Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 Character Change Videos for Elena, Balrog, Asuka, Alisa, and Bob

By on January 21, 2013 at 5:07 pm

Capcom just updated the Capcom Fighters TV channel with five more videos showcasing the major changes coming to specific characters in Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013. Today, Combofiend covers Elena, Balrog, Asuka, Alisa, and Bob, so be sure to check these out for a great visual representation of their differences in the shift from vanilla to the update.

Street Fighter x Tekken’s ver. 2013 patch will be available on January 29th.

Source: Capcom Fighters TV


    Thanks goods videos

    • Beb0p

      Don’t have the game? I don’t blame you.

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  • OneSanitarium

    His voice is so clear and audible. 

    • wilcor

      I know right! Maybe if the music was even louder in the beginning of the video…

  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    Asuka yessss! She’s so much fun to use and every problem I had (Cr. HP, Drragon Wheel Kick, etc.) with her has been solved. I don’t main her but she’s really fun.

    I like Bob too, can’t wait to mess around with him as well.

  • Nice buffs for Asuka!

  • wilcor


  • wilcor

    Holy moly Asuka! Also, he says Balrog gets pushed away faster from mashing lp, then he says Balrogs mp can be special canceled so he has options when he is just out of range. wtf.

    •  It’s called making them more interesting. Jabjabjab is not fun.

      • wilcor

        But if they nerfed the jabjabjab because he was controlling that space too effectively than why give him a different option to control the space he can’t now because of the nerf? He can still control the space, just in a different way. The nerf seems pointless, that’s all.

        • John E.

          “Option” and “braindead option” are two very different things in a fighting game.

  • JLMc85

    That’s not contradictory at all. Having a well placed/timed standing MP to cancel into specials to get back in or fish for counter hits is not the same as jabjabjabjabjabjab. 

    • Luisito

      The thing though is that Balrog’s is already special cancellable and has a lot more range than so it’s kinda random I feel. Making his fierce/roundhouse special cancellable would’ve buffed his damage output. But the buff doesn’t change much imo.

    • wilcor

      So I guess the nerf combined with the new mp property leaves balrog with a net gain in options then. Not a nerf overall, interesting.

  • Jordan Hoffman

    “Asuka has become one of the most well rounded characters in the game.” Man, the crap Capcom makes Combofiend say.

    •  looks like someone hasn’t seen good Asukas.

    •  Man, the crap SRKers who haven’t played the game yet say…

      • Luisito

        He’s right actually. A well rounded character would need to have good footsies, something that Asuka just doesn’t have. Asuka isn’t well rounded, she’s a mixup monster up close and that’s pretty much it.

        • Nathanial P Connor

          I don’t think he meant specific tactics per say.  More like she has great offense and defense now.  Just that she relies a bit more on specials for her offense rather than footsies.

  • b2j135

    juri…where r u?

  • ajm1220

    A little dissapointed I couldn’t see Bob’s cracker changes. They said it would do less float and slower fall speed.

    • Yep I didn’t see none of that, I hope the EX version gives him a wall-bounce. 

  • why am i finding myself actually becoming interested in this game again =/

  • KingofBeasts

    Elena is actually useful now. I may get this game again.

    • Emezie Okorafor

      To the people that actually stuck with her, Elena was always useful. and are both Godlike.  Solid anti-air.  Great overheads.  Good team synergy.

      • KingofBeasts

        I’d like to agree but I always got manhandled by people when I used Elena. A lot of the times I had to use Balrog to save my ass but with the changes I should be able to use her more.

  • I love Elena. But I doubt I’ve playing this anytime soon before patch.

  • the full list here: 😀

  • Justin Archer

    thank’s for making Balrog normal you assholes. What was the point in not having headbutt hit in crouching opponents? It’s as if they were trying to make him bad. Oh ad DJ should be in this game with the moves he has and Gen.

    • thing about these kind of updates is that they are always going to be a coin toss for a character you like sadly … in my case – i lucked out 😀 with Akuma and Kazuya Demon Brothers Combo 😀

  • Joseph King

    Damn Elena looks tight can’t wait!

    • yes – I actually want to try her out now 😀

  • Joshua B

    Am I crazy or does the EX Giga Jacker change seem really pointless? As shown in the video, it’s too slow to punish projectiles and even then requires Bob to be at a specific distance. Why would anyone waste meter on that?

    • John E.

       Projectile invincibility is never pointless.

  • GrimeDoc

    Finally! The Alisa video is here lol!
    The Rocket Punch nerf is pretty big, but absolutely necessary. Her close MP didn’t need the buff imo, but I won’t complain heh. I always felt like she was one of best DLC characters, and in general. I can’t believe they made her better.

    I’m so gonna torment everyone online when this patch drops 😛

  • Andre Theriault

    Asuka doesn’t need a buff…She’s so fucking cheap.