Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Superior Tech: True Guardbreaks

By on January 25, 2013 at 1:39 pm

Danke has just tipped us off to this brand new Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 video by Team Brown Town. It showcases an interesting piece of tech discovered by Phantasy and Rylander and expanded upon by Xero. Essentially, a low hit-stun move is used to force the opponent to block as they come in. Then, a DHC is used to tag into an anti-air command grab. Either the opponent takes the original hit and eats a full combo, or blocks and gets hit by the grab, but either way they can easily be killed as long as you have the meter.

The first video explores the theory behind this tech while the second shows an entire team being beaten by guardbreaks and TAC infinites.

Source: Team Brown Town, tip from Danke

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  • It’s officially broken

  • While cool, this is a setup. Not a guard break. 

    • mozart danno

      it’s a setup for a guard break.

      • BoodaSRK

        A guard break is when you force someone to block in the air, then once block stun wears off, they cannot block again.

        This is more accurately an unblockable setup.

        • highlulu

          guard breaks don’t work that way in this game though as you can block in the air as many times as you would like. That being said the marvel 3 guard breaks are always referring to setups that negate the throw invulnerability that you have when incoming till you hit the ground or push a button

        •  And in other games guard breaks are when you block to much and you’re put into a vulnerable period. You’re splitting hairs over semantics just to be a douche.

          • BoodaSRK

             I am arguing semantics, but not to be a douche.

            Nothing about this “guardbreak” makes the throw unblockable; they’re already unblockable. The setup just makes it unavoidable.

      • Ramon

        It isn’t a guard break. Not in the traditional sense.

        • xero18

          Guard breaks definition change from game to game. Since you can’t probably guard against it IE you can’t block throws, and the characters that can escape it are phoenix and sentinel only, its still a guard break in the traditional sense

          • The definition of Guard Break shouldn’t change from game to game because then it loses meaning. The act of breaking guard does not exist in marvel 3(for now, we’ll see if some wild shit happens who knows), this is simple a setup for an unavoidable grab. Call it what it isn’t just complicates terminology that should be universal throughout fighting games. My only real gripe here. 

          • xero18

            I think people are too caught up on what they’ve in past games that they forget to look at stuff in context. Guard breaks very well exist in umvc3 but as throws. The difference is that one game requires a throw and the other uses attacks but both defy the boundaries of their respective games to allow you to attack. Las I checked also the untechable throw glitch was still in so I’m sure there are still setups for those around though they may be harder, they still exist. If you can’t block it or tech you can not properly guard against it. Same situation here just with stronger throws.

          • Andre Livsey

            Actually there are guard breaks that exist in Marvel 3: C. Viper’s Focus Attack, Firebrand’s H Demon Missile, and Taskmaster’s Head Butt after Sword Master…so I agree that “guard break” is used incorrectly for this tech, unavoidable would definitely be more accurate

          • Ramon

            Xero18: say what? If we change definitions for terms for every game, they will be confusing and lose all meaning. It’s why they stay the same.

            This is not a guard break, it’s an set-up. It falls perfectly into the set-up definition.

  • Joshua B

    im really surprised that nobody figured this stuff out until now. it seems like such an obvious thing to test

    • Garrett M. DeCrosta

      I agree. I feel like we should have known this for a while….

      • xero18

        Trust me I have been looking for it for over a year.  I was trying to time UWT to hit the same time as an assist to get that untechable glitch and some other stuff as well.  I even have a clip up of comboing into UWT which I kept trying to recreate as far as getting that glitch to work but no luck.  It’s definitely a concept I’ve been dreaming of for a while.

  • Nicholas

    wow it keeps getting better

  • Kenny Sulaimon

    Wow, this truly doesn’t even let you play the game lol

    • OrehRatiug

      Granted he was using TACs but even so. 

    • mathan81

      Does this mean another MIKE DIDN’T GET TO PLAY moment at Evo?

  • Raymond

    That’s why i can’t play this game……XD

  • Tekknight

    Aaaaaaaaad there goes Marvel =*oc

    •  Just like it killed MVC2 right?

      • Louis Lam

        MvC2 rushdown is based off of fast resets, MvC3 has low resource touch of deaths.

      • RunningWild1984

         MvC2 is already dead.

  • Okay, Capcom, PLEASE fix the anti-air grabs in this game. I hated the Haggar/Nemesis/Spidey resets already, now they are going to become even more broken. 

    • Franco629

      Dude, look at the characters you just named, haha.

  • Jake Kenin

    I wouldn’t say this is game breaking. Not a ton of characters have the hypers to do this effectively. If you see an opponent going for this though, it is possible to pop your own super first. If anything, this just makes UMVC3 more technical and competitive.

