Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 Character Change Videos for Lars, Hugo, Kazuya, Guile, Dhalsim, and Kuma

By on January 17, 2013 at 1:46 pm

Capcom just uploaded the latest group of character change videos for Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013. Like earlier batches, these demonstrate the major changes coming to half a dozen fighters in the upcoming patch. This time around, Combofiend covers Lars, Hugo, Kazuya, Guile, Dhalsim, and Kuma, so definitely check these out if you want a visual on how they will be changed by the update.

Street Fighter x Tekken’s ver. 2013 patch is scheduled to release on January 29th.

Source: Capcom Fighters TV

  • IFD|Humbag

    Great Hugo sucks even more now.

    • Ryan Harris

      Good, screw grapplers.

    • Joshua B

       I’m trying to figure out why anyone would use Hugo now over Zangief.

      • Emezie Okorafor

        Believe it or not, some people actually choose CHARACTERS THEY LIKE over CHARACTERS THAT ARE EASIER TO USE.

        •  Man I wish people would do this more. Its far more respectable than picking a character just because it’s better.

        • Ryan Marsh Thunder Fairweather

          Thank you for pointing this out. It gets old only fighting Ken, Ryu, Kazuya and Heiachi. Let’s see some more passion play! 

    • Joshua Travis

      Exactly what I was thinking. My Heihachi/Hugo (cross-up abuse) team is going to have to change.

    • chipsndips

      Nah, they just removed the derpy shit. It’ll be ok.

      They increased his SPD’s damage and meter gain by a good amount. Why not actually use it for once? I know you don’t…hardly anyone does…

  • pressstart

    Was Kazuya’s EX slaughter hook ever throw invincible too? I don’t see any reason to bother using it anymore if it doesn’t have any advantage over the regular lp slaughter hook.

    •  EX slaughter hook can be used in juggle combos where as normal slaughter hook would knock away and the 2nd hit would whiff.

      • pressstart

        Ah, good to know.

      • Joseph King

        Sounds like your’e confusing slaughterhook (hcb LP) with the devestator (hcb HP). Only difference with EX slaughterhook is it has a higher juggle limit.

  • Joel Anderson

    Kazuya’s cr lk nerf is fucking retarded: he CLEARLY makes contact with the enemy, but now his foot no longer registers as a striking surface. If your attacking limb is OVERLAPPING part of your opponent, you’re hitting them.

    • Jordan Hoffman

      Things like this occur on many characters, in many fighting games. Deal with it.

    • ajm1220

      Have you ever seen Yoshimitsu’s,,, s.hp and cr.hp? They all go through characters.
      Good thing all those moves got buffed both range and damage in 2013.

  • Legion

    seems like he didn’t even cover the really significant nerfs he received either. and Air hitting axe kick… really? that move is so slow who is going to use it for anti air?.

    • Joseph King

      tag in combos fool!

      • Legion

        yeah good point, still…

  • kamstarworld

    What the fuck stop nerfing Kazuya?  No ex wake-up?  Do they realize he doesn’t have a single safe wake up move now?

    • Geeze you’d think people would understand this if they play Kaz. qcb+LP = slaughter hook, qcb+MP = slaughter high kick, qcb+HP = devastator.

      The EX versions of all of them were strike invincible but EX slaughter hook allowed for a full combo afterwards with the only downside being it was easier to punish on block. The nerf makes sense.

      Good Kaz players probably wouldn’t have used EX slaughter hook as wake up anyways since the other two are harder to punish. Devastator is pretty much safe with the push back it had.

    • Doopliss_SWE

       EWGF? Dunno if it has start-up invincibility, but since mist step techncally never comes out, it should?

      • Jordan Hoffman

        Yea, his 1 truly safe reversal requires the most precise execution possible in the game. Gotta love it when execution is used as a balancing method.
        1% of ppl who can reliably do the move = move is godlike for them
        99% of other ppl who cant do the move due to retarded execution requirments = move is useless.

        Nice philosophy Capcom.

        •  It’s like that in Tekken, my friend.

          • Sam Charlton

            Isn’t 1,2,2 safe on block and reverses?

