Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Countering Vajra Assist

By on January 27, 2013 at 10:17 am

A couple of days ago, SlasherMcGirk2236 uploaded a lengthy but useful video showing how to punish Strider Hiryu’s Vajra assist in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Using Karsticles’ guide on the SRK Forums as a reference, they were able to find multiple ways to stop this dreadful assist with every character in the game.

Since the video was made, more information from different players has surfaced, so be sure to read the thread as well.

Source: SlasherMcGirk2236, tip via Don D.

  • Ricky Brown

     Great vid.

  • sludgepuppy

     Man as soon as I saw the first counter I knew this was gonna be a good one. Nice work.


    ppl still play this?

    • Don Robinson

      shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuup

      • LoseMoney808

         don’t feed the trolls dammit!

  • GCBill

    Jill 1:10
    Nemesis 1:26
    Firebrand 1:47
    Strider Hiryu 2:07
    Phoneix Wright 2:24
    Chris 3:20
    Arthur 3:45
    Frank West 4:16
    Vergil 4:42
    Wesker 5:33
    Zero 6:15
    Ryu 6:41
    Dante 7:27
    Morrigan 8:24
    Tron Bonne 8:53
    Chun-Li 9:28
    Trish 10:10
    Felicia 10:40
    Spencer 11:10
    Akuma 11:42
    Viewtiful Joe 12:09
    Hsien-Ko 12:39
    Mike Haggar 13:05
    C. Viper 13:58
    Amaterasu 14:40
    Shuma-Gorath 15:33
    Nova 16:00
    Ghost Rider 16:33
    Hawkeye 17:05
    Doctor Strange 17:28
    Dormammu 17:44
    Captain America 18:37
    Rocket Raccoon 19:09
    Iron Fist 19:21
    Deadpool 19:50
    Wolverine 20:20
    Iron Man 20:59
    Doctor Doom 21:34
    X-23 22:28
    Storm 22:46
    Thor 23:17
    M.O.D.O.K. 24:03
    Spider-Man 24:26
    Sentinel 24:58
    Hulk 25:26
    Super-Skrull 26:06
    Phoenix 26:46
    Magneto 27:25
    She-Hulk 28:08
    Taskmaster 28:23

  • John Stamos

    great vid demonstrating what common knowledge should be.

  • One problem with this, Vajra is mostly used to bring people down from super jumps, most of this won’t work in the air.  Besides I doubt the other player will be standing there doing nothing, they will be using Vajra for their set ups so even if you counter it, could make it easy to open you up.  Still great video, a lot of good useful techs for those who mash the assist. 

    • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

      I was thinking the same thing.  All the air-to-air counters for this seem to have upward momentum, but what if the opponent calls Vajra as a response to your super jump, or when you’re flying?  Or when you’re on your way down from your super jump?  Because in that situation Vajra will likely appear too far above your head to matter.

  • Zonder88

    Only problem is the point character isn’t just going to stand there and stare at you and randomly call an assist with no plan. If they do they deserve to get punished lol.

    Problem with this assist is its hard to see when its actually summoned most of the time.

    • Devil Jin

      That’s why it’s better to listen for the voice of their opponent calling for Strider and listening for Strider’s voice to get ready for it.

      You shouldn’t be in the air very often against Strider assist players any ways. If you get hit on the ground, small hit/block stun. Get hit in the air…fucked.

      • Ricardo Medero

        try playing Zero on the floor the whole match

        • Garrett M. DeCrosta

           LOL Zero player complaining.

          • He’s complaining about playing *against* Zero by trying to say on the floor the whole match.

    • Adelheid Stark

      Keep an eye on the opponent’s lifebar. The easiest way to tell if they’ve called an assist is to see A1 and A2 go dark. No need to worry about stuff on the screen or the volume of the match because the HUD is never obscured.

  • Patrick Carr

    Why doesn’t Strider have any health in this video ;_;

    • Cat Astrophy

      Bro he never had any health

  • Garrett M. DeCrosta

    I really think people need to wake up and realize that this assist really isnt that bad. It deals close to NO block stun and is only truly viable for Felicia, Wesker, Chris, Dr. Doom, Dante, and Vergil. Other assists in the game (missiles, shopping cart, jam session, rapid slash, beams) work for  anyone. Strider assist can easily be blocked and then this allows you to set up your offense after. It’s very different from missiles, beam, or anything else that’s top tier because of the block stun. Vajra block stun is NOTHING and forces a block for like .05 seconds. There is a reason why Strider teams do not dominate.

    • ouroborus

       no blockstun? good. now lemme command throw them afterwards

  • L Light

    Some of the people did not listen to the guy. He even brings up about not forgetting about the active point character.

  • Did people have a problem dealing with raw Vajra?

  • Max Cancel

    This is stupid most decent players already know this. In a game its really hard to wait around for the point character to call assist so you can punish the assist and even then it might be his other assist . Against hawkeye with vajra this strategy fails so hard. Good for those that don’t know strider can be hit during vajra. 

  • Garrett M. DeCrosta

     Most of these punishes work, yes, but the truth is is that you cannot just throw around random normals and jumping normals and get away with punishing it if the other character is doing “something” pressure worthy. Best way to really deal with him is to snap him in or to dominate the team and force him to make a THREE character comeback, which Strider can sometimes struggle against depending on the team, because of his sub par damage in XF and time it takes to do that damage. (draining XF quickly)