Help Long Island FGC Member Justin Marino Battle Cancer

By on January 24, 2013 at 7:47 am

East Coast Throwdown event director John Gallagher recently made us aware of Justin Marino, a fellow member of the fighting game community from Long Island who is sorely in need of help. Justin is currently battling cancer after a failed round of chemotherapy, and also requires daily shots to counteract a blood clot that has developed in his leg. And with no prescription coverage in his medical plan, the strain of coverage is only magnified.

It would probably be safe to say that most of us have been touched by this disease in one way or another, so we would like to point everyone towards a recent donation fund that was set up for Justin in order to help him out during this trying ordeal. They are currently well on their way to meeting the goal, but any amount of help would be most appreciated. Feel free to follow the link below and see what you can do to help.

Justin Marino Donation Fund

  • Osirun

    Good luck! Stay strong.

  • Adeel Siddiqui

    Kick cancer’s ass!

  • John Gallagher

    Thank you for posting this Ian!

  • godfist314

    If I had a few extra bucks, I would donate but I can’t right now. Hope he gets the care he needs! ūüôĀ


    I hope he stays strong and gets the support he needs.

    How about a drive for the 9th game at evo?

  • BeholdMyPower

    FGC assemble. Cancer ’bout to get bodied.

  • Cancer is low tier lets go FGC!

  • HombreGranJefe

     Cancer is mad OP.  Scientists need to nerf that shit.

    • sb

      Not gonna happen to much money envolved just stuff you have to keep buying to cope with the problem its a sad world we live in

  • Donated. Stand your ground.

  • FUCK cracked my monitor throwing my money for this great cause.¬†

  • My mother died in a motorcycle accident a few years back and I haven’t been the same since. Anyway I could get a donation drive started?

  • Just did my donation. God speed dude.

  • Jason M

    I’m sorry if that’s true Garrett Jones, but why even bother posting shit like that?

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      Because it seems like everyone wants a donation from the “FGC” for everything nowadays.

      • ¬†Everyone?¬† There’s been like two charity posts on the front page for FGC members in the last ten months.

        • sb

          You must dont come here much

      • pootnannies

        ¬†in some cases, maybe. fighting cancer and having chemo failing and now fighting a blood clot with no way to pay for what comes next isn’t the same as someone who died instantly or quickly from an automobile accident, no offense. cancer can cost about a whole lot more.

        • ¬†Not good enough, eh. Well…my dad has Parkinson’s. That pretty good, right? Muhammed Ali, Michael J. Fox… FGC member’s dad. Also, I’ve gotten 1st in a SSF4:AE and MVC3 tourney in Jefferson City, MO. Is that good enough to get paid?

    • worthless_stream_monster

      Do you remember the Glove Girl episode? I can’t find it on the forums, somebody post the link if you have it.

  • VDOnWo

    Hey yo, it’s me, it’s me, it’s RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here,

    I just wanted to say stay strong brotha. I’m not sure if we’ve met or played before but I wish you the best in recovery and get well soon lad. I donated what I could and I hope it helps. To his family do me a favor and keep me updated on his progress if it’s not asking too much…….


  • Mr. X

    Really should give him some of the 8th EVO game funds.

  • Charlie Sparks

    Hang in there buddy, show cancer how GDLK you are.

  • i hate my country for not having paypal

  • I’d just really like to thank you all for helping my family and I out through this tough time in our lives. You have no idea how much each donation means to us. It just shows how great your friend can be in a time of need, I consider any member of the fgc a friend because I’ve never found someone who I didn’t like. In times like this I think we become more than a community we’re become a family. Once again I’d just like to say thank you I’m just so grateful words cant express. Also thank you to Li joe and Sweet Johnny Cage for helping me get this link out there.