Divekick Heading to PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PC with GGPO Support This Spring, Iron Galaxy Studios Publishing

By on January 22, 2013 at 10:04 am

Today, Iron Galaxy Studios sent out a press release that reveals them to be the mysterious publishers behind Divekick, the indie fighting title developed by our very own Keits and his One True Game Studios team. Their game made quite a splash at its UFGT8 debut and the subsequent location tests at CEO 2012 and EVO 2012, and now those of us who haven’t had a chance to try it out finally have a  release window to look forward to. Iron Galaxy Studios has been responsible for some of the more recent fighting game updates, including Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, Marvel vs. Capcom Origins, and the upcoming Darkstalkers Resurrection bundle, so it’s good to see they are extending their reach into community-developed projects.

Divekick will be making its way to PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PC sometime during spring of this year, just in time for a side-tournament or possible inclusion as the eighth official game at EVO 2013. It will include online support courtesy of GGPO, a single-player campaign, and other undisclosed features.

The full press release has been posted below for your perusal.

Iron Galaxy Studios announces plans to release the one true fighting game on numerous platforms

CHICAGO – January 22, 2013 –Iron Galaxy Studios is teaming up with One True Game Studios to release Divekick, a unique fighting game available in spring 2013 for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system and PC.

Initially developed as a parody of fighting games by Adam Heart, the Editor-in-Chief of Shoryuken.com, Divekick gained notoriety in the community for its surprising depth and lack of a control stick. Divekick’s two-button controls and precise timing soon made it a staple in competitions. Shortly after its debut to long lines at Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8 in May 2012, Heart wanted to bring the game to a wider audience and launched a Kickstarter campaign in June 2012 to finish its PC release. The campaign reached its funding goal in less than one month.

After seeing the success of Divekick’s Kickstarter campaign and the excitement generated at fighting game tournaments, Iron Galaxy fell in love with the game and offered their assistance and development expertise (Street Fighter III: Online Edition, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Origins, Darkstalkers Resurrection) to bring Divekick to a broader audience and help realize its full potential. The fully-funded Kickstarter was cancelled, and the new collaboration has resulted in the game being equipped with GGPO-powered online support, a fully-fledged single-player campaign, and many other features.

“Once I played Divekick, I knew I had to steal it from its creator and reap the benefits for myself,” said Dave Lang, President of Iron Galaxy Studios.  “I look forward to seeing Divekick Cyber Athletes on cereal boxes in the near future.”

One True Games Studios is led by fighting game experts including Adam “Keits” Heart. “Divekick is good at two things: teaching some of the basics of fighting game to players of any skill, and ending friendships. I partnered with Iron Galaxy because I know they love these things as much as I do.  They also gave me large burlap sacks filled with cash, which certainly didn’t hurt,” said Heart. “This game was made by the community, for the community, to completely tear apart the community.”

Iron Galaxy began as a small team of industry veterans working out of their basements in 2008, and has grown into a fifty person technology powerhouse with studios in Chicago and Orlando. With multiple titles shipped across all current console, PC, and mobile hardware, our clients and partners rely on Iron Galaxy’s expertise and track record to execute their most trusted brands.

“PlayStation” is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Source: Iron Galaxy Studios

  •  This game is amusing =)

  • hhhhhs


  • Maniak

    Awesome news Keits!!!!

  • ThePiedSniper

    This is good news and all, but I couldn’t find a price in the press release posted here.  Any word on how much this will cost, ideally for each platform?

    • $8.95

      You were wide open.

      • ThePiedSniper

        Oh, I know I put the ball on the tee 🙂

        • Jake Long

          Let me guess.  Next, you’re going to ask Ryu if you can borrow his mower.

          • Eric Nguyen

             SURE YOU CAN

      • I would make the initial version $9.99, and then when Ultimate Divekick comes out, I’d make THAT $8.95 and have it include 10 different versions of Mega Man X.


  • DIVEKICK!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, had to. Anyway, this is some good news =)

  • Exy

    I still don’t get it.

  • HombreGranJefe

    This better include all of the unlockable characters.

    Edit: No 360? Nevermind.

  • dkinpa

    Dave Lang, so godlike. 

  • GCBill


  • Congratulations to Keits and his team!

  • SRK conspiring with Sony yet again to keep Microsoft away from quality fighting games.

    • sb

      MS is doing that on there own if your not a big time dev MS can care less they bout that paper and giving the small devs a hard time never seen a console SUCK in so many ways

    • Dion Johnson

      They brought it upon themselves by cancelling Killer Instinct 3 and keeping the Skullgirls patch away from users.

      • NLK3

         I learned that they tried to do Killer Instinct 3, but some executive organization said they couldn’t because of the damn TV SHOW!!!


        If they can change the name in a way that is fair, I’d be cool with it. Maybe “The Instinct”, or just “Instinct”?

        • Guest

          Killar Instinctz

  • Austin Davoren

    Hold that shit, Xbox players.

