Street Fighter x Mega Man Updated with Password Support, Bug Fixes, and More Tomorrow

By on January 17, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Capcom is rolling out some support for the recently-released Street Fighter x Mega Man in the form of an update tomorrow. V2 will include several additions… including passwords! Now you don’t have to beat the game in one sitting! The patch will be totally free and available via the Mega Man page on Capcom-Unity. You can see the full list of updates below.

-Confirmation prompt before exiting (ESC) or resetting (F12) the game

-E Tank glitch and various other bugs fixed

-Improved controller support (Game defaults to keyboard on launch; make sure controller is plugged in prior to opening the file, then go into Options menu and set keys)

-Take screenshots using F9

-M Bison buffed a bit (This place shall become your grave!)

Source: Capcom-Unity

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  • Instead of updating UMvC3, Capcom has decided to patch its freeware PC game.

    Alrighty then.

    • Klimax

      Different teams, different projects.

    • meowklaski

      right, because patching this game vs UMVC3 would require comparable resources/effort…

      use your big boy brain

      • Never said the resources used were comparable, just wondering why Capcom can’t be bothered to implement some changes to one of its biggest (and still growing) titles. Capcom execs still have the final say on what the teams are allowed to work on. I’m all for Capcom mixing it up, but it just blows my mind that the developer so quickly moves on from projects that are actually performing well.

        Granted, SFxMM probably cost about $5 to make (exaggerating), but it always upsets me to see games that don’t have the community and fanbase of Marvel getting more attention than UMvC3.

        But, yes. The amount of time and money spent here wouldn’t be close to that of a full-fledged Marvel update, but neither is the potential financial return. 😉

        • the financial return is probably even greater than it is with updating marvel because capcom is using the game to gauge interest for a new megaman game. and chances are not 1 capcom dev even worked the patch. the maker of the game prob said hey capcom here is the patch, they were like oh, ok nice, and just uploaded it.

        • d3v

          The thing is, despite the seeming lack of official “support.” UMvC3 is going strong. The game doesn’t really need any sort of fixing and people are still figuring stuff out and breaking the game down. We probably haven’t even seen any true “end-game” teams with how much stuff we have yet to discover.

          • Of course, and ultimately I agree. Let me clarify that by “updates”, I mean “additional content”. The game is still developing, and to patch things prematurely would be bad news. It just annoys me to see Capcom drop the ball on what could have been a seriously amazing opportunity. I know Marvel and Disney can be a PITA to work with, and licensing issues can be a barrier, but this is also Capcom, people. The same company that told us “spectator mode is impossible”, and that Frank West was a RAM hog and too difficult to include in Vanilla. 

            As for sb below me, I don’t think Capcom knows much about this business either. Day 1 on-disc DLC (paid) for just about every game they’ve released, a remarkably barebones effort on a game (UMvC3) that could’ve been a steady revenue stream with a platform-based model, and sabotaging its own game in the competitive scene by charging users for game-altering gems.

            Yea, they know their stuff.

          • rezo

            No wonder capcom said there wont be anything new for umvc3 marvel is by far the hardest to work witk (many comics different owners so on) but since mmxsf is a fanmad capcom game they can update it when ever, when capcom decides to do a all star game it wont be bad….. hopefully

        • sb

          The M in UMvC3 stands for Marvel you do know what Marvel is dont you word of advice dont get into the field of running a business you would be sued or bankrupt probably both before you know it

        • fallen

          Yes, modern Capcom sucks.
          But SFxMM was a goddamned indie game that Capcom licensed instead of cease-and-desisting.
          The indie developer added these features.
          You fuckers will complain about anything.

  • Why not auto-save?

  • Hazerdous

    Im pretty sure a FLIPPIN SAVE FUNCTION would serve us all very well. I’m baffled as to why this isn’t a priority of theirs and why tweaking the game is a priority. The game was okay. The free price tag was nice, but it was nice for the first week and the first week only. That’s about it.

    • d3v

      Because you don’t need saves when the game has old school Mega Man passwords.

  • Cat Astrophy


  • IrregularHunterX

    Finally, a save function. 🙂

  • Martini Whoelse

    SPOILER I think it’s Sagat

  • IrregularHunterX

    There’s something wrong with the control setup options.  I just end up assigning buttons for up, down, and left in circles and it won’t proceed to assigning the other buttons. :/

    I want to set my fire and jump keys to j and k, respectively since I’m used to homing my fingers to the home keys.