Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 – Balance Changes for Tekken Cast Part 2, PlayStation-Exclusive Characters and System Changes

By on December 21, 2012 at 6:36 am

Capcom has updated the Street Fighter x Tekken official blog with the additional ver. 2013 balance changes for the rest of the cast as well as system changes. Note that the below lists are entirely new additions to the previously announced changes. Some of the system changes – particularly with throws, which now are not only 2 frames faster, but eliminate recoverable damage – will completely re-shape how battles play out in the next version.

Capcom has also created a page on the official SFxTK site with the full list of ver. 2013 changes. Unfortunately, the page is only available in Japanese.


Far standing LP

  • Start-up from 6F→5F
  • Pushback on hit, guard increased

Far standing MP

  • Arm area attack-invincible during an anti-air
  • Hitbox expanded downward
  • Start-up from 9F→7F

Far standing MK

  • Overall motion slightly changed
  • 5F extra recovery during Boost Combo (hit -3/guard -7)
  • Start-up from 15F→13F

Far standing HP

  • Start-up from 13F→11F
  • Recovery 5F shorter (hit +2/guard -4)
  • Hitbox expanded

Avalanche Smack

  • Damage from 100→130

H Silent Entry

  • 8F before recovers ends, can be canceled into L, M, H, EX Silent Entry

Avalanche Fall

  • Guard category changed from high→mid (overhead)

Cross Slash

  • Forward movement distance increased

Close standing MP

  • Start-up from 7F→5F
  • Recovery slightly reduced by 2 (hit +7)
  • 5F extra recovery during Boost Combo (hit -3/guard -9)

Crouching MP

  • Start-up from 8F→5F
  • Guard pushback during Boost Combo reduced

Double Rocket Punch

  • Trajectory no longer drops after firing

Trigger Shuffle

  • Invincible until 1F before active
  • First hit counts as 0 towards the juggle combo count
  • Damage distribution changed

Destructive Form Standing HP

  • Hurtbox expanded

Crouching HP

  • First hit’s guard stun reduced by 2F

Hertz Blade Flare

  • Damage from 60→80

Standing LK

  • Start-up from 6F→5F
  • Recovery on hit reduced by 3 (hit +1)
  • Hitbox reduced
  • Hurtbox reduced

Crouching MP

  • Damage from 100→85
  • Recovery during Boost Combo increased by 3F (hit -6/guard -10)
  • Guard pushback during Boost Combo reduced

Neutral jump MK

  • Can now cross-up

Mad Dozer

  • Movement distance during the transition from 2nd-3rd hit reduced
  • Armor now active from 25-39F
  • Wall bounds when attack hits at maximum charge
  • Recovery for maximum charge attack reduced by 15 (guard -10)

Megaton Earthquake

  • Damage from 70×2 (140)→50×2 (100)
  • Guardstun for 2nd hit reduced by 4F (guard -9)
  • Guard category changed to high (blockable standing or crouching)

Standing HK

  • Guard pushback during Boost Combo reduced

Machinegun Blast

  • Guard push back for all hits reduced

Far standing HK

  • Start-up from 17F→14F
  • Mid-air from 8F

Crouching HP

  • Active frames increased by 2F (5F active)
  • 9-14F damage to 90F
  • Will now hit opponents who jump over
  • Start-up from 10F-7F

Chopping Elbow

  • Guardstun reduced by 3F (guard -1)

Jump MK

  • Can now cross-up

Crouching HK

  • Damage from 90→80

Neutral jump MP

  • Hurtbox reduced

Jump HK

  • Hitbox expanded

Drunken Rapid Fists

  • Recovery reduced by 5 (guard -10)

Snake Stance standing MP

  • Start-up from 8F→6F
  • Guardstun increased by 4F (guard +2)

Dragon Stance HP

  • Floats the opponent the same hit as the last hit of Snake Bite Combo
  • Juggle count, juggle count reduction numbers adjusted

L Reverse Lotus

  • When transitioning to Back Turn, activates immediately after landing
  • Rising distance is reduced

Back Turn

  • Transition speed increased
Mega Man

Close standing HP

  • Start-up from 10F→5F

Far standing HP

  • Now cancellable
  • Start-up from 10F→5F

Ice Slasher

  • Recovery on hit reduced by 2 (hit +3)

