Rumble Pack Character Introduction Tutorials for Roy, Maya, and MC SuperCut by IPG|Mezza

By on January 22, 2013 at 5:03 pm

IPG|Mezza, one of the members of the Rumble Pack team, has uploaded a couple character introduction videos for the indie fighter. These videos show off Roy, Maya, and MC SuperCut, each in one style only. They also demonstrate an infinite with Roy that will probably be patched out of the next version.

To download RumblePack, head over to the game’s official Tumblr.

Source: IPG|Mezza

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  • metroidhunter_x

    Im all for indie developers and what not, but this looks like some mugen trash, no offense lol

    • Beb0p

      Pretty much. It’s 2D the very least they can do is have decent art instead of ghetto as shit some five year old drew during arts and crafts.

      Though it’s not necessary to say something bad about this game but it simply is.

    • if by ‘mugen trash’ you mean ‘half decent attempt at creating a game with an engine that was released to the public for no cost 10 years ago’ then i agree completely.

  • Rahavic

    played this when the first story came out, gonna get it again to see how its come along so far, hope there’s stick/pad support now last time there wasnt outside the usual XPadder type deals

  • Do not use xpadder just google microsoft 360 controller and download the support drivers for it. If you are using ps3 you need libusb. Its kind of old but unnecessary to run your ps3 pad. Best results I have used are ps2 pad and 360 stick or ps3 stick. Just have to set the stick to left stick or right stick. should work from there. Since button inputs should be different.

    • JohnGrimm

      For PS3 pad support you should get MotioninJoy. It’s actually good.

      • sb

        Yea MotioninJoy is the best out there for PS3 controllers been using it for years

  • Martini Whoelse

    I’m not a fan of the current drawing quality but the game is very playable

    and actual animations are very smooth
    So far I kind of like this game and hope it does well.

  • Liero has been working on some new characters and working on his ability of animating so you will see a new character later on named petra whos very smooth in design and movement. 

  • Aceofspades53

    Roy has a lot of glitches that need to be worked out, but the game is really fun.

  • BXFenns

     I actually went and redownloaded this game (didn’t think I ever got rid of it).
    Seeing these videos game me ideas on how this game is actually supposed to be played.

    Let’s see what I can break with Sofia.