    • xero18

      Its not that easy on most setups. Only characters that can really escape is Phoenix and Sentinel as their supers have full invincibility. In the case of Spidey UWT grabbed everyone on activation flash of their supers effectively wasting their meter

    • Garrett M. DeCrosta

       Spiderman, Frank, She Hulk. This is another way that Frank can level up. It’s definitely quite practical for them and it helps make them more viable now. I think this is great news because it helps push us toward developing the meta game and heading in a new direction. Now we have more practical uses for shittier characters.

    • SovietGrammar

      Technical and competitive? are you talking about Marvel?

      • Robbie J

         just because you suck at the game doesnt mean its not technical and competitive

  • Killa

    Morrigan.  Why do people forget Morrigan is the third character with an air invincible hyper?

    • xero18

      You mean her level three? You can grab her other super no problem. You can also make Spidey safe before her level three hits. You can also grab her level three

  • Fuzzy Bunny

    Now we’re playing Marvel.

  • If only you could do Thor’s command grab super in the air.

    • E_Tap

       That’s why I love watching Abegen play. No air grab super for Thor? No matter, just dhc all the way to She-Hulk and grab them anyway. I could swear I remember seeing him do setups like this with Tron’s beacon bomb if he has 3 bars to burn while a character is coming in.

  • Stuff like this would be completely unacceptable in other fighting games.

    • Joshua B

       its mahvel baby

      • My point exactly. That’s why it’ll always be a kuso-ge.

        •  …Except that nobody gives a crap about Japan’s opinion what makes a fighting game good.

          There were far more worse guard breaks in previous additions of Marvel series. In addition you could ALWAYs break the TAC, it’s not like you are not able to stop the setup.  It requires a lot of meter too.

          • KubikiriTurkojin

            you mean the world opinions, nobnody but the US gives a shit about this faggot ass game featuring faggot ass characters. 

          •  That’s why Mexico,Japan, Chile,etc play the game.

            Is that why Y2Jay and Wentinel in japan could fine competition? 

            This isn’t MVC2 era anymore, the world has interest in Marvel 3.

  • This tech still needs some work…
    1 Touch, 1 TAC, 3 Dead characters…
    *Puts on hipster X-23 glasses*

    • xero18

      Its possible to get out of x-23 setups all the same but still have the same results for less

  • PointCtrPoint

    I used to do this with Dante and she hulk all the time.  Instead after the bnb final beehive into super, u just do volcano into super.  They pop out and you DHC into she hulk.

    • xero18

      Not the same

    • mozart danno

      Thats just a reset not a guard break.

      • PointCtrPoint

        o yeah ur right.

  • Victor Thammavong

    I swear, this game is becoming closer to Marvel 2 every week. And I’m lovin’ all this new technology ’cause it’s funny as shit. Yo ugh.

  • RunningWild1984

    lol marvel

  • Calvin Lofton

    This isn’t supposed to work. When you block with out push blocking when coming in, air grab supers are not supposed to work, anyone know why this works? Is it because it’s a DHC?

    • xero18

      That’s not the case at all.  When you come in on entry you can’t be grabbed unless you go into an “active” state.  Blocking, attacking, double jumping, air dashing, taking hits.  All that counts as becoming “active” with that said all these setups do is make you active then set you up for command air throws.  EVERYONE can guard break so long as they can find a way to touch the opponent with a move that doesn’t cause much block stun then jump back up and throw them.  It’s just stronger for others.

    • It because those moves have so little blockstun. (hyper grav / last hit of iron man super) . Very few moves have that little block stun, and yet so much (hit confirm-able) hitstun.

  • All this means is MORE LOVE FOR FRANK WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stank_JP

    Just need a list of the low hit-stun moves that can be used for this SUPERIOR TECH!           Any ideas?

  • Herbert Jones Rovbinson

     i like how this makes frank better

  • Ricky Brown

    Lots of characters have guard break setups, but rather than utilizing a spider man dhc or she hulk dhc theirs a command grab or a mix up opportunity. This isn’t new information to people who play the game a lot.

    And for those of you who plan on playing spider man now because of the first vid. A: Any flight character, double jump character, and air mobile character can just go upwards or stay at that hight and avoid the dhc super. This doesn’t break the game. Infinities do.

    As for the second vid. The tech is harder to escape. But it damn well better be since Ironman and She Hulk are pretty rotten to play in this game.

    • ProzacStylings

      Actually, the Iron-Man / She-Hulk version is considerably easier to get out of. The Magneto / Spider-Man version requires using XF to get out of if they do it right, and while it’s pretty good, it’s actually the only particularly good example of tech in the videos.

      There’s a lot of over-hype here, though. The tech is not as good as these videos tries to make it look. Changing some auto-options on a CPU dummy and seeing if they’ll avoid it is not testing technology.

      More info here: 

  • Awsumpossum12345

    I don’t understand the big deal here. Frank/Spidey/Shulk aren’t the greatest characters, and even then nobody puts any of these characters second on this team except for Frank.

    Doesn’t really bother me.