Crouching HP

  • Hitbox added, from 8F will only hit air opponents
  • Recovery on hit reduced by 5 (hit ±0)
  • Pushback on hit, guard reduced

H Flip Kick

  • Completely invincible from start-up to 8F
  • Causes hard knockdown
  • Damage from 120→130

EX Flip Kick

  • Completely invincible from start-up to 10F
  • Causes hard knockdown
  • Damage from 120→140

EX Hip Attack

  • Causes bound on hit
  • Guard category changed from high→mid (overhead)
  • Recovery can be cancelled with other actions

Shock Grenade

  • Total frames from 38→45F

L/M Shoryuken

  • Guardstun reduced by 10F
  • Guard stop reduced by 5F
  • Guard pushback reduced


  • Active length from 7 seconds→10 seconds
  • Special gauge increases to MAX at the same time as activation, but does not auto-regenerate.
  • The incoming character’s position closer on activation
  • Activation time reduced by 2F
  • Damage increase is fixed at x1.15, regardless of remaining health
  • Timing for end of recovery of Pandora activation is now the same across all characters

Quick combo

  • Preset combo 1 made blank, will not activate even when set
  • Combo registered to preset combo 1 is moved to preset combo 2

Normal throws

  • Start-up from 7F→5F
  • If a normal throw hits, recoverable damage is eliminated (excluding air throws)

Life Gauge

  • Life gauge no longer shakes when taking damage

[ID:24] Immense Power Lv.3

  • Attack +30%→Attack +10%
  • Active length from 10 seconds→20 seconds
  • Along with the changes, named changed to Immense Power Lv.1

[ID:245] Proficiency Lv.3

  • Gauge usage reduction +40%→+20%
  • Active length from 10 seconds→15 seconds
  • Along with the changes, named changed to Proficiency Lv.2

[ID:62] Iron Wall Lv.3

  • Defense +30%→Defense +20%
  • Active length from 10 seconds→15 seconds
  • Along with the changes, named changed to Iron Wall Lv.2

[ID:102] Fortitude Lv.3

  • Damage reduction +160→+110
  • Active length from 10 seconds→15 seconds
  • Along with the changes, named changed to Fortitude Lv.2

[ID:190] Harmonize Lv.3

  • Life recovery from +80→+60
  • Along with the changes, name changed to Harmonize Lv.2

Gem activation conditions

  • Super Arts performed during Pandora will not activate gems with the following conditions:

-Perform a Super Art
-Have a Super Art performed on you

Source: SFXTK Official Blog, 4Gamer

  • I just dont understand why people are complaining about certain issues.  It seems to be people who just do not understand fighting games all too well and only want changes that benefit them.

    Throws: The range of throws is fine the way it is.  Before SF4 the throw range was “in-your-face” range for SF2 to alpha.  SF3 had the same range, but people were spoiled by kara throws, but this was implemented to counter the parrying mechanic.   On top of that… throws in SF2-SF4 are used for mix ups because they did good damage.  There were hardly ANY 30% damage combos unless you used a super, so throws were part of the tools used for damaging your opponent.  In SFxT throws are used almost solely for breaking players who block a lot.  They dont do much damage because a combo will do 30%-50% damage!!!

    Pandora:  This IS a flawed system.  Dont think you can just activate it and start a combo.  That will not work in the majority of cases.  The other person can / will run away eating the short time period up.  This is not a practical use for Pandora.  On top of that, there are characters that if they want to activate their super it has to be as soon as Pandora is activated due to the super taking up the entire length of time (Marduke for example). The only way to use this mechanic is to use it in a combo with a “Wall Bounce” or “Ground Bounce”.  However, there are currently characters that can not combo into Pandora (Kumba’s wall bounce mixed with Hugo’s super do not work for example.)  Hopefully 2013 makes it work for EVERY character with EVERY character combination. Otherwise Pandora will benefit only select teams which is not fair for a universal mechanic.  Either everyone can use it with any character combination or not at all!!! There are a few more MAJOR issues, but this post is getting a bit too long so Ill cut it short here.