    • eilegz

       sad thing its that even without an xbox version trolls will still complain about how this its going to lag in the ps3 Kappa

    • thirdstrikesucks

      Iron Galaxy mad that 3s is the worst game ever and it died in 2 weeks so they blocked the game from the console I own

      • DJKlaxx

         ….Get out. Forever.

      • Peter K. Mawolo

         Ur mad cause u suck in third strike and spent 2 weeks getting bodied. suckas like u don’t deserve fighting games

        u probably like Sfxt dont you.

        • thirdstrikesucks

          I certainly would never spend 2 weeks playing an awful game like 3rd strike, but that’s because I have better games, such as Shaq Fu on the SNES but nice try kid better luck next time.

  • Can’t wait to buy it.  Genius concept.  Most casual fg ever made.  Now, which two buttons to use on pad or stick? Hmm….

  • 3.000 buttons? TWOOOO BUTTONS!

    XBOX PLS #BibleThump

  • bjwanlund

    Ooh, Iron Galaxy is doing the PC port for Divekick??  Wow, that gives me hope that Iron Galaxy will (at the behest of Capcom) give us PC fighting game players actual decent ports of these amazing fighting games (like 3rd Strike Online, Darkstalkers Resurrection, and Marvel vs. Capcom Origins) that we can play over GGPO legitimately.  Maybe we’ll even get Iron Galaxy to do the Skullgirls PC port?

  • J0hnick

    Any chance of an Android port ?, this might be the only fighting game worth playing on a touch screen phone.

    • sb

      I think this would be a perfect game for cell phones they should make that happen



  • Gordon


    • TwitchyGuy



    Proof that idiots will pay for anything nowadays.

  • Grimbear13

    Probably not coming to Xbox due to the constraints that MS puts on selling games on their market.  Hope this comes to Steam, I’ll be buying it PC regardless but I’d like to get it through Steam if at all possible.

    • Laurenz Pepito

      If it isn’t on Steam we can always try to Greenlight it. Also Iron Galaxy tweeted the reason why they can publish on PS3. Sony let’s them be able to self-publish games independently (that’s pretty much the concept behind the PSN Pub Fund initiative). An XBLA release would require Iron Galaxy to partner with a big publisher.

      • JELIFISH19

        Can’t they release it as an Indie game?

        • TempBast

           Yeah, I thought XBLA was flooded with indie titles.

          • HombreGranJefe

            It is, but you can’t charge more than $5 for the game. So if they plan on charging more, they can’t do indie publishing.

      • Grimbear13

        Ah interesting, I knew that MS has a lot more restrictions on how and why you can publish stuff. And yeah if it doesn’t get an initial Steam release I’d 100% support it on Greenlight since I was supporting the original Kickstarter.

  • gigantor21

    LOL those are some trolltastic quotes in the press release. :p

    Anyway, can’t wait to pick this up. And they’ll have a Vita version too? Nice.

  • TwilightInZero

    So when they first started this out, they were using Unity to make the full version, which meant they could publish on Windows, Mac, and Linux for free. Will there still be native support for Mac OS and Linux?

  • Laurenz Pepito


  • Dcm le Fro

    lol, im ok with this. ive always been curious about this game. sucks how my ps3 just had to go ylod on me. oh well. tax return will be here soon. :3

  • antoniorules

    wtf does lack of control stick even mean?

  • RunningWild1984

    C’mon guys hasn’t this joke run on long enough?

    •  the ride never ends

    • Dion Johnson

       Divekick never stops.           

  • I wonder if the game will have an “easy mode” control option? 😛

    • Justin Beauchamp

      Easy mode will use 1 button and determine the best move to use based on the current state of the opposing character.

  • Chooch

    Hahaha, this is actually pretty cool.

  • Rahavic

    Had fun playing this at CEO last year can’t wait to get it in my hands again, congrats Keits! You bastard!!  XD

  • Joel Anderson

    If this shit can get a release, we sure as hell should be able to get MLP: Fighting Is Magic on consoles. Just split the profit 80/20 with Hasbro.

    • They can’t release it without an agreement with Hasbro, so it’s not that simple.  And then they have to find a publisher to get the game on the consoles.

    • metaXzero K

       First you got to see if Hasbro even wants to be associated with a pony fighting game. Hasbro could just as easily C&D FiM instead of funding it.

  • Zonder88

    Exploitation of the FGC at its finest.

    Also LOL @ single player campaign. When all you do is dive, kick over and over.

  • Johnson Nguyen

    Now THIS is a party game.

  • godfist314

    Wow. A PS3 and PC announcement at the same time. This could not be any better for new fighting games!

  • What started as an amusing joke now is a really stupid premise to exploit the ingenuity of the community. First Divekick, now Señor Footsies, what’s next, Tick Throw Warriors. Please…

    • Ty Arnold

      Next will be TIGER, the game. You have two buttons; one shoots a high Tiger Shot, the other shoots a low Tiger Shot.

      • James Holloway

        That sounds pretty similar to Roseball…  Fuck it, I’d still play it.

