new mechanics instead of releasing another update.

RH: Do players in the Japanese community feel that AE 2012 needs a new version to re-balance the characters or are they happy with the game as it is currently?

T: “People in Japan are honestly bored with the game, rather than an update people want a new game. People are just bored with the SF4 system and releasing a new version won’t change that. At best it’ll be popular for a little while but eventually the same problem will come back around. If they release a new game, it will attract new players also which is another thing a new rebalance wouldn’t do.”

Further along, while touching on his training regimen, Tokido says that he spends much of his time every week training in the various games he competes in.

RH: How many hours do you play games per week?

T: “I play over 10 hours per day and total around 80 hours per week. I have a schedule for what day I will play what game and so on.”

Tokido also provides his opinion on the top ten players in Japan at this point in time.

RH: Who are the top ten best players in Japan right now in your opinion?

T: “Well, when I look at the names in the current Topanaga it seems they are in the top ten. In no particular order I think:

  • Bonchan
  • Fuudo
  • Kazunoko
  • Umehara
  • Uryo
  • Haitani
  • Sako
  • Tokido
  • Mago
  • Momochi

They also discuss Tokido’s first experience with fighting games, his thoughts on Infiltration and Laugh’s teamwork, the importance of making AE 2012 matches 3 out of 5, and more. Make sure to visit Low Land Lions to read the entire interview.

Source: Low Land Lions

  • R N

    I think a new SF would be unfair to other countries.  SF is Japanese, so it always comes out in Japan first, with magazines covering frame data, etc., and this gives the Japanese a huge head start on the rest of the world at getting good at the game. 

    Now that SF4 sub-series has been out for years, we see other countries able to compete with Japan. South America, France, Kuwait, etc. 

    This whole “Japs are bored with SF4” sounds like they’re just hurt that Infiltration et al is pwning them all. 

    • J.D SRK

      This is coming from people who played games like 3s and CvS2.
      If you come from those games, it’s not that hard at all to get bored with SF4.

    • sb

      Why would you think it would be released in Japan first that was SF4 the arcade SSF4 & AE was released in the US & JP around the same time the only reason SF4 the arcade was released in Japan first was because of the gap sense a SF game was released

    • alex wong

      Daigo thought the game was boring the 1st day he played it according to Nuki. Your opinion is invalid, and the Japanese are all practicing new characters. Infiltration won’t win in the future for EVO and the like.

    • pootnannies

       it will always be like that if japan is the one making the games. they are ahead of us now anyways, what difference does it make if sf5 comes out?

      • R N

        The difference is, with SF4 their head-start has worn off. 


  • MLGFearless

    ^ Keep in mind that for the same reason, Japan has been playing the game for longer and it seems perfectly reasonable to be bored of the game after almost 5 years. As for Infiltration, when many of the top Japanese players showed up to a major (Canada Cup), Infiltration failed to win the tournament. So there goes that theory.

    • R N

      Fair enough. But we don’t issue a new version of Chess or Football because “we got bored of the ruleset.”

  • H_Magnus

    Still too soon for a SF5 release. Capcom should wait until the next generation of consoles is properly settled down with the public.

    As of now, all I need is AE 2013 with Haggar and Alex, if you don’t mind. :B

    • SohoX

      It might not seem like it, but this February 17th will mark 4 years since SF4 hit consoles in North America.  On this July 18th, SF4 will have been out 5 years since it came out in arcades in Japan.  I can see why people would like a new one.

  • I’d like to see the current SF4 engine include parries and make fireballs unblockable. That is all.

  • Los Illuminados

    Nice interview and i agree with Tokido-San about the people  of Japan are bored with SFIV. to me the game got bored a long time ago. Try KOF XIII and give it a shot. i promise you’ll never get bored with KOF. easy to get into but very hard to master it. a fighting game that needs skills, rewards players with skill, a gentlemen’s fighting game, a honest fighting game, a balanced fighting game,  has cool characters/storylines, overall a very fun fighting game, and helps your gameplay on other fighting games as well. only thing that sucks is the netcode but the overall good of the game out weights the bad. Viva KOF !!! ShoutOuts to SNKP for making such a awesome fighting game!     (́◕◞౪◟◕‵)/

    •  Argument to be had over “balanced” but I’ll give you the rest.

