Wii U Super Smash Bros. Set to Debut at E3 2013

By on January 24, 2013 at 12:38 pm

As is usually the case, lots of big things are going to be revealed at E3 this year. Most analysts say that the next PlayStation and Xbox will be taking center stage. However, Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U, has already been released, and so their presentation will be all about the software. Of course, where there’s a new Nintendo console, there’s a new Super Smash Brothers, and Nintendo has recently confirmed in a Nintendo Direct conference that we will get our first look at the new Smash during E3 2013.

The new Smash Bros., titled Smash Brothers Universe if we can believe some prior leaks, was announced at E3 2011. Last year, unfortunately, the event provided us no information about the new title. Recently, we have learned that Namco Bandai will be handling development this time around and, considering their experience in the fighting game industry, that may mean good things for the beloved Nintendo franchise.

SRK will be at E3 this year and we will bring you updates about the new Smash Bros. live from the event.

Source: IGN

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  • Ilhuicamina Zúñiga

    inb4 “Smash is not a fighting game”

    • J.D SRK

      that wouldn’t happen as often if guys like you didn’t fall for the flame-bait every single time.

  • James Reilly

    inb4 “this game sux cuz its not Melee”

  • inb4 people start writing inb4… ah, fuck.

  • Mark Wins

    I don’t think people want a Melee clone so much as they want a Smash game better than Brawl.

    Personally, I want a Smash 64 with new features. but I already know that dream is shot.

    • Glenn Vaughn

      liking the first sb

    • The good thing about Brawl succeeding is that it showed us that despite less than ideal mechanics, the formula can still always be adopted with success competitively. It SHOULD be pretty difficult to make a game that is not as good as Brawl, so it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a Smash game we can get behind competitively, unless they completely flub the formula, which is unlikely.

      • It’s not hard for a game to be better than Brawl.

        Let’s compare ET on the 2600 with Brawl. The former had no budget and no talent behind it, so every time ET fucks up there’s a good reason. The latter had a game designer that purposely punished basic movement (tripping), despite that fact that “you know what Smash needs? random tripping” was uttered by nobody in the history of ever.

  • GCBill

    inb4 meta comment… ah, fuck.

    Anyway, this is exciting, but I don’t believe we’ll be seeing this game before 2014. Probably not until 2015 if Brawl’s delays are any indicator. This is good news, but I’m not getting super excited yet.

  • Calvin Lofton

    Although this won’t be a Melee clone, something tells me they’re going the route where it can be competitive but casual players will still REALLY enjoy it. I mean come one, they got Namco working on it.

    • Guest

      No, I guarantee they will ignore the entire dedicated competitive scene. They’ll make sure to include tripping and everything they can to make the game as unintuitive as possible for hardcore players

      • Mr. X

         The things they did to Brawl are unfun for everyone, not just the hardcore. Tripping sucks for everybody.

    • Cype

      “something tells me they’re going the route where it can be competitive but casual players will still REALLY enjoy it”

      You must not have been paying attention to Nintendo for the past several years.

      • Louis Lam

        Play Kid Icarus Uprising by Sakurai and tell me that he can’t make an accessible fast paced competitive game again.

        • Doopliss_SWE

          He can, but he doesn’t want to. That’s the problem. But hopefully some of the Namco staff can talk some sense into him before he tries to put something like tripping in there.

          • Aceofspades53

             It’s not even like that. He realized on his own that some people will play the game competitively regardless of whether the games encourage it or not, which is why he enlisted help from Namco guys in the first place.

          • Louis Lam

            Source? Or are you just a mind-reader?

  • Ryu will be in this one

    • SovietGrammar

      hmm you know that Namco making it right? soo i think Tekken chars going to be there

      • Cloudfox

        Namco Bandai said themselves that they’re not really sure Tekken characters would be a good fit for Smash, and that they don’t wanna try to shove that franchise’s characters in just because they can/it’s expected.

        As long as Pac-Man isn’t a playable character I’m cool with whatever, personally…

  • I basically bought a Wii so I could play Brawl, but it was a different time back then.  There weren’t really any competitive fighting games widely played, and finding a scene was exponentially harder back then than it is now.  If I wanted to play fighting games with friends, I basically had to play Brawl (and I did enjoy it). 

