Guilty Gear XX #Reload, Guilty Gear Isuka on Sale as Part of Good Old Games Mid-Winter Variety Promo

By on January 18, 2013 at 8:25 am

A couple of classic Guilty Gear games for PC are currently on sale over at Good Old Games as part of their “Mid-winter Variety Promo.” Guilty Gear XX #RELOAD and Guilty Gear Isuka can each be had for only $2.39 each, or 60% off the regular price. In addition to this, gamers can also opt to get the entire pack for only $19.12. Other games included in the pack are Realms of the Haunting, Soulbringer, Hostile Waters: Anataeus Rising, Normality, Litil Divil and Slipstream 5000. The Good Old Games Mid-winter Variety pack is available only through this weekend.

Source: Good Old Games

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  • J.D SRK

    Do yourself a favor and never ever ever ever ever play Guilty Gear Isuka.
    Pretend it never existed.

    • Michael Gacillos O’Hair

      Play Isuka for GGBoost mode. Great music. Robo-Ky Mk.II customization thing that Tekken Tag 2 ripped off for Combot Lab mode. Little dog in a yeti’s mouth.

      Too bad the game’s facing controls require a fully-functioning brain to understand and use. Makes it hard for the average button masher to get into.

      • kenja0

        I prefer it way more to SFxT’s scramble mode. I don’t want to face the closest person, I want to fight the immediate problem. Too many times I failed to block something because derp on the other side of me was too close that I should block against him.

        • TempBast

           Cross-ups are so much easier to do too.

    • Other games included in the pack are Realms of the Haunting,

  • Smashbro29

    Why won’t they just release the latest one on Steam? I don’t wanna play the old versions against myself.

    • Fuzzy Bunny

      I think there’s a 3rd party program you can use to play #Reload online.  But yeah.

      • petran79

        I tried that and unless you know the game very well I wouldnt recommend it. The few player there play only against each other. I waited a long time to find a spot and when I tried to connect I was rejected during the match. Some people….

        Isuka was also available on Gamersgate prior to GOG. I got it from there. But yeah, it is time for an update so that we dont have to rely on emulators. Hope Steam will release Melty Blood too

        • Narcowski

           Melty Blood on Steam would be amazing, and FrenchBread would be interested, but TYPE-MOON doesn’t want the game released internationally for some reason.

          Maybe UNIB?

          • Oniros

             Probably because Japan doesn’t know how to PC.

    • click on my name and scroll down 😉

  • Tim Perez

    Jokes on them, Isuka was not good at all lol.

  • Richard N

    Cool! It’s not like I haven’t already bought XX 6 times already!

  • Victor Thammavong

    I would buy both Guilty Gear titles as they’re dirt cheap and a great sale, but I’d prefer physical copies.

  • Oniros

    This version of Guilty Gear X2 was my gateway drug for all Arc System Works games. Now I can’t stop buying them. ;_;

  • Jet_Set_Dizzy

    While Isuka was a joke competitively there was definitely some fun to be had with it.

    • Robert 10stars Brejcak

       not really. casually there may have been some fun to be had with it, but tournament wise, it was complete trash and terrible.

      • Jet_Set_Dizzy

         Yeah, like I said, it was a joke competitively. I had a good time with the beat em up mode and doing co-op arcade runs with friends. Also it had the best color edit I have ever seen in a fighter. RGB edit plus a copy paste for colors.