Dead or Alive 5 Tutorial Series Vol. 04 – Holds feat. Hyrul

By on January 16, 2013 at 12:16 pm

EMPEROR_C0W comes at us today with the fourth installment of his extensive Dead or Alive 5 tutorial series. This volume is all about holds, and covers everything from defensive holds and parries to timing and hold-resistant moves with a little help from European competitor Hyrul. As with earlier chapters, the video below offers a great look at the mechanic and is a must-watch for anyone who may be trying to learn the game.

  • Defensive Holds 0:35
  • Parries 2:45
  • Combo Holds 4:36
  • Hold Timing 6:14
  • The Importance of Low Holds 7:00
  • Hold Resistant Moves 7:53