Tom Cannon Talks to Gamespot About Expanding EVO’s Lineup in 2013, the Eighth Game Donation Drive, Which Titles Barely Missed Inclusion, and More

By on January 18, 2013 at 6:19 pm

Gamespot’s Rod “Slasher” Breslau recently spoke to our very own Tom Cannon about the details they released concerning this year’s Evolution tournament. They talk in great detail about the event’s lineup, which is set to feature a total of eight titles and includes fan favorites like Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as well as newcomers Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Persona 4 Arena. Interestingly enough, Cannon mentions that both Injustice: Gods Among Us and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale were very nearly included, though the former will release only two months before the tournament.

They also touch on the decision to decide the eighth game by way of charity donations from supporters, how they plan to schedule the weekend to fit the large batch of games, and 2013’s shortened Road to EVO tournament series.

We’ve included a short excerpt below, but be sure to visit Gamespot to read the entire interview.

Mortal Kombat was chosen, but not Injustice: Gods Among Us, which is scheduled to come out next year. Why this decision? Is it because the game hasn’t even been released yet? Is there any chance it could make it’s way into the lineup?

The April release date of Injustice is just two months away from EVO, which is a very short amount of time to draw out a game’s full potential. Injustice is one of the games which made the cut for the donation drive, so if fighting games fans want to see it in official tournament lineup they can work toward raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Fund on its behalf.

Although you’ve always had several Capcom titles, with so many fighting games out now, did that make it difficult at all to bring back SFxT again?

Not at all. Street Fighter X Tekken has had a very rocky start, but I think it showed potential in at the recent Capcom 25th Anniversary tournament. Capcom also has a great track record of steadily improving their fighting games with each subsequent revision and we expect Street Fighter X Tekken v2013 to be no exception.

Did KOF get back in on the finals alone last year?

Nope. KoF still has a strong following, especially internationally. I think the haters are underestimating players’ commitment to the franchise.

Will SF4 and Marvel continue to be the headliners this year?

As always, we’ll decide which games are featured most prominently on the Sunday Finals based on player interest, but I would be surprised if Super Street Fighter 4 or Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 did not make the cut. Those two game and their previous incarnations have been perennial favorites every EVO since they debuted.

Which game came the closest to making the final list?

Injustice and Playstation All-Stars were both very close to making it.

You’ve decided to throw up a community vote by donation dollars for the final EVO game. Why this approach?

Fighting game players are hyper-competitive by nature, so we thought it would be great if the fan-bases for all these games could compete for the final spot. The donation drive is a perfect way to channel that passion toward a really great cause while rewarding the community which can best organize itself on behalf of their game.

Source: Gamespot

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    • Phoenix FalconPunch OchocincoW

      whatre you doing here?!

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  • Lane1

    It seems odd to me that a game no one has played would even get considered.

    Are there no real standards for inclusion other than perceived popularity and sponsorships?

    • JELIFISH19

      It’s not odd. It happens. MvC3, MK, SFxT, and SC5 were announced for Evo before they were released.

  • Adam West

    @Lane1 – Obviously, popularity has a bit to do with a game being at EVO. I’m sure there are other politics but I think it could be really cool to see a brand-new game up on the EVO stage because the level of scrutiny is amazing. Players see things, the spectators see other things… all during the same match. I think it’d be an interesting experiment, if anything at all.

  • Zonder88

    “Nope. KoF still has a strong following, especially internationally. I
    think the haters are underestimating players’ commitment to the
    franchise. ”

    The haters needs to accept the fact that KoF is among the top 3 fighters right now. Deep down they know that if it wasnt due to the shitty online, KoF could easily have been part of the main event at majors alongside their precious Marvel and AE.

    • sb

      KoF still has a strong following. lol WHERE, KoF is among the top 3 fighters right now. lol sense when

      •  You know what would help your argument? Knowing how to spell.

    • Los Illuminados

      indeed. well said. the haters/trolls are as always amusing and stupid.

  • CJ

    Didn’t Mortal Kombat come out in April 2011? I think it did…

    And then it made the Evo 2011 line up…

    So the reason for Injustice not being included seems suspect…

    • Silver_key

      Injustice does not have a built-in fanbase and with the removal of the block button and other differences from MK, there may not be 100% overlap.Still hope that even if it isn’t the 8th game, Ed Boon brings a dev copy or something.

      • sb

        Ed Boon bring a dev copy to EVO why would he do that when the game will be released months before EVO but yea MK has a fan base Injustice doesnt

        • Silver_key

           Of course, you’re right. I meant that he should show up with swag and such.

        • Yeah none of those super heroes have fans.

          • HatredInfinite

             Pretty sure the implication was that the title itself doesn’t have a fanbase, and being an initial entry in a new game franchise it’s not like anyone has any experience playing a previous entry of the game yet.  Then again, maybe I’m just approaching things from a logical direction, which can never be successful on the intarwebz.

          • Neither did SFxT (first entry in the crossover franchise) and it was immediately added to EVO despite what a train wreck it was.

            SFxT has as much in common with SFIV’s gameplay as Injustice does with MK. While SFxT did carry over the fanbase of the characters, Injustice carries over the fanbase of the superheroes…many of which do have FG history carried over from the sleeper hit MK vs DC.