King of GGPO 2012 Super Turbo Championship Replays and Results

By on December 31, 2012 at 11:40 am

UPDATE – This article has been updated with complete footage of the event as well as the final tournament results courtesy of Arturo Sanchez.


1st – AfroLegends (Dee Jay, Boxer)
2nd – yito2k (Dhalsim)
3rd – Evoralph (Cammy, Boxer)
4th – Shotosallday (DQ – connection problems)

Arturo Sanchez has just gone live with his broadcast of the King of GGPO 2012 grand finals. This year’s tournament, which like previous events was put together by both Sanchez and Super Turbo Revival founder Kuroppi, saw a ton of great old-school action. The deep pool of North American talent was whittled down over each season to the final four competitors: AfroLegends (King of Winter), _yito2k_ (King of Spring), Evoralph (King of Summer), and Shotosallday (King of Fall).

Today, these champions will be duking it out in an intense round robin set, the top two finalists of which will then move on to a final first to ten that will decide the ultimate King of GGPO 2012 champion. If you’re a fan of Super Street Fighter II Turbo and are looking for some high-level matches to tide you over, definitely check this out. The stream will be live in this article, but you can also head over to Twitch TV to join the chat.

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Source: Arturo Sanchez, Super Turbo Revival