“Count on Zero,” Every Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Character DHCing into Lightning Loops by KillerKai

By on January 29, 2013 at 1:20 pm

SoCal Marvel competitor Eliver “KillerKai” Ling recently set out to see if he could come up with practical ways for every character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to DHC into Zero’s devastating Lightning Loops. This personal challenge eventually spawned the videos you see below, separated into installments for the Marvel and Capcom sides of the cast.

Kai’s summary of his time in the lab, findings, and timestamps for the individual characters have all been included below.

This video concept was something I came up with for more of a personal challenge to see how creative I could get in my search for practical ways to DHC into Lightning Loops with every character in the game. This is the end result. Some combos in the video are more basic than others due to lack of character knowledge. In the end, I feel every character has multiple ways of DHCing into Lightning Loops. These are just one of them per character. I should also add, some members of the roster such as Vergil, Wesker, Tron, and Firebrand have better ways to combo into Lightning Loops without DHC by using the tag in. At any rate, I hope this video helps anyone who’s trying to pick up Zero but doesn’t want to drop their current characters or for any Zero player who wants to pick up a new character with him. Enjoy! Special thanks to DJ Divine for providing the recording equipment as well as combos for multiple characters since I only know how to do one combo (the Lightning Loop).

  • Captain America 0:00
  • Iron Man 0:18
  • Thor 0:38
  • Hawkeye 0:55
  • Hulk 1:13
  • She Hulk 1:32
  • Spiderman 1:53
  • Wolverine 2:15
  • Storm/Beyonzo 2:33
  • Phoenix 2:53
  • Magneto 3:10
  • Deadpool 3:30
  • X23 3:50
  • Sentinel 4:11
  • Nova 4:29
  • Rocket Raccoon 4:48
  • Iron Fist 5:06
  • Taskmaster 5:25
  • Ghostrider 5:41
  • Dr. Doom 5:59
  • Super Skrull 6:19
  • MODOK 6:40
  • Shuma Gorath 7:00
  • Dormamu 7:20
  • Dr. Strange 7:40
  • Ryu 0:00
  • Chun Li 0:18
  • C Viper 0:35
  • Akuma 0:58
  • Haggar 1:16
  • Vergil 1:33
  • Dante 1:52
  • Trish 2:15
  • Morrigan 2:34
  • Felicia 2:51
  • Hsien Ko 3:10
  • Arthur 3:27
  • Firebrand 3:46
  • Wesker 4:06
  • Chris 4:25
  • Jill 4:48
  • Nemesis 5:09
  • Frank West 5:29
  • Tron Bonne 5:50
  • Viewtiful Joe 6:09
  • Spencer 6:24
  • Strider 6:46
  • Amaterasu 7:04
  • Phoenix Wright 7:24


Source: KillerKai

  • “BUT WHAT AM I LOOPING FOR!?!?!?!11?!?!”

  • gigaxbuster

    Storm/Beyonzo. lol

  • Is there a video of zero tag in from a wesker combo for lightning loops?

    • mozart danno


  • GCBill

    Seriously cool stuff – more people need to run Zero 2nd!

  • Austin Davoren

    “I got this!”

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  • Rahavic

    Zero just got buffed by this in tournament. 

    The play Zero till he’s dead mentality will go away a little as you can bring in your second character now and look for the opportunity after he gets some red health back to bring him back in for his loop, kill and then mix up on incoming. This might even have some people not playing him on point at all which takes away from the convenience of being able to kill him right off the bat in a match. I don’t play the character but I can see this being pretty big for him and the people who play him.

  • Jaron Elton

    dont tell me how to play my character, you get a better dhc if you mash out the whole hyper DansGame