Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 – Cammy’s Unblockable Exhibition/Tutorial

By on January 25, 2013 at 6:58 am

Recently, DarkSydeGeoff sent us a very interesting video showing off some unblockable setups for Cammy in SSF4:AE 2012. To truly understand how this works, he added annotations to the video, giving you frame by frame information on how to perform these unblockables. If you’ve been trying to learn Cammy or even if you just want to annoy your friends even more, then this exhibition is something you must see. Be sure to read the description at the bottom of the Youtube video for extra information.

Source: DarkSydeGeoff

  • Cauptain

    Street Fighter for lames is SFIV. Fact!!

  • Needs James Chen verification!

    • Cype

      “Cammy isn’t that good” – James Chen

      But I still love ya, jchensor!

  • OmNiExiZt

    Why isn’t the thumbnail for the video a picture of Cammy on top of Chun Li?

  • Johnson Nguyen

    I want to know the number of people who are dropping or who have dropped SFIV as a result of more of these hard-to-blockables setups being discovered.

    • Drago Umeharevich

       only the scrubs who cry about balance because they suck.. the type that post on capcom unity

      • Beb0p

        Meh, I say the game is unbalanced and I can beat the living shlt out of most players with any character on the focking roster. But now I just don’t care as to why I don’t bother complaining anymore. Idiots just don’t know how to block, it’s not even anywhere near a guessing game as DOA5, SF is  easy mode, stupid easy mode. You can look at the frames how can you possibly fock up something so simple are you that god damn stupid? Retards out there who consider pong more complicated than tennis. Either way it’s all just video games.

      • Luisito

         I’m having a strange vision: AE 2013 to remove unblockables and nerf vortex characters.

        1 million scrubs drop the game because they can’t win without it.

    • tiki.92

       I’ve dropped IV… For KOF XD

      • yeah and you play it alone cause no1 plays that shit online

        • AriesWarlock

          Maybe he has something you don’t have: friends.

  • Henny Henri

    music – elisha -reflec beat 

  • Jeff Hill

    This is so dumb.  I’ve played SF since early 90s and shit like this needs to be taken out of the game. There should never be free damage like this.  Even if you escape most reversals whiff and you get punished.  These set ups take 0 skill just land a back throw.  Things like this is NOT what street fighter is about.

    • Ryu and T.hawk in SF2 says hi.

    • The game changes…the players adapt.  In MVC2, there are true unblockables and guardbreaks that didn’t ruin the game, but changed the way people looked at it and defined their strategies.  That is not to say that that SF is like Marvel, but it just shows that, given enough time, the community adapts.  People should keep that in mind before crying about every piece of tech that they deem, from on high, is ‘game-breaking’.  

      • webweaver13s

         Times change man. With modern technology players don’t have to deal with bs like this. They play other games where the game developers care about their audience.

  • José Luis A. Vesga

    Maaaan… fuck Cammy

  • RunningWild1984

    So what makes this different from any other “unblockable” setup?

    Get a braindead extreme ambiguous cross-up off any untechable knockdown, whoopie.

  • ALl this is deem SOOO BROKEN, However. How many many Cammies top again? How many allegedly dominate? Please tell me that more cammies place than akumas, fei longs, rufuses, vipers, sakuras, hakans, goukens, blankas, hondas, kings, mishimas, bobs, doctor strange, spencer, sentinels, vergils, rolls, k-groove iori, ex kyos, mr game and watch, wakka floka flames, meta knights. EAD SCRUBS!!!!!

  • Vast majority character specific when most characters that dominate have a bnb unblockable set-up, CTFO!!!! Learn to Block, Throw Tech, Know the character, Match-ups, Somehow stop being trash and develop good footsies, Oh, CTFO!!!!

  • FakMeLaterally

    Immediate Focus dash.


    • Excelancer

      It cannot be done. and if you somehow manage to do that, the setup was not executed correctly

    • leave it to someone who non-ironically says “problem” to have a severe learning/reading issue

      • FakMeLaterally

         I love baiting you shitnerds 😀

        • Hey dirtbag, you’re a lousy shot. I don’t like lousy shots. You wasted a kid… for nothing. Now I think it’s time to waste you!

  • So how does this whole unblockable thing work?