UMvC3 Tournament TOPANGA Z League – MCZ|TOKIDO vs. Nemo Grand Finals Match Footage and Final Results

By on January 16, 2013 at 4:04 am

Today is the conclusion to the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Tournament TOPANGA Z League. Of the original eight players, two remain standing: Team Mad Catz member and Murderface TOKIDO, and the Doctor Strange Sensation Nemo. One final first-to-ten set will decide who will become the Z League champion, claiming the 50,000 yen (~588 USD) first place prize. Who is stronger, pro or amateur? Find out today!

Player introductions begin at 07:15, with the match starting at 12:15. (Warning: Match results are recorded below the video player.)

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – TOPANGA Z LEAGUE

1. Nemo (Nova/Doctor Strange/Spencer)
2. MCZ|TOKIDO (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix)
3. vxDANTE (Dante/Doctor Doom/Phoenix, Dante/Doctor Doom/Strider Hiryu, Dante/Doctor Doom/Vergil)
3. Frieda (Zero/Dante/Magneto)
5. OGTY (Nova/Doctor Doom/Super-Skrull)
5. ABEGEN (Tron/Thor/She-Hulk)
5. Udaterasu (Amaterasu/Firebrand/Vergil)
5. JEO (Wesker/Morrigan/Strider Hiryu)

Grand Finals

MCZ|TOKIDO (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) vs. Nemo (Nova/Doctor Strange/Spencer) – 6-10 ●○●○●●●○○●●●○●○●


MCZ|TOKIDO (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) vs. vxDANTE (Dante/Doctor Doom/Phoenix, Dante/Doctor Doom/Strider Hiryu, Dante/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – 10-4 ○●●●○○○○○○●○○○
Frieda (Zero/Dante/Magneto) vs. Nemo ( Nova/Spencer/Doctor Strange) – 5-10 ●●●○○●●●○○●○●●●

First Round

OGTY (Nova/Doctor Doom/Super-Skrull) vs. MCZ|TOKIDO (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) – 4-10 ●○●○●●●○●●○●●●
ABEGEN (Tron/Thor/She-Hulk) vs. vxDANTE (Dante/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) – 4-10 ○●●●●●○●●○○●●●
Udaterasu (Amaterasu/Firebrand/Vergil) vs. Nemo (Nova/Doctor Strange/Spencer) – 3-10 ●○●○●○●●●●●●●
Frieda (Zero/Dante/Magneto) vs. JEO (Wesker/Morrigan/Strider Hiryu) – 10-6 ○○●●○○○○●●○●○○●○