Melty Blood Community Members Open Match Footage Database

By on January 20, 2013 at 5:01 pm

In an effort to help new players looking for high-level match footage, Melty Blood community members Pete P. and grungrah have opened an extensive database that collects video links and places them right at your fingertips. The website currently features over 2000 videos and provides searching for individual characters or matchups, as well as areas to specify their ever-important moon phase designations.

The creators eventually plan to add more support for statistics as well as greatly increasing the amount of videos in the archive. Make sure to visit the Melty Blood Database, try it out for yourself, and let them know what they can do to improve the website.

Source: Melty Blood Database

  • Novril

    The commentators for this game in Japan are so enthusiastic. Makes it really fun to watch. ūüėÄ

    • Beb0p

      It’s necessary when the game itself is not.

      • just die,really.The game is pretty fun and simple to get hype.Also,it has parries.

        • Beb0p

          So… any game with parries is enough to get you hyped?… I see… I should inform Capcom to sell you crap like this for the next several decades.

          • Cristopher Vidor

            Melty Blood rejected troll whine moar.

          • what Donald explained I am amazed that any body able to make $4365 in 4 weeks on the network.

          • …..—– ¬†¬†(Click on Home) ¬†¬†

          • vybetelepathy

            The “parries” in this game are far better designed than Capcom’s efforts from a critical point of view. Read further into it before you spout your venom, the shield in this game is nothing like parries are in SF3. Parries are too strong an offensive/defensive option, with no recovery to make them baitable. This, ruins the risk/reward strategies behind FGs, as¬†defence¬†actually becomes attack far too easily.
            Shield however has nasty recovery, and suffers from heavy damage scaling, it also drains your meter at an alarming rate. It can only be buffered into very few places. Abuse it, and you will get blown up. This should show you how the shield ADDs to the depth, rather than detracting or just being “cool” in a fireball¬†prevailent¬†game.Hope this helps you understand, to look past the hate and at an incredible game that NEEDS a release.

          • LordKnight

             i personally think shields are too good, not as good as 3s parry at a side-by-side comparison

          • ¬†play the game or at least come to understand it and then say that again

            you won’t

      • Natat

        Go play Marvel 3, I’m sure a quality game like that one is better to your… “taste”.

        • ¬†shit like that makes you no better than the troll

      • locazo87


  • Jahmere Durham


    • Milton O’Bannon


    • locazo87

       In Steam. Actually the only way to obtain the game legally is buying it with the carnival phantasm Blu-ray that cost on amazon 399 us dollars!!! Cmon in steam for 15 bucks this game will sell like a fresh bread.

  • matoi tsunetsuki

    Excellent game.

  • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

    I feel like it’s too late to get a US release now, it’s a shame this is a really solid and fun game.

    • SohoX

      Closest thing we will probably get is UNiB.¬† While I’m very interested in UNiB, it’s certainly not Melty Blood.¬† At least UNiB is still on the first version and the patches so far have fixed a lot of things for the better.¬† Hope it turns out well and we see a release soon.¬† They supposedly are going to have a booth at Evo, which probably means there will be some sort of release news before then.

      Anyway, yeah MB is great.

  • Razentsu

    Melty is fantastic. Glad to see this.

  • Cristopher Vidor

    Godsend. Just so useful.

  • Godly stuff

  • Austin Davoren

    I peed myself a little when I saw this, hope it stays updated.

  • Rafael Mendon√ßa

    Very Nice! Many thanks to these guys!

  • Is there an introduction video to melty blood I think I’ve looked but I can’t remember if I’ve found

  • locazo87