Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! Location Test to Be Held January 19th-20th at Akihabara Hey

By on January 15, 2013 at 10:20 am

On January 15th, EXAMU announced a location test for the latest entry in the Arcana Heart series, Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! The test will take place at the game center Hey in Akihabara from January 19th-20th. A limited amount of goods will also be given out to early participants.

Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! uses the NESiCAxLive system and adds new systems and balance changes as well as achievements to the previous incarnation. The title is scheduled to release in arcades this winter.

Source: 4Gamer

  • Jadty

    Weeaboos rejoice! The kawaiiest and uguuest~ of fighters is back with a new version.

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    hope they port this update to psn or something I wanna play love max

    • Hey are you one of the peeps on YouTube that made a Goku vs. Superman vid? I ask because your avatar is the same as someone there.

  • $21192153

    Ahhh damn I can not make it to Akihabara at that time. I guess I will play it winter then

  • Inb4 Moronic Statements of Pedophilia 

  • Joshua B

    yoooo 9 year old swimsuit fighter go!

  • Tokido

    This > MLP and Smash Bros

    At least I can fap to it!

  • Austin Davoren

    Elsa Plant 10k.

  • James Reilly

    I Play this fighter for the deep plot 

  • A fighting game…called LOVE MAX? WTF What do they do? Kiss and hug each other to death?

    USD must be on LSD. Putting this shit on the front page just sets the FG community reputation back. Treat animu garbage like this as if it were someone’s MUGEN game and let it rot in some forum topic.

    • heatEXTEND

       Have you played it ?

      • That’s like asking if I’ve played with Barbies before I tell you I’d refuse to play them and that people would take you less seriously by playing with them.

        • heatEXTEND

          So you hate animu fighters AND you don’t like adults playing with barbie dolls ? You stink.

          • Super Battle Barbie All-Stars. Get hype.

        • Just say “no”. You suck at analogies. 

        • Lance Joseph Levito Salamanca

          Don’t put it down until you’ve tried it man. This game has really deep fighting mechanics. Plus, it’s really fun. 

          • So why ruin it with such a terrible skin? Why make a game that’s only designed to visually appeal to a niche demographic?

          •  not everyone is an insecure baby who is so scared what the world thinks of them. Who cares if your mom thinks anime is weird? Its a great game. Just because it’s all girls you get your panties in a bunch. Just pick Zenia, she looks like a man.

          • Cat Astrophy

            @yahoo-KFOLWKKTGHY3VD27HHMKNX6GAI:disqus there’s a reason these games aren’t very popular in the US and it’s not because what someone’s mom thinks

          • Crazy_O

            Because it is dismissed for its style.
            Seriously yahoo-KFOLWKKTGHY3VD27HHMKNX6GAI is right. Most teenage boys are far too insecure to even try it. It’s like admitting to like a pink shirt, the little masculinity they have seems to disappear as soon as they wear it.

    • But a news post about a My Little Pony fighter is okay?

      • No

      • Joshua B

        I like the news story that MLP wasn’t allowed to be at Evo personally.

        • Did you even bother reading the whole article?

          Obvious answer: No.

      • someguy1234

        Oh boy. The pony hate has moved to a completely unrelated topic. Am I in the Youtube comment section?

    • someguy1234

      So what do you play then?

    • >Putting this shit on the front page just sets the FG community reputation back

      Yeah. Grown men who throw hissy fits about a video game are exactly what this community needs. Good job, sir. Fightin’ Games are SRS BIZNESS.

  • Lawrence Ohh

    question, Is it just balance changes or are they adding 1 or 2 new chars?

    • Rothion

       Just balance changes and overall stuff – nothing too major for now.

      Also, get hype. I <3 AH3. The series are awesome and pretty underrated.

      •  Very underrated…..which is sad, honestly. It’s a good game but the art style pretty much turns everyone way. Oh well…..doesn’t hurt me none, I need to get back to practicing.

        • Calling a FIGHTING game “LOVE MAX” doesn’t actually help either.

          • Rothion

             Being close-minded also.

            MvC3 can have any name in the world, but the gameplay would still be overrated and blergh any day in the week.

            Get hype AH3.

  • Justin Archer

    I can just imagine some girl’s like. “I making this game just for girls” and is now looking at her failed attempt.

  • Farpenoodle

    LOVE MAX!!!!!

  • BeholdMyPower


    Gotta have them exclamation points.

  • Darkflare

    That’s great and all, but I think most people will be more interested in knowing if the update will eventually be in PSN and if so if it will it be a patch or DLC.

  • Maurice Fleshman

    AH is very solid. It sucks people don’t wanna play it all because of the all girl roster. I don’t care. My main is a little who is mother fucker Cloud Stfie. Fiona all day baby. 

  • samirerre

    i never played this series befor,i might try it if its coming to the us,
    but the character design’s are just…..really?

    •  Whats wrong with the character designs? Go look them up rather than judging based on 1 screenshot. The characters are very cool and have great designs.

      Who cares if your mom thinks it’s a weird game. Grow some balls.

      • samirerre

        will you stfu. if i want to i will.

    • ForteWily

      It is what it is. Fan Service… no more, no less. If that is the only thing keeping you from playing the game as it is now. That is your loss.

      Me, I have been enjoying my time with AH. It’s a much deeper game that it let’s on. If the fan service is what gets you, name me a fighting game that doesn’t come with lavish fan service… and then consider it.

      • samirerre

        at least your nicer then the provious one,
        i will try this game becouse i like fighting games.