Skullgirls Team Working to Reduce XBLA Patch Size, Autumn Games Interested in Sequel

By on January 15, 2013 at 2:51 pm

XBLAFans recently ran a follow-up article to their piece explaining why the Skullgirls patch on Xbox 360 has been delayed. This time, they sit down with Peter Bartholow, current CEO of Lab Zero Games, to elaborate on their current position. Long story short, it’s a difficult one. Momentum, or perhaps lack thereof due to unfortunate circumstances, has been one of their biggest enemies.

Bartholow gave us a few things to look forward to as well. For example, he revealed that the first DLC character was about a third of the way done before complications befell the team. The team is also working hard to reduce the file size of the XBLA update in an attempt to get the patch out as soon as possible. Finally, it appears as if Autumn Games is actually interested in green-lighting a Skullgirls sequel, provided they can get past their current legal and financial troubles.

You can read an excerpt from the article and interview below, but be sure to check out the piece in its entirety over at XBLAFans.

Rarely does a team collectively lose its job only to end up forming a new studio and immediately pick up work where it left off on the IP owned by the original publisher. It’s so rare, in fact, that Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow doesn’t believe it has ever happened before, and XBLAFans is inclined to agree with him that it likely has not. But how did it happen for Bartholow, Zaimont, Ahad and the rest of their team? It’s one of many Skullgirls-related questions I’ve been trying to find an answer for since Lab Zero its introductory announcement in late November. Yesterday, Bartholow was kind enough to fill in some of the blanks.

“Lab Zero just…kind of happened,” he told XBLAFans today via email. “The team was going to lunch one day, and [was] frustrated with the situation, and I just kind of blurted out, ‘What if I made a new studio and we all went there?’ Much to my surprise (and horror), people said, ‘Yes, do that,’ so…I was kind of stuck.”

Bartholow’s big mouth had gotten him stuck with a new studio and the new title of CEO, one that he says “doesn’t feel ‘real’” even now, months later. It was real enough for Autumn, however; the publisher wanted the game’s original creators to be the ones to use one last continue at the game over screen that would have inspired less-dedicated developers to put the controller down and walk away. There was work to be done on a gargantuan patch, and Lab Zero was the only choice for the job.

Source: XBLAfans

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