FINALROUNDBATS//06 NEW YEAR ATTACK! Featuring ytwojay and Wentinel Results

By on January 19, 2013 at 4:00 am

FINALROUNDBATS in Japan bringing in the new year with their sixth event for the 2012-2013 ranbat season, NEW YEAR ATTACK! The event will feature the two official tournaments for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament as well as a Saturn Bomberman side tournament. The winners of the overall season will win a trip to FINAL ROUND XVI, March 29-31.

Two TRB regulars from SoCal, ytwojay and Wentinel, happen to be vacationing in Japan at the time of this month’s FRB event and are planned to be in attendance for the UMvC3 Tournament. Other players in attendance include ABEGEN, G.X, niceboy, VX, and PacP.

11 PM EST, 8 PM PST – Open/Registration
2 AM EST, 11PM PST – Tekken Tag Tournament 2
4 AM EST, 1AM PST – Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (64 Players Max!)
6 AM EST, 3 AM PST – TOKYO PIZZA CLUB (Pizza Buffet Break)
8 AM EST, 5 AM PST – Free Play Matches / Grudge Matches / Dessert Cups

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1. niceboy (Captain America/Thor/Hawkeye)
2. Wentinel (Wesker/Dormammu/Magneto)
3. VX (Dante/Doctor Doom/Phoenix)
4. Ieyu (Viewtiful Joe/Vergil/Rocket Raccoon)
5. G.X (Spencer/Hulk/Doctor Doom)
5. ytwojay (Wolverine/Spencer/Magneto)
5. Kuma (Wolverine/Sentinel/Deadpool)
5. Tonosama (Rocket Raccoon/Shuma-Gorath/Amaterasu, Rocket Raccoon/Morrigan/Amaterasu)

Grand Finals

Wentinel (Wesker/Dormammu/Magneto) vs. niceboy (Captain America/Thor/Hawkeye) – 2-3

3rd Place Match

Ieyu (Viewtiful Joe/Vergil/Rocket Raccoon) vs. VX (Dante/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) – 0-2


Wentinel (Dormammu/Wesker/Magneto) vs. Ieyu (Viewtiful Joe/Vergil/Rocket Raccoon) – 2-0
niceboy (Captain America/Thor/Hawkeye) vs. VX (Dante/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) – 2-1

Top 8

Wentinel (Wesker/Dormammu/Magneto) vs. G.X (Spencer/Hulk/Doctor Doom) – 2-0
niceboy (Captain America/Thor/Hawkeye) vs. ytwojay (Wolverine/Spencer/Magneto) – 2-0
Kuma vs. Ieyu – 1-2
Tonosama vs. VX – 0-2

Early Round Match Log

Kabuya (Ghost Rider/ Deadpool/Doctor Strange) vs. ACQUA (Nova/Doctor Strange/Spencer) – 0-2
Rectativo (Super-Skrull/Doctor Strange/Wesker) vs. G.X (Spencer/Hulk/Doctor Doom) – 0-2
Wentinel (Wesker/Dormammu/Magneto) vs. Osim Indoor (Wolverine/Wesker/Akuma) – 2-0
LIBRA (Zero/Magneto/Vergil) vs. ytwojay (Wolverine/Spencer/Magneto) – 1-2
CAT DRUGS (Spider-Man/Wesker/Phoenix) vs. Tonosama (Rocket Raccoon/Shuma-Gorath/Amaterasu, Rocket Raccoon/Morrigan/Amaterasu) – 1-2
Kuma (Wolverine/Sentinel/Deadpool) vs. SCOTT★POPULAR (Hsien-Ko/Hulk/Nemesis T-Type) – 2-0
MGN (Xero/Doctor Doom/Sentinel) vs. ACQUA (Nova/Doctor Strange/Spencer) – 0-2
Hirojya (Spencer/Super-Skrull/Ryu) vs. G.X (Spencer/Hulk/Doctor Doom) – 0-2
ABEGEN (Tron/Thor/She-Hulk) vs. Wentinel (Wesker/Dormammu/Magneto) – 2-0
TJima (Wolverine/Captain America/Doctor Doom) vs. ytwojay (Wolverine/Spencer/Magneto) – 0-2
Dorachan (Chris/Iron First Wesker) vs. Junjun (Tron/Frank West/Sentinel) – 2-0
Dejiro (Dormammu/Iron Man/Wesker) vs. Tonosama (Rocket Raccoon/Morrigan/Amatrerasu) – 0-2
Ieyu (Viewtiful Joe/Vergil/Rocket Raccoon) vs. ACQUA (Nova/Doctor Strange/Spencer) – 2-1
NKEN (Nova/Dante/Rocket/Raccoon) vs. Tonosama (Morrigan/Rocket Raccoon/Amaterasu) – 1-2


Tekken Tag Tournament 2

1. Hirojya (Roger Jr./Ganryu, Dr.Bosconovitch/Yoshimitsu)
2. Chaoser (Hwoarang/Baek)
3. Ieyu (Xiaoyu/Bob)
4. Dejiro (Feng King)
5. ABEGEN (Bob/Asuka)
5. JUNJUN (Asuka)
5. Chikurin (Anna/Lili)

Grand Finals

Hirojya (Dr.Bosconovitch/Yoshimitsu) vs. Chaoser (Hwoarang/Baek) – 3-0

3rd Place Match

Ieyu vs. Dejiro


Hirojya (Roger Jr./Ganryu) vs. Ieyu (Xiaoyu/Bob) – 2-1
Dejiro (Feng/King) vs. Chaoser (Hwoarang/Baek) – 0-2

Top 8

ABEGEN (Bob/Asuka) vs. Dejiro (Feng/King) – 1-2
SCOTT★POPULAR (Marduk) vs. Ieyu (Xiaoyu/Bob) – 0-2
Hirojya (Roger Jr./Ganryu) vs. JUNJUN (Asuka) – 2-0
Chikurin (Anna/Lili) vs. Chaoser (Hwoarang/Baek) – 1-2

Early Round Match Log

G.X (Alisa/Yoshimitsu) vs. Ieyu (Xiaoyu/Bob) – 1-2
Hirojya (Roger Jr./Ganryu) vs. KJ (Wang/Jinpachi) – 2-0


  • Beb0p

    Needs more hype…

    At least that’s what I believe the mind set of most Street Fighter fans are. Sitting on those chairs just some guy talking while your gaming. Boring.

  • Nate Thompson

    I like seeing the overseas results because of their character variety (Rocket, Shuma, Thor and Deadpool) in top 8 🙂