    These days, there are so many good fighting games on shelves and an ocean of talented players to spar with.  If Nintendo wants me to buy a console just for Smash again, they’re going to have to blow my mind with this game.

    • GCBill

       Pretty much this. Brawl was a lot of fun, but I barely touch my Wii anymore. With other accessible fighters (PSAS, DIVEKICKKK) coming out that can potentially tap into the same market, I’m not spending several hundred just to beat up on Nintendo characters. This game will have to stand on its own merits.

      • Marvin Choi

         You’re not the market they are catering to, though.

  • Stan Majors

    Funny how SRK who has never cared for or even remotely respected the Smash community puts this on their front page. Hypocrisy at it’s best.

    • SRK the community, or SRK the editors?  The community has always been split, but the site itself has never been anti-Smash.  Did you listen to WakeUp SRK’s pre-Apex show last year?

    • The anti-Smash part of the community is the answer to that. 

    • $18114340

      I don’t think you know what “hypocrisy” is.

    • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

      All smash players do is bitch, I wouldn’t respect your dumbasses either.

      Party game lookin ass bullshit

      • Stan Majors

        Wow, look at that, I get retards to reply to me.

        • RAB

          I like how you choose to reply to the one particularly rude comment, and not the other ones about how you’re wrong.

          • Stan Majors

            Me being wrong is subjective to the opinion of others, and we can argue about that for days. Him being a retard, along with others trying to make snarky comments as ‘rebuttals’ doesn’t mean anything. If you got butthurt by what I said, too bad. 

          • RAB

            “…The community has always been split, but the site itself has never been anti-Smash. Did you listen to WakeUp SRK’s pre-Apex show last year?”

            so snarky. man, fuck that guy.

    • There’s been plenty of Smash posts on this site. Where have you been? Granted they all get 100’s of comments due to negativity alone, but the editors still post things despite that.

  • blackangelDL

    10 bucks says a square-enix character is going to be the third party character for this game.

    • I’ll be taking that $10.

    • RazingPhoenix

       Since there’s going to be a new MGS, and Sonic and Mario have been going at it a lot recently (olympic games), I don’t see why those two wouldn’t just return. Especially since Sakurai loves Snake.

    • Jason Kirkland

       If Sora isn’t somehow in this game I would be impressed. But having digimon and Klonoa in this game sure would be nice. Oh yeah and get metaknight away from my SMASH this time!

  • xeleion

    Fair, objective, respectable coverage.

  • Items are already banned by Smashboards.

  • GuyAlpha

    I’ve got nothing but hype for a new smash, especially after Brawl.

  • Austin Davoren

    Didn’t the guy who made smash say he didn’t want smash as a competitive game himself?
    Not that what he said should stop the Smash community. 

    • he specifically mentioned Brawl in that statement IIRC

    • Cloudfox

      I don’t ever recall Sakurai saying he “doesn’t want Smash to be competitive,” per se. He said that he asked himself why he made Melee so difficult in terms of technical skill if he created Smash to be an answer to traditional fighting games (basic controls-wise). He then proceeded to give Brawl less of a “skill ceiling,” taking out things like L-canceling and wavedashing, so that there’s less to have to learn in order to get “good” at the game.

      It’s almost splitting hairs but, he’s never said he hates competitive play or the community – he still respects Melee a ton as a game, quite possibly more so than either 64 or Brawl considering he called it the “sharpest game in the series” – and he does pay some degree of attention to the scene given that he publicly acknowledged there’s a big difference in character balance between casual players and competitive ones. He just cares *more* about the kinds of players who get frustrated with steep learning curves in fighting games, yet wouldn’t go online and post about it or anything. He feels this is more in line with his original philosophy on what kind of game Smash should be, unless his opinion has changed yet again.

  • Taj Sullivan

    If you people learn to read, Namco Bandai is developing the game along with Sakurai. Sakurai has publicly said they’re trying to focus on the balance of characters rather than quantity, and even Harada himself is on board to help.

    Stay ignorant FGC. Some members anyway.

    • When has either Sakurai or Harada said this? Links please.

