Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 Character Change Videos for Chun-Li, Rolento, Poison, and Nina

By on January 28, 2013 at 3:12 pm

Earlier today, Capcom updated the Capcom Fighters TV channel with another round of Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 character change videos. This smaller batch features installments for Chun-Li, Rolento, Poison, and Nina, so make it a point to check these out if you’re interested in the major tweaks the upcoming patch has in store for them.

Street Fighter x Tekken’s ver. 2013 update will be available tomorrow.

Source: Capcom Fighters TV

  • Ryan Harris

    Now maybe I wont get crap for using brain dead Rolento…my man got hit harddddd….

  • Stanley Seymour

    I am loving the changes to Poison, glad she got the damage buff. Rolento got nerfed quite a bit and Nina got some nice buffs as well. Looks like I will be picking this game up again after all, hmmmm.

    • Jordan Hoffman

      were we looking at different buffs. Adding 10 extra dmg to two moves might as well be nothing.

  • Dimitri Lionheart

    Was the Posion Backflip really much of a problem? Well I cant talk since im still a rookie at this game and im still learning the advanced mechanics and cant pull off long combo strings. But I never  used the the Evasive move by accident.

    • TwitchyGuy

      The only problem I can think of is not being able to plink Poison’s cr.MK with a LK because you would get a back flip, which can be a problem since her go-to hit confirms usually involve linking into cr.MK. So yeah, making it a 3K move was a good decision.

  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    I knew my Chun didn’t get changed much!! Yay for playing balanced characters!! ^.^ Her Cr. MK still pisses me off everytime I see it…

    I like Nina’s changes as well, although that LK whiff looks ridiculous in a funny way XD. I feel like Poison needed more but I’ll wait until tomorrow to be the judge of that.

  • Hazerdous

    Not one video made for Yoshi…well if you want something done right *cracks knuckles*

  • BXFenns


    My body is ready <3

  • Mash Harder

    Fine, I’ll try your game again.
    But this is the last time!

  • Still no Xiaoyu???

    • Reginald Kelly

      shes already been done

      •  No they haven’t. They’re no videos of her changes on the Capcom Youtube Channel.

  • GuyAlpha

    I’m guessing they didn’t plan on releasing videos for all the characters before the patch. So, maybe they will still upload after tomorrow.

  • Diss Willie

    sux for all you Rolento Hugo players…need just a tad bit more skill

  • Zonder88

    Thank god for Rolento nerfs, good riddance. Too bad it wont be enough. But its a start.

  • b2j135

    where are the PS exclusives AND mascots!??!

  • what will be the broken thing to do now?

  • Chaan Niccaples Thomas

    I haven’t played the game, so someone please explain the Chun-Li HK nerf. Is it a cancelable normal?  From the way comboing looks to be in this game why the hell would I chose to go for a mixup after landing an HK up close? 

    • XaviIniesta

      It used to be that you could cancel it when the opponent blocks it, which you could use to make the hit safe and cross them up with a jump lk after the jump. Now you can only cancel it on hit, which is important for some of her juggle combos.