Skullgirls: Slightly Different Edition Video Roundup (01/03) – Frosty Faustings V Finals, Painwheel Resets, and More

By on January 3, 2013 at 4:52 pm

Skullgirls seems to be enjoying a bit of a popularity boost thus far in the new year. With it’s recent holiday price drop on PlayStation Network, a whole host of new players have been trying the game out, which has created increased activity on the game’s PS3 servers. And an influx of new players means an influx of new videos! This is what the Skullgirls community has for us today:

TheSassageKing uploaded a replay of the Frosty Faustings V finals.

UzumakiheroShinitobi shows off a new Valentine/Parasoul combo that does 10k.

FatfaceMcGraw brings us a really nifty raw tag combo.

Guitalex brings us a new Filia combo which works despite Cerebella’s weird weight and hitbox.

Because j.HK xx air hairball doesn’t quite work from the height you have to hit her. The j.MP j.HK restand is absolutely needed, because OTGing and trying to relaunch is weird on Cerebella.

And if you think that’s weird, here’s a kicker. The only way it will kill is if the first air super doesn’t carry the opponent to the corner. If it does, the super does ONE more hit, scaling the rest of it too much to kill. Awesome, right?

dimex01 brings us a short tutorial on Painwheel resets.

Finally, DtoidTV brings us an interview with Mariel Cartwright, one of the animators on the Skullgirls project.

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