PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Toro Combo Exhibition

By on January 3, 2013 at 1:16 pm

ShinryuReishiki recently uploaded an extremely in-depth PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale combo video for Toro. This video covers a wide range of moves and combos for each of Toro’s forms (Justice, Ninja and Oni). There’s even a few combos where he combines all three, showing the true potential of the character. ShinryuReishiki was even nice enough to give us the complete transcript of his video, an excerpt of which we’ve included below.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Justice Toro

0:18 DB+Square, DF+Triangle, U+Circle xx U+Triangle, j.U+Square
130 AP. Toro’s D+Square hits twice, first in front of him, then behind him. By doing DB+Square, you’ll hit with the second hit instead of the first, giving you a longer period to follow up the attack. Toro’s U+Circle can be stance canceled like F+Circle and D+Circle, but it also has the property that its attack can be canceled into any Triangle attack. As such, U+Circle xx U+Triangle was used as a faster alternative to U+Triangle, U+Triangle.

0:22 U+Triangle, U+Triangle, j.U+Square, U+Triangle, j.U+Square
130 AP. This pretty much only works in a spot with a platform with a wall on the second level. You have to time the first j.U+Square so that it comes out just as you’re reaching the second level. Any longer and you’ll take too long to recover for the follow up U+Triangle.

0:27 j.Square (Behind), Triangle, D+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Triangle, j.U+Square
140 AP. Toro’s j.Square has a lot of useful properties. The one being showcased here is that if it hits behind Toro, then it does 10 AP rather than the 5 AP it generates if you hit in front. To change directions from it, you input Triangle, then the direction of the enemy; if you try to turn around first, they’ll recover.

0:32 Triangle, D+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Circle
130 AP. The idea here was to have a ground bounce and a ceiling bounce. There aren’t many places where Toro can combo off a ceiling bounce. The majority of platforms allow you to pass through them, and most ceilings are too high for Toro’s attacks.

0:37 j.D+Square, Triangle, D+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Triangle, j.Square xx j.F+Triangle
155 AP. The j.D+Square is used because of its low AP gain compared to the rest of his attacks. By starting with it, you’re able to reach 90 AP rather than 80 AP when you’re aiming to finish the combo. This also demonstrates another of j.Square‘s special properties: it can be canceled into any Triangle attack. If you try to do U+Triangle, j.F+Triangle it will not connect; the start-up is too slow, but if you stick the faster j.Square in the middle, you’re able to connect it all.

0:43 U+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Triangle
130 AP. A flat surface only allows you to connect three of these at most, but with a nice inclined plane to work with, Toro can Uphold Justice the entire combo.

0:48 Triangle, D+Triangle, j.Square xx j.Triangle, UB+Triangle, U+Triangle, j.U+Square
131 AP. Justice’s j.Triangle seems like a worse j.F+Triangle initially. It only does 10 AP versus 30 AP, but has the benefits of being a little faster and having significantly less knockback. Here, we use it mid combo to wall bounce at a low height. This gives Toro enough time to recover and follow it up in the other direction. The second U+Triangle lost some of its AP generation because it hit the box. This should work in any corner, but I wanted to show something stylish in the cramped initial portion of the Stowaways stage.

0:54 F+Triangle, F+Triangle, F+Triangle, j.Square xx j.F+Triangle
155 AP. Joudan Sokutougeri is one of my favorite fighting game attacks of all time, so it’s hard for me not to want to make excessive use of Justice’s F+Triangle. In corners without walls (There are quite a few besides the Dojo!), you’re able to combo it into itself four times for 150 AP. For a little extra AP, though, you can finish it with a j.Square xx j.F+Triangle.

Source: ShinryuReishiki, transcript via Combovid