BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma – Jin Kisaragi Combo Tutorial

By on January 17, 2013 at 8:23 am

Jin has received a few updated tricks in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, and this new video that Jourdal picked up off of Nico Nico will show you how to utilize them. The video is in Japanese, but the combos are self-explanatory for anyone who, at the very least, knows all of Jin’s special moves.

Source: Jourdal

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  • Adam West

    Wish even the BB players supported this game more… so, so shexy. Don’t be shy, y’all!

    • grezex29

      I agree. Our community’s gotta show our games some love.

    • as Leroy said I’m surprised that a stay at home mom can profit $6115 in four weeks on the cnetwork.

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  • Philcore89

    I wish there was an actual BB community.I stopped playing the game because no one played or streamed at all..

    • Narcowski

      A *lot* of people were disappointed with the direction Continuum Shift took. It got better by Extend, but by that point basically nobody cared anymore. Chrono Phantasma may (and hopefully will) change that; all of the system changes have made it a much better game mechanically, for one thing.

      I know I personally dropped BB sometime during CS2, but I’ll be back for CP when it hits consoles for sure.

    • Johnny Rage

       Dude, blame Arksys. I thought Extended was a complete bullshit release and I didn’t buy it at all. I’m sure many people did the same. It should have been an update or DLC but to have the already small BB community go out and spend $40 for another disk was a retarded move.

  • Narcowski

    “A few” changes seems like a bit of an understatement; his movelist is very different without A/B/C/D versions of everything… and that’s without looking at his new tools.