      •  I actually thought about a game like that when DiveKick first came out and how different characters could be made with different strengths. You could have different speed, durability and recovery on the fireballs and different mechanics like the “grappler” whose only goal is to avoid the fireballs, throw you once and you lose, etc.

    • Johnson Nguyen

      Tick Throw Warriors is actually a pretty cool-sounding title.

  • Kageromaru

    Great!  This is awesome news.  Now, all we need is a developer for the control panel.

  • Cloak

    Will Divekick be cross console compatible with Vita, PS3 and PC steam?

    • Probably PS3 and Vita, or PC & PS3, but probably not with all three, but who knows. Here’s hoping there’s 360, Mac, and Linux ports down the line too if the game sells decently. 

  • This game is about to dive into the LANG ZONE!! 

  • so no xbox 360?

  • d3v

    Seriously!?! Time to drop all this other shit I’m playing and start preparing for the ONE TRUE GAME!

  • $16830266


  • Alex Smith

    Totally awesome.  I’ve missed playing Divekick since UFGT8 and Evo 2012.

    For anyone who hasn’t played it, please know that this game really is fun and legit, even if it looks like a joke game.

  • Dr. Krazy

    Awesome news but disappointed that the Xbox gets left behind again. First Arcana Hearts, then Samurai Showdown Anthology, now Divekick. Sad times for Xbox owners.

  • Go2hell66

    can’t wait to see the combo videos for this

  • TempBast

    GDLK news.

  • BeholdMyPower


    *Sees no release on 360*

    WHAT?! WHY???

    No seriously, why? Why are 360 users getting the shaft here? Damn it man, I put my contribution towards the Kickstarter and everything : (

    • SpongeJordan123

      Because the way MS runs their shit.

  • Victor Thammavong

    Although it won’t be seeing an Xbox 360 release, I’m still hype that Divekick is finally making it’s way to consoles. Honestly though, who’s going to purchase this game for the PlayStation Vita? Seriously.

    • Robawtix

      Why not? If its a cheap download then I would.

    • Johnson Nguyen

       Assuming you can play with PS3 owners, it actually seems to be the better version if you have both a Vita and PS3… playing while lying, sitting on bus, lunch breaks, etc.

  • Jadty

    This shows that people will buy any shit with a price tag. Are they seriously thinking in charging money for this?

    • SpongeJordan123

      Its a fun game, what can’t you fucking people understand about that? Its not that hard of a concept.

      • Jadty

         Sure, it may be fun for the first five minutes, but paying actual money for this? No thanks.

  • Lookin forward to playing people for SOULS

  • Wow it’s like a dream come true.

    One of those weird dreams, like when you dream that you’re sitting at the dinner table and your mom makes a fresh batch of dog waffles, and they taste like blueberries and then you’re driving to the mall for some reason

  • so they make this hum drum game for giggles and now iron galaxy is
    wasting time puttiing it online when they could easily put games like
    idk cvs2 or other better games online… smh the enitre video game
    industry is lacking in common sense

    • Sam Charlton

      Divekick > CvS2

  • $1543685

    Awesome for keits. Good stuff.

    Kinda strange that there has been 0 word about Senior Footsies, though.

    Wish this place would highlight more than just DiveKick.

  • mutantmagnet

    Glad that it is getting online support because it’s the only way to really get a lot of people to realize how good this game is. But I see it as a mistake to not release it on IOS and Android, especially iOS.

  • I’d purchase it immediately, not just because it’s a funny little joke, but also a way to support the community.

    • Azrael VG

      The “community” can only be supported by players attending tournaments or contribution to streams from home. The rest is just deluded thinking.

  • Azrael VG

    Highly doubt I will get this game. To much far better fighting games are out there and I can barely keep up to date. Maybe 20 years from now when the game is more modern or complete. Kind of reminds me of my snes roms games but those are free. But maybe I will throw away some money and buy it to make a donation to the creators like I did with Skullgirls , which I never play. Good luck to the creators though.

  • Jonathan Heart

    I only play one button games. Will DIVEKICK overwhelm me?

    • Cheesaurus

      You could theoretically play the game with only one button. Master the one button technique and people far and wide will worship your name!

    • Jon Chinnery

      Stop trollin Papa Keits.

  • comeatme
  • I just hope the Trophies require endless amounts of Diving and Kicking.  I don’t want this to be a “Play me for 5 minutes” game.  You GOTTA have more length trophies to stay with it!  (LIke 30 hrs for UMVC3, or Blazblue 1, or 500 matches for MVC orgins, 300-500 wins SFXT_  Stuff like that XD.  CAN NOT WIAT.  But it better not be more then 10, and it should be 5.

  • Jonathan Heart

    I buy every “As Seen On DIVEKICK T.V.” product.  The DIVEKICK SNUGGIE I purchased is beautiful, functional and warm.  I love Vince on the DIVEKICK SLAPCHOP commericial.   I hope someone autotunes it soon… “You’re gonna love my divekicked nuts.”       

  • Jonathan Heart

    Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But here’s my number. So call me, maybe?