Persona 4 Arena Now Only $19.99 at Gamestop

By on January 19, 2013 at 4:23 pm

For those interested in picking up Persona 4 Arena in preparation for EVO 2013, now might be the perfect time to do so. Atlus and Arc System Works’ impressive fighter is currently on sale for the low price of $19.99 at Gamestop. This represents a substantial 60% discount for one of the best new fighting games from 2012. The sale applies to both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, but can only be taken advantage of in-store and not through Gamestop’s website.

Source: AtlusUSA

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  • Doopliss_SWE

    And still not released in europe.

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  • James Reilly

    In before the Europ~

    Ah poopy

  • $17468069

    In Australia it’s still listed as $78…

    edit: it’s not out here yet, I swore I could’ve seen it on the shelves already?
    We must be in Europe now, my mistake.

  • Cloak

    Well worth getting.

  • sweet! been wanting this for ages!

  • How about they cut it down to 19.99 on xblive, then I’d buy it.

    • DOATEC T.V

      Because going to the store, or ordering from just takes too much time…

      • sb

        Actually it is compared to getting it off of PSN not everybody has a Gamestop around the corner and ordering from would take even longer from shipping then theres people who would just prefer digital

      • Cat Astrophy

        Because not everyone likes to store tons of physical media. Some of us live in the 21st century where the majority of media is available digitally and can save space as well as having access to things on demand without having to go to a store or wait for the mail to arrive. I have thousands of movies, games, and music albums (legally) but you wouldn’t be able to tell since I have, at most, two small shelves of physical media. It’s glorious.

  • ragnarok954

    Eh. I have a spare 20 in my wallet atm. I’ll pick it up.

  • RunningWild1984

    I felt ripped off paying 50 bucks for this half assed game.

    • James Reilly

      Next time when a new fighter comes out instead of a day 1 buy, wait several months for a possible price drop. Problem solved

      • RunningWild1984

         I just bought it a month ago.

    • $21192153

       You better activate that Gamefly 1 free month membership hahaha

  • Meanwhile in Europe…

  • Quique

    i wish they still streamed this game at big2 i have.’t seen it in a while and it is such an awesome game… 

  • GC001

     I got this as a Christmas gift… Paid the same price online from the Big A…
    Gamestop rarely matches online that quickly… and it’s only once in a blue moon that either Gamestop OR Best Buy has that great a sale.  Last game I bought from either was Tekken Tag Hybrid.  It pretty much cemented my opinion that I’ll wait for a REALLY good sale on Tekken Tag 2!  Did that for SSFIV AE…

  • Awsumpossum12345

    Hey guys, I just came to contribute to the conversation.



  • Cat Astrophy

    Notice how TTT2 isn’t this cheap already?

    • Daniel Coke

       Notice how TTT2 came out 2 months later?

      • Cat Astrophy

        And isn’t on sale? One sells, the other doesn’t. See you on March 19th when you learn to face facts.

        • HatredInfinite

          Notice how P4A is both fun AND fresh?

          Oh, and did I mention that P4A is actually fun?