Road to EVO 2013 International Events – OzHadou Nationals 11, Kuwait Battle Royale: Spring Edition, TORYUKEN II, and More

By on January 21, 2013 at 11:58 am

EVO 2013 promises to be the biggest event the tournament series has seen in its many years of operation, and with the constant international presence that increases with every iteration, the organizers have extended this year’s Road to EVO to include more seeding events outside the United States than ever before. From bustling hubs of the fighting game community like Singapore, Canada, and the United Kingdom to more obscure regions like Morocco, Bolivia, and Indonesia, a variety of global scenes will have their chance at earning seeds for EVO 2013 and therefore earning more advantageous spots in their respective brackets at the largest fighting game event of the year.

Below, you’ll find a schedule of these international events as well as links to their websites if you’d like some more information on their tournaments. Seeds will be awarded to the top three placers in each official game, and they will be manually placed in the EVO 2013 brackets along with the winners from the Road to EVO events in the United States.

  • My closest one here is Glasgow, looks like I can’t go Evo without risking murder…

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  • James Forrester Bardolph

    Hypespotting! GGs!

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  • Stewart Gibson

    Mon i Hypespotting.

  • Víctor Andrés Iturriaga Córdov

    VGM TEC estará increíble!!

  • FLStyle

    Seems like too many opportunities for seeding points again, what’s to stop seeds playing seeds again in pools?

    • Fuzzy Bunny

      Top 16 get seeds, so there’s at most 272 seeds up for grabs. 4 US + 13 international = 17 tournaments total; 17 * 16 seeds = 272 seeds.  If there’s 95 AE pools like last year, there would be ~3 seeds per pool, assuming each of those seeds went to unique players.

      I remember last year seeing brackets with 4 or 5 seeded players on them.

      • inkblotSRK

        As the article states, only the top 3 players in each international event earn seeds.

        • Fuzzy Bunny

          My reading comprehension is low tier; next time I’ll read the whole article instead of just getting hype about more international players being at Evo.  Revised numbers:

          64 US seeds and 39 international seeds for a total of 103 seeds.  That’s closer to 1 per pool for AE, assuming the number of entrants stays about the same.

          If you don’t mind my asking, are the other games that aren’t going to get AE/Marvel’s 1000+ entrants also going to have 100+ seeds?

  • grezex29

    Nice job on getting Toryuken as a Road to EVO tournament, Toronto! I hear that NeoRussell guy does good work.

    • ForteWily

       He does, having seen this first hand. Kind of hoping for a bigger turnout than last year…. much has happened with FGC canada.

      • grezex29

        If most of the TO tournaments are run as well as T12 and T13 were, then yeah…you guys have a kickass scene organizer over there.

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    Cant wait for hypespotting 😛

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    Chile y Bolivia =) 

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    vamos Bolivia!!!


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    So this saturday there will be 2 qualifiers on the same day? Good for Evo goes, but makes it tough for stream watching. I’m not complaning too much, this list is amazing!

  • I live in U.S., Er, so this is way off topic…but is “Hypespotting” a play off of the book and movie  title “Trainspotting”? I NEED TO KNOW.

    • Stewart Gibson

       Yes it is. Welcome to Scotland.

  • BOLIVIA!!!!

  • .

  • Tijuana♥

    • Edgar Vera

      asi es solo en JAPONAWA 2013 

  • So I guess SoCal players are gonna take the Tijuana points for free.

    • Edgar Vera

       KOF XIII wont be for free just see this video and u will see we are the best in KOF XIII its our countrys pride 

  • FGCLove

    Milan? yeahhhh! we in there, finally.

  • morocco lets go

  • go morocco gooooooooooooo


     So there are 0 road to evo events being held in Japan? Really hope that those just haven’t been announced yet, otherwise prepare for a repeat of the SF 25 qualifiers in UK and Brazil.

    • wuy

      There’ll never be a road to evo in Japan for the foreseeable future, the conditions there just isn’t suitable for an EVO-like tournament. Especially with people there liking 3v3 a lot more than 1v1 and laws banning pot money.

  • Edgar Vera

    If u want to face the best players in Mexico in KOF XIII just go to Japonawa 2013 we will do the dates in a few hours 🙂

  • Los Illuminados

    ♥ May 25th Japonawa 2013 Tijuana, Mexico ♥ . that made me very happy. time to visit Mexico again. 🙂

  • I get that a greater international presence at Evo is a good thing, but the rationale behind the choices for the tournaments on “The Road to Evo 2013” are confusing.

    Japan is considered the pinnacle of competition for the majority of the games in the tournament, and yet, there’s no tournament there (and note that Evo Japan with Godsgarden never came to be).

    There’s only four North American tournaments that qualify while there are 13 other tournaments around the globe.


    I’d very much prefer to follow in the footsteps of Tougeki here; have a number of regionals for the host/country/region that you’re getting the most entrants from (most of the entrants for Evo will be from North America) and then have regionals that cover more ground outside of those areas in the international space.

    There absolutely should be 13 other tournaments around the world that are official Evo qualifiers, but to have just four in the North America is underwhelming, to say the least

    • Jake Long

      I’m guessing that one of the requirements for being an Evo seeding tournament is running the Evo ruleset… which nobody in Japan does.  The standard over there is single elimination with character lock and – for the most part – a team format.

      Also keep in mind that the Top 16 in the US tournaments get Evo seeds as opposed to just the Top 3 in the international ones.  You’ll get at most 64 American seeded players and 39 international seeded players.

      • I used Tougeki as an example of how to arrange seeds regionally, not how to actually run the tournament (single elimination).

  • No Japan Road to EVO? Disappoint. :<

  • Mestour Zouhair


  • I’m from Bolivia, and this is really a great news, specially for someone who loves the Fighting Games, the high level tournaments, the scene, etc, everything is getting exciting every year.  After watching SoCal 2013 I realized that we will have a lot of surprises :), every iteration of this tournament is more exciting and hyper than the previous one, it’s simply unique.  I can’t wait for EVO 2013.

  • Wulfsten

    There really isn’t a UK event closer to London than Glasgow? Harsh.

    • We had several London players up for last years Hypespotting including Ryan Hart, Taaha, Problem X and Giga D, and good representation from other areas down south and Ireland. The journey’s not impossible for what will be a good event. 

  • Mary-Anne Lee