    • Cype

      Ignorant my ass. Everyone knows that it’s a new team. But it doesn’t matter what team is developing if he’s still the lead dev and still has this anti-competitive/hardcore mindset in his mind, regardless of his mentions of “balance.”

      I’ll believe it when I see it.

      Side note: I wish people would stop saying crap like “Stay *insert_word_here*, FGC” “Stay *insert_word_here*, SRK” like you are somehow NOT apart of it.

  •  Hopefully this one won’t be garbage like Brawl was and that they understand what made 64 and Melee so good for everyone.

    • Yeah but brawl had wicked mods. Project M in particular.

      •  Exactly, that’s why I still have my copy.

      • If the WiiU turns out to be as free as the Wii, there’s no reason why this one can’t be modded if it turns out the same.

  • Smash will have to lose the nonsensical, backwards mechanics (tripping, unlockable characters/stages) if it wants to actually be a good game and not just sell well to legions of fanboys.

    • Marco Espim

       They don’t care if it’s a good game as long as it sells.

      And selling to Nintendo fanboys is pretty easy…

      • Jose_Levoj

        Wrong…. wtf? Nintendo doesn’t care? A new Zelda comes out every 4-5 years if they didn’t care you would see one every year or maybe they would add on disc boss battle dlc. Nintendo actually cares for the consumer a lot of people forget the amount of content brawl provided shiet… 

        • You didn’t read Marco’s post.

          You also erroneously think “amount of content” means something.

    • PeterPanPiss

      What does any of that have to do with rather a game is good or not?

      • Marvin Choi

         A lot of things.

        • PeterPanPiss

          Ah, ok. Thanks for clearing that up for me….

      • I’m going to assume you realized why this comment was dumb the moment you posted and were just too lazy to edit it.

        • PeterPanPiss

          I figured I would not get a real response. Well, it was worth a shot.

          • Disappointing.

            Here’s the real response: you’re damn fucking straight it has to do with quality. If I cannot start delving into a fighting game’s matchups — and Smash games are fighters, make no mistake — without jumping through hoops in modes I may not care to touch (and if I did care, would play anyway), there’s a big, big problem.

          • PeterPanPiss

            “If I cannot start delving into a fighting game’s…”

            That’s the issue right there. Look at how quickly you disregarded the rest of the game. You religate Smash Bros to a simple fighting game when it’s so much more than that. I agree, it can be watered down into a simple fighting game, but only at the expense of damn near 90% of the rest of the product. Which makes no sense. Needless to say, unlockable characters/stages says absolutely nothing about rather a game is good or not.

          • You’re an idiot.

    • Dion Johnson

      tripping…no arguing with that.
      unlockables..that’s like 50% of the reason why the series became popular in the first place.not gonna happen.

      • 99% of the reason why the series became popular was because it was a crossover fighter with Nintendo characters. No in the history of anyone important has given a flying fuck about unlockable shit in fighting games.

        • PeterPanPiss

          Because god forbid you actually play the game you just bought.

          • sludgepuppy

            They’re thinking on a grander scale. Unlockable characters are hell on TOs. Say unlocking Ganon requires you to beat the game on supreme difficulty with 1 stock and no continues with Legless Link, who’s terrible in this game. Sure it’s pretty fun and challenging the first time, but you need to do it on 20 systems. Not cool.

          • Jookey

             Legless Link for SSBU!

          • PeterPanPiss

            I understand that but if you can’t find 20 people who bought the game but aren’t big enough fans to actully play it to get all the characters than thats probably a bigger problem than any of that. It’s nasking to complete this 40 hour RPG to get Sonic. Melee had very tough objectives for some characters but in Brawl, all the characters can be yours with very simple task.

          • Mingus Au Aum

            You do know on a Wii you can use a SD card that has a complete brawl file on it and put it on the wii’s HD to store it? I’m not sure how it works on the other two but for the wii it’s easy and SD card are easy to come across.

          • Cloudfox

            Brawl’s save file is actually copy-protected, so you can’t do anything but delete it unless you’ve hacked your Wii first.

            Also, the Wii uses flash memory, not a hard drive, which is why it had abysmal storage capacity for this day and age.

          • Grinding out unlockables is hardly meaningful “play.” That you think otherwise is pathetic.

          • PeterPanPiss

            You never miss a moment to slide in an insult, do you?