          •  I’m talking about EWGF.  It’s also a great move in Tekken.  If you can pull it off consistently (which most of us can’t)

        • Legion

          If it’s only 1% then you capcom players must have really bad execution. It’s exactly the same in tekken and it’s pretty fucking easy to execute in all honestly, just takes a bit of practice and muscle memory.

        • Reginald Kelly

          you cant do EWGF? its a dp lol. step your game up lol

          • Except it requires frame perfect precision on the pause between forward and down.

      •  I think EWGF can still be hit by crouching attacks.

    • chipsndips

      I’m pretty sure Kazuya will be fine without it. His high/low game is one of the best in the game due to his many high/low target combos, and his damage output (even while alone) is almost downright daffy. A master of EWGF can hit 500+ METERLESS.

      Some people just gotta block on wake-up.

      • Legion

        I used to just wave dash under things like cross ups and got out of jail pretty free in the first version. Never really used slaughter hook. see Richards comment

    • Emezie Okorafor

      SF4 has taught people that you should be able to have a mashable, wakeup option that not only has invincibility…but ALSO leads to big damage.

      Not in SFxT.

      No panic button.  No free get off me button.  No get out of jail card.

      Reversals are meant to be punishable (like they were in previous SF games before SF4).  Don’t do them so much.

      Block on wakeup every once in a while.

      Defense is truly becoming a lost art.

      • Reginald Kelly

        idk about you, but only some reversals arent punishable on block, and most of them are exs, which means they cost meter. id better be safe if it costs me meter. many reversals are easily baited and punished. 

        • Emezie Okorafor

          Again, meter doesn’t and shouldn’t buy you a way out of jail.  Especially in a game where meter is easy to build.

          If you want to promote offense (as everyone whined for) then giving people invincible reversals that ALSO lead to huge damage isn’t going to do that.  

          That’s just going to increase randomness.  You go to try to pressure someone on knockdown, and run the risk of losing half your life from a reversal.  No thanks.

          Players need to unlearn that desire to have a panic button they can mash during difficult situations.  People need to learn to use the OTHER defensive options available: blocking right, back-dashing, rolling at the RIGHT time, reversal at the RIGHT time.

  • Sam Charlton

    Guile got castrated in this version. No point in using him anymore.

  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    Kuma!! ♥♥♥

  • Leandro Moreira Duarte

    The Age of Kuma has begun.

  • TempBast

    Damn, I forgot that the patch date was delayed.

  • GrimeDoc

    The changes to Guiles Flashkick have been my personal favourite change so far. An invincible anti-air that was safe on tag was a little OD, extremely difficult to bait, and I could only ever punish it by making a read with an armored move or something stupid like that, often costing resources of my own. Glad to see that ridiculous get-out-of-jail free card gone in this update.

    Gonna be weird not seeing Hugo’s derp their way to free wins against guys that just didn’t know how to fight him too, but I’ll live with it heh

    Can’t wait for the patch to drop. So anxious!

    • David

      I feel as though they took too much away from Hugo’s cross-up, but at least it isn’t stupid now.  I still wish that Guile’s Flash Kick wasn’t so unsafe for a charge move.  It’s way too easy to bait, and since it is his only reversal, not being effective as one can really hinder him.  If Capcom really wants Guile to be all zoning, then they can go ahead and make his FK crappy.

      • GrimeDoc

        His Flash Kick is easy to goad out, yes, but that was because it was difficult to avoid. That shit reaches about half the screen away. If you’re close to him, there’s very little you could do but block it, so he can tag safely, then play on.

        So he gets a safe invincible move, which provides a combo on hit, and was a pain in the ass to avoid. Sorry dude, it needed the nerf.

  • Amer1ka

    I don’t play Guile so maybe I am off base here but why was he nerfed?  He did not seem to be a very good character in SFxT and now he has less HP and his flask kick wasn’t made safe on block (which other characters still have).  Or did something happen in the last few months where Guile’s popped up everywhere and started dominating SFxT?

  • i think they should make dhalsims fireball do an additional 5 pts of damage. not decrease guiles  vitality