Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 Character Change Videos for Guy, Hwoarang, Jin, Juri, Lili, and Law

By on January 25, 2013 at 2:01 pm

Capcom just uploaded another batch of character change videos for Street Fighter x Tekken’s upcoming ver. 2013 patch. Today, they cover some of the major updates in store for Guy, Hwoarang, Jin, Juri, Lili, and Law, so be sure to check these out.

Source: Capcom Fighters TV

  • Ray Valdez

    well it looks like i gotta get 20$ for tuesday 😀

  • So far all of my characters greatest assets have been nerfed. 2013’s gonna make me work harder.

    • Hotaka Saika

      If you don’t play Cody, be thankful for that.  They damn near broke him completely, in the worst way.

    • Justin Richardson

      I think that was kinda the point. Some of the characters were straight brain dead in getting high damage or controlling space or applying pressure. Anyway, I ain’t trying to insult you or anything, I was just sayin’. I like that they nerfed my walk speed with Gief. Makes getting my throws in feel more rewarding. Who do you use?

    • Interestingly enough, all….oh 10 or so characters that I use and play around with got buffed.

      Raven is the only one that’s arguably nerfed but for my playstyle, he’s better now.

      I guess I just didn’t gravitate towards any of the brain dead stuff in vanilla.

  • Ilhuicamina Zúñiga

    Where’s Chun Li? ):

    • RAB

      i think they did her a long time ago. google “chun li sfxt changes 2013”

      • Ilhuicamina Zúñiga

        They haven’t made or submitted any video about Chun-Li. I even went to the CapcomFightersTV channel on youtube.

  • OrehRatiug

    Juri’s crouching HP isn’t jump cancelable on block? 🙁

    • Ben Rox

      At least it’s still jump cancelable on hit so it still good for me 😀 

    • Luisito

       It’s only good on hit anyway (for AA, corner combos, punish and resets). On block it was always super unsafe.

  • Lestatx

    I guess Juri can’t be a decent char in any game they put her. Thanks, Capcom!

    • Hotaka Saika

      Oh please.  Why whine when she got off easy.

      • Lestatx

        Her get off me options got nerfed, which puts her in the same shitty position she is in SF4. Meanwhile, godlike chars like Jin got buffed. Fuck logic.

        • Hotaka Saika

          Learn how to use her counter better.

        • $19298411


        • Jelani-Akin

          Her EX Senpusha was kind of a nerf/buff.  Yes it’s more punishable (which… doesn’t make sense because it was already punishable), but as far as I can tell it’s also more consistent now.

          Other than that, what was nerfed that’s of huge note?  Her counters are still fine (though IIRC the hurtbox appears a frame earlier now?).  The only thing I found annoying here was the further nerf to her damage… but whatever, she’ll live, could have been much worse.

          Jin got a nerf or two as well, though yeah, he largely managed to somehow get better.  Damn Mishimas.

          • Justin Richardson

            I hate it when the Juri users complain. She was so good she could be partnered with Yoshimitsu or Bob and still pull wins out her butt on her own because it was to easy to get huge damage off of her already good pokes. The less brain dead using her is, the more really good Juri players we’ll get to see instead of an online scene filled with dudes mashing crouching HP.

          • Spabobin

            You shouldn’t be calling Juri users brain dead if you are the one getting hit by her cr. HP.  You have to jump right into that shit, it’s a slow move with almost no horizontal range.

          • Luisito

            You’re an idiot. And you know what the funniest thing is? Almost all tekken characters will have strike invincible AAs that lead into 400-500 damage in 2013. So scrubs like you who complained about Juri’s “overpowered anti-air” will cry and complain even more. So good luck in 2013 if you thought Juri was annoying. I suggest you start learning how to get in on people without jumping around like a moron.

          • Michael Adamson

            Still begs the question why her super got nerfed, why moves were nerfed on hit…..etc. This is just the latest nerfs for her.

  • Jordan Hoffman

    Capcom saving Nina for last. I’ll be patient.

  • Jin and Guy are gonna be beasts.  The coup de grâce was finally landed on Juri…

  • Espada Facade

    Lili got ever better with that walk speed and that dominating heel change. 😮 

  • webweaver13s

    wow capcom is going fucking ape shit with these changes. Most of them don’t even make sense. 

    • all of them makes at least some sense to me….


    •  really? name 3 examples… oh wait, you didn’t watch the vids 🙂

  • all the tekken characters basically got free AAs. idk if i like that. jumping should be a risk but AAing shouldn’t be sakura c.hp status. 

  • ajm1220

    Law got nerf…which doesn’t make any difference because nobody ever uses dragon knuckle or combo on ground. I didn’t even know dragon knuckle combo had an armor.

  • Zonder88

    The only good thing Law got was his Flip Kick is now a viable anti-air, while everything else good about him got nerfed.

    Thanks Capcom, for guaranteeing that I still dont play this game.

    • Ben Rox

      You got to be kidding. Law is a very strong character in this game.  Him being able to switch in his opponents and making them viable to charge for a super is very annoying to deal with.  His still very good you must just rely too much on dragon knuckles armor or something if you think these changes make him shitter then before. 

      • Zonder88

        He was the best battery character in the game, which was a fair trade off for his complete lack of defensive options. Now every single one of those options has been nerfed. Fury Fist Rush is now punishable on block, despite being nerfed in the meter building (which is understandable, but why make it more unsafe if its primary use is now gone?).

        The Dragon knuckle armor nerf made no sense since barely anyone even took advantage of it.

        He’s still good sure, but he’s definitely worse than he was in 2012.

  • b2j135

    so…last is PS exclusives and Chun-li?

    • b2j135

      oh and pac-man and megaman?

    • There might actually be 2 more updates.
      They still have to do…Abel, Rolento, Chun, Poison, Blanka, Nina, Xiaoyu, Yoshi, Lei.
      and the joke chars.

      • Jordan Hoffman

        Joke characters? I thought they already did Paul.

  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    Wtf?? Was Lili’s AA Kick that good? And damn I always get the names mixed up, I thought “Dominating Heel” was her overhead getting faster. Dammit >.<" I feel slow now.

    Still super excited for Chun-Li, and Poison. I'm really interested to see Nina, Xiao, Yoshi, and Abel as well

  • Spider Fan

    Sigh, I guess they will keep nerfing Juri until she is useless like in ssf4. it’s a real shame.