            It’s interesting how many people seem to forget there is a game outside of 1v1 No items. There’s actually a 10+ hour story and multiple modes with other games to play. No offense, but attidues like yours seem like a product of the DLC generation. The people that forget that there was a time before product was locked away on disc. There was a time, when by completing achievements you earned more than just a higher number for people to look at. It’s the purpose and it becomes a whole lot more meaningful when you realize there are people who don’t care about the rest of the game outside of 1v1. It’s funny to imagine developers needing to force you to play their game in such a way. I’m sure most would not even care as long as they got your money in the end. Which makes me wonder, If actually playing the entire game is such a hassle than why play it at all?

          • In order:

            It’s not really an insult when it’s true;






            Devs forcing you to play a certain way is *precisely the problem*, as tripping/unlockables force you to play a certain way, whereas the absence of either system allows greater freedom for all players, from casual to hardcore;


      • 50%, eh? And here I thought it was, you know, that it played well and was fun.

        Gamers that think they need incentive like unlockable characters in fighting games are ruining the hobby. Not hyperbole.

    • xeleion

      It seems like the majority of casual Smash players enjoy going through the story and unlocking characters and items.  Feeds a sense of accomplishment.  I don’t think we’ll get rid of that.

      For the record though, I agree with you to an extent.  It could still be a good game, but it would be nice if it wasn’t a huge time commitment to get everything.  Then again, Smash players provide their own consoles most of the time anyway, so maybe it’s somewhat moot.

      • I don’t like “sense of accomplishment” when it’s used to incentivize something that should be desirable on its merits alone. Like, if 1P modes were really worth playing, I’d play them, unlockables or not. And I’d want the option to use Wolf from the start, in this fighter I just paid full price for.

        I also don’t think it’s entirely un-casual to have all characters available. Games can succeed at multiple levels, even fighters, and arguably unnecessary unlockables — and tripping (non-arguably) — are just a barrier for any type of player, casual or otherwise.

  • Expect more random tripping, coughing and bleeding. Actually that last one sound good

    • *crosses fingers for random seizures*

  • Tokido

    Me Set to Care at Never

    • Hector Garcia

      ahahahaha did you seriously have no self-confidence whatsoever that you have to pretend to be a popular player in order to act like the asshole you want to be?

      Whoever you are, you’re worse than pathetic.

      • Tokido

         Me Set to Care at Never

  • Kind of worried at what new characters they are going to include. They’re probably going to scrape the bottom of the barrel for this one.

  • This game fucking sucks, is not a fighting game and you all need to fuck off. I am sorry but I do not care. This shit sucks. Fuck off.

    • Marvin Choi

       you’re having a bad day

    • Doopliss_SWE

       If you don’t care then maybe you should be the one leaving, no?

    •  I dont care, therefore I clicked on this article, read it, and commented.


  • Jebril

    I think it’ll probably suck too but not because it’s Smash, just cuz the Wii has no real fighting pads on it ATM and they’re probably gonna make it casual as heck.

    • Riot

       The WiiU’s “Not a 360” pad will probably be the best first party controller that a Smash player will ever use. The D-pad is considerably less shitty than N64 and GC’s.

      • Hopefully, wired inputs are possible somehow.

        I don’t have a Wii U yet, so I don’t know.

      • Jebril

        The D-Pad is pretty useless for Smash though, the game was meant for the GC controller, IDK…it’s just perfect for the game.

        • Johnson Nguyen

          the game was meant to be played with analog movement
          Corrected that for you.

      • Jebril

        Smash was never meant to be played with a D-Pad though, there’s way too many aspects in that game that require the stick like smash attacks and charging them, tilting shields, tilt attacks, rolling.

  • Riot

    Namco developing has me optimistic.

    It’d be interesting if that “Universe” isn’t just a word starting with a U and opens up the possibility of much more non-Nintendo characters, especially with Namco as the developer. I can just see Reggie on the stage at E3 talking about how Universe means the entire universe of videogames and that this Smash Bros is a celebration.

    Capcom would make sure Megaman is absent.

    • Johnson Nguyen

      I see that happening too, but I want SSB to only be Nintendo characters, personally. Solid Snake and Sonic was and still is a ridiculous idea to me.

