Anarchy Reigns Multi-Character Combo Video by Boodendorf

By on January 17, 2013 at 6:30 pm

Today, we have a video from Boodendorf, who wasted no time in showing us what the combo engine in Anarchy Reigns is capable of. He was able to perform loops, re-stand and 100% combos with every character in the game, including the DLC character, Bayonetta. Looking for a twist from the traditional combo video? Then check it out and comment below.

Source: Boodendorf, tip via Derek

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    well that’s not broken at all… gogo burst mechanic?

    •  maybe broken for 1v1, but 90% of the time this game has wayy too much going on for a combo to go all the way through with no interruptions.

    •  There is a burst mechanic: other players.

    • Evil_Toaster

      It’s really important to note two things about combos in this game.

      First off, you can lariat at any time. Pressing A+X does an invincible attack you can do even in hitstun, every character has this. (Basically a burst mechanic. It also drains some of your health.) So strictly speaking, any grounded combos aren’t “true,” as they can be broken out of at any time. However the lariat has a lot of startup and it can be baited and blocked. 

      The “real” combos in this game come from juggles, because you can not do lariats in the air. Air combos are unbreakable ones. There is an infinite prevention system in the game, where continuous hits push the opponent farther back, but this doesn’t apply to all moves, and can be bypassed with walls.

      Also, any restand combos can be broken, since you can lariat once regrounded.

      Second thing to note is that landing a high damage combo/infinite usually means starting with a heavy attack, which is only viable for punishes. If you get counter hit out of a heavy attack, you get dizzied, and you’re basically dead. In high level matches, you won’t often see the broke combos because they require a launch to hit. You have to take damage where you can get it, be weary of opponent’s tendencies to lariat, and bait them.

      The clashing, counter hitting, and okizeme options in this game are serious. 1v1, Anarchy plays a lot like a fighter. Even meter management is important for some characters like Baron or Durga. It’s just very unforgiving if you do something unsafe. Each match is best of 5 though.

      • gigaxbuster

         Thanks for the tips, man. 🙂

      • N1Special

        E. toast is correct, he has unlocked the secrets of the universe with a pop tart and sandpaper.

        • thats what he said… finish reading first

        • OrehRatiug

          Did you read what he wrote? Or just decided to nitpick before using your brain?

        • Duck Strong

          Holy dumb

        • Justin Archer

          Wow! Are you that much of a faggot that you had to edit your stupidity?

      • Victor Thammavong

        Honestly the most accurate way to describe how the game is played. Well-written. Also, I’d advise everyone to try this game out. I mean for only $30, shit’s basically free! Only downside is that there isn’t an offline multiplayer or System Link option. Even the most minimal of lag fucks up your links and combos. This game would’ve been great for tournaments otherwise.

      • Metatheos

        Aren’t there also ‘hard knockdowns’ (like after Bayonetta’s LLH or Rin-sisters’ Y-Y) where you also can’t 360 out? Maybe there’s news on that, otherwise there are a few infinites using this state as well (like Y-Y linked into itself at 0:30).

        • N1Special

          at any time includes while in the air. he basically typed that for no reason.

        • If I remember right you can’t use the lariat when you’re >>lying<< on the ground, and some moves does not let you roll or wakeup kick right away, so theoretically there should be hard knockdowns.
          However, whenever I try hard knockdown combos online I keep getting lariated. It could be lag that screws me over or it could be that it just does not work, I honestly don't know.

          • WHENS MIDNA

            Depending of the character you use, you can combo or not combo after a hard knockdown. female chars all have a hard knockdown they can combo after, for exemple. To 360, you have to be standing on the ground, so hard knockdowns are not 360 ables.

          • I use Fei Rin and I use the Hard attack~wait~hard attack.

            But yea, it seems like it’s just lag that screws me over then.

  • I feel like this is one of those games I’ll enjoy watching, but not playing.

  • Timic83

    i heard no offline VS? fuck the devs.

    • Evil_Toaster

      This is true. No system linking either. Sad stuff. Still fun though.

  • PringerX

    Glad to see this get on the front page finally.  Game has some great features and is worth checking out for it’s price.  Defense is incredibly strong in this game though it is very easy to turtle up for long periods of time

    • Victor Thammavong

      Until your opponent gets a Guard Break and you get blown up, lol. Then again, you can be an asshole and use option-selects to sort of refresh your Guard so that it doesn’t happen. The game gets that serious.

  • gigaxbuster

    I really wish this game had offline multiplayer.  Maybe it can come out as DLC, but that probably won’t happen.

    • Victor Thammavong

      Platinum Games is probably busy working on Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U at the moment. I don’t know if Bayonetta is getting any kind of cosmetic changes in the sequel but they should hit us up with that alternate costume DLC  if so. They’re probably done with Anarchy Reigns / Max Anarchy though so we’d probably have to wait until Anarchy Reigns 2 to get new features and shit.

      •  An Anarchy Reigns sequel on next gen consoles would be MAGNIFICENT.

    • AvariceX

       During the #playwithpg livestream and q&a every question about new content was given the same response: Ask Sega.

    • Samuel Ryder

       As someone who still plays on an SD tv, I can tell you that split screen in this game would enjoyable for nobody unless your tv is super big.

      • Victor Thammavong

        That’s what it would seem like at first, but the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm series has done it well, and they didn’t even use split-screen at all. See what I’m sayin’. But still, System Link would’ve been the perfect feature.


    A few notes here: The only practical /restand/ combos in this video are Douglas, Garuda, Gargoyle and Oinkie’s. Oinkie’s let him go into his ground infinite, Garuda and Gargoyle can get a kill from it if done right (maybe not for gargoyle), it’s easy for them to bait a 360 off it, and Douglas is pretty much guarenteed because even if the opponent does 360 he’s already far away since he did the dive punch. Mathilda was just put here so I didn’t have to use her infinite.

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    personally i didnt really like the game, couldnt get into it. its not bad, but the level designs were too simple for my taste and the majority of the game focusses on fights than anything else. the fights werent bad, they just got boring too fast. also the game is way too slow for my taste. even with the same system, same game and same basic and boring level design, the game would still have been fun for me if it had been at least 2x as fast. 

    • Which character(s) were you playing as?

    • Nazareth Gabriel

      Well, it’s a beat’em up. Of course it will have a lot of fights.

  • Sage

    Now if only THIS game had Gene in it

  • PJ

    Does anyone know if Bayonetta and the 2 extra gametypes will be a normal dlc later on or are they gonna keep it strictly for the gaystop pre-order people.