  • TempBast

    If SFxT had an arcade cabinet would japan play it?

    • Daigo said he would.

    • wuy

      Japan got sick and tired of SF4 probably because they got sick and tired of its stupid chimp artstyle and punches feeling like you are hitting a sponge. Which SFxT only made worse. So if they are sick and tired of SF4 the odds of them liking SFxT more is slim. Ono and co better learn from this and ditch the stupid SF4 engine if they want their next game to be a success.

      • FakMeLaterally

        Combo scaling is a revelation. We have plenty of fighting games already with 80-100% life combos (with easy timing/execution to boot).

        It’s by no means perfect in SF4, but at least it gets players thinking.

  • Edit: I’ll quit with the Tetsuo jokes.

  • Rizhall

    Sako is my #1 <3

  • Zonder88

    People in Japan justgot bored with AE? I got bored with it 2 years ago.

    I agree, we need a new game. But hey I guess SFxT was technically SF5 hue.

  • sb

    Make another disc release Platinum Edition with the missing characters from SF3 added that will do it and save SF5 for next gen consoles

  • Just update AE 2012   SF5 can wait.  I wont capcom to take as much time brain storming idea’s for street  fighter  5 and make it an awesome game.  

    • Hey_Sim

       They’ve literally had years to brainstorm for SF5. I just think that SF5 should wait a bit longer and maybe try to bring something new to the table that isn’t Street Fighter.

  • bavobbr

    I wont get bored with this game unless I get on the level of Daigo, Infiltration or Sako 🙂
    The original article is in Dutch, he says he still likes it the most but that it’s getting old for most players in Japan. He wishes for a new game that can get the hype back. 
    Also mention that focus attack is the most interesting system in SF4 and that it works really well.

    I don’t think anyone should criticize SF4 at this point, there has been no game since SF2/MK that made the scene quite like this

  • Makr0ss

    They DID change the headlines, so ppl will stop panicking lol

  • Hey_Sim

    I honestly detest it when FGC fans praise any Japanese player over something that is the equivalent to nothing much. You can clearly understand why Tokido is a top player now. He puts in 70 HOURS a week! Who wouldn’t be good with that amount of dedication?

    • bavobbr

      ye, I hate it when people dont just have talent but just practice their way to the top.
      Like athletes.

      Amateur league is best league

  • Lmajor

    1 on 1 fighting games have become really boring. A large roster of characters on a fighting game and you can only select one character? Tag fighting games or 3 on 3 are the way to go. 

  • R N

    2012 saw a huge number of fighting games released.  Now wouldn’t be a good time to announce yet another new one.  Wait until the genre cools down a bit. 

    (and patch UMvC3)

  • ForteWily

    Seriously speaking, I can see tokido’s point with the fact that players in Japan are rather bored of the game at this point. The fact remains that if capcom wants new players, and the money that comes with new players… they are better of doing that on a new game where the meta-tactics are not as firmly developed and set, and keeping the bar to entry low. 

    The game, Street Fighter 4, will not change structurally until the next update (assuming that there is one at this point)… and even then, changes to the game-play will be minor since it’s not in need of a massive core over-haul. For established players that is great, new things to learn about with the skills that they have acquired up to this point. For the new players, that simply makes things that much harder to get into…which is high, despite SF4 accessibility curve being low.

    It’s better off to simply start from scratch again for a new game in the series… I am not saying that now is the time for SF5, but I will say this, there was quite a few Street Fighter Alpha/Zero games before the Street Fighter 3 series. That might be something to look into… a spin-off series to experiment in.