    • Cloudfox

      There can only be so many third-party characters, because Nintendo generally still needs to pay for the actual licensing of those characters and franchises. And being a company interested in making money rather than losing it, they’re likely not going to want to have to pay say, 15 separate companies just to use a character or two from each.

  • Orin Quinn

    I’m looking forward to seeing Gundams and Tales characters in this Smash game.

    • Diego Serrano

      yes, as assist trophies

    • ForteWily

      I would not expect Gundam

    • RazingPhoenix

       Lloyd and Emil…

  • Brawl was the only reason I bought a Wii and boy was I dissapointed. I will definitely be waiting to see how this game turns about before I pick up a WiiU.

  • Herbert Jones Rovbinson

    After how Brawl turned out I’m hardly excited.

  • Thank goodness because theres not other reason to own a Wii and yes Brawl wasnt Melee however it was still a lot better than PSABR.  Sorry sony any fighting game hybrid thats similar to smash that relies on you landing supers to win matches is lame.  Should have made it so you could finish you opponent without have to land a super. 

    • PSABR is superior to Brawl in every way. Arguably Melee as well, but don’t tell Smash fans that.

      • I really wanted to like PSABR but as again winning matches being based on landing your supers makes outcomes for matches more RANDOM.  Tell me how PSABR is superior to Brawl in every way because i personally dont think it is and feel the opposite actually and most peoples complains about Brawl is tripping. 

        LMAO arguably better then melee as well i think your letting the whole im playing this game right now so its my favorite bias get to you.  Dont tell anything i stated to a PSABR fan though.

        • Cloudfox

          Based on at least one other comment, I get the impression he simply doesn’t like Melee and somehow thinks that’s a popular opinion amongst *any* group of people that have actually played or watched it at the competitive level…

        • How exactly is landing supers random? Every super has a range, startup, effect, etc. And the combos to build meter are still following general fighting game rules of “hit opponent good, being hit by opponent bad.” This criticism about its super/KO system has held water approximately never.

          How is it superior to Brawl? I don’t have a chance of tripping if I do a dash or certain attacks. I get to play as every character from the start. The only “grind” is for cosmetic rewards. The super/KO system inherently punishes turtling and rewards offense. And those last three apply to the comparison to Melee as well.

          PROTIP: Don’t talk about “bias” if you don’t understand what it means. You don’t understand what it means.

          • The person who lands the most supers wins the match which makes the outcome of matches random durrrr.  You might have done the most damage during the match but that doesnt mean shit in PSABR if you dont land your supers.

            LMAO all you got against Brawl is TRIPPING how fucking original and does tripping constantly happen?  What does having access to every character at the start have to do with how good the gameplay and character balance is?

            Yet Melee and Brawl are more skill based games because all the damage you earned by hitting your opponent counts for something since wins arent based solely on you landing supers.  So yea you are being BIASED because this is the newest of all the games weve mentioned so of course its your favorite at the moment.

            Dont worry kid the new smash bros game will be you favorite when its released for Wii U.  I really wanted to like PSABR but working hard to beat your opponent and having to land supers win a match isnt my cup of tea.  Sorry but PSABR doesnt hold a candle to Brawl much less Melee.

          • In order:


            More than 0% of the time, which makes it 100% random, 100% unable to be mitigated, and leaves you completely helpless for the duration;

            Having access to every character means I can practice playing with and against every character, which is the point of a fighter;


            You don’t know what the word “biased” means, or “irony”;



          • Marvin Choi

            It puts a disproprotionate amount of emphasis on the building of meter and hitting of supers rather than other aspects of a Smash Bros.-style game. It makes the win conditions dull and boring.

            The game will eventually boil down to just a few choice ways of winning, whereas even in Brawl you have a great deal of variety in how to approach the game.

          • I don’t see how All-Stars’ level of variety differs from any traditional 2D fighter that basically does the “fill up a bar” concept in reverse (the life bar). Stage concerns aside, even on “Final Destination” I have options to zone and open up holes in my opponents defense.

  • In other words ive lost this argument so ill just call everything you stated idiocy and stick to the only thing ive got TRIPPPING in BRAWL.  Im done its obvious youve LOST LOL,