MCZ|Tokido Talks to WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart About His Eighty-Hour Training Weeks, His Opinion on the Top Ten Japanese Competitors, and More

By on January 29, 2013 at 11:35 am

Ryan Hart of Western Wolves recently conducted an interesting interview with his Mad Catz teammate Tokido for the Low Land Lions website. Here, they discuss a variety of topics, including his thoughts on a possible Street Fighter 5. In his opinion, Capcom would do well to work on the next title in the series and develop new mechanics instead of releasing another update.

RH: Do players in the Japanese community feel that AE 2012 needs a new version to re-balance the characters or are they happy with the game as it is currently?

T: “People in Japan are honestly bored with the game, rather than an update people want a new game. People are just bored with the SF4 system and releasing a new version won’t change that. At best it’ll be popular for a little while but eventually the same problem will come back around. If they release a new game, it will attract new players also which is another thing a new rebalance wouldn’t do.”

Further along, while touching on his training regimen, Tokido says that he spends much of his time every week training in the various games he competes in.

RH: How many hours do you play games per week?

T: “I play over 10 hours per day and total around 80 hours per week. I have a schedule for what day I will play what game and so on.”

Tokido also provides his opinion on the top ten players in Japan at this point in time.

RH: Who are the top ten best players in Japan right now in your opinion?

T: “Well, when I look at the names in the current Topanaga it seems they are in the top ten. In no particular order I think:

  • Bonchan
  • Fuudo
  • Kazunoko
  • Umehara
  • Uryo
  • Haitani
  • Sako
  • Tokido
  • Mago
  • Momochi

They also discuss Tokido’s first experience with fighting games, his thoughts on Infiltration and Laugh’s teamwork, the importance of making AE 2012 matches 3 out of 5, and more. Make sure to visit Low Land Lions to read the entire interview.

Source: Low Land Lions