Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Grand Finals – Super Street Fighter II Turbo Winners and Grand Finals Match Analysis by Arturo Sanchez

By on January 28, 2013 at 12:39 pm

Arturo Sanchez comes at us today with some more analysis of the matches played at the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary grand finals event last month. This new video covers the winners and grand finals of the Super Street Fighter II Turbo portion of the event, which featured Damdai going up against John Choi and Afrolegends, respectively. His breakdowns for these matches are incredibly insightful and full of useful knowledge on the game itself, so do yourself a favor and check this out.

As the video is a tad lengthy, Sanchez has also provided timestamps for those of you who may be short on time.

00:00 – Introduction, plugs for everyone that assisted me with video
03:22 – Quick breakdown of SF2 from my perspective, why I enjoy the game
04:47 – Player breakdown, discussing multiple generations of SF2 players
06:26 – Damdai (O. Hawk) vs John Choi (O. Sagat, N. Ryu)
32:23 – Damdai (O. Ryu) vs Afrolegends (DeeJay/Boxer)

Source: Arturo Sanchez