Wakeup SRK Streaming Live – Mike Ross Returns to Talk IGN Pro League, the Fighting Game Community in 2013, and More

By on December 18, 2012 at 7:01 pm

Keits and skisonic have just gone live with this week’s installment of Wakeup SRK. After some technical issues cut last week’s show short, Mike Ross has returned to the program to discuss a variety of topics. He’ll be joining the duo in discussing some of the important headlines from the past week as well as IGN Pro League, where they see the fighting game community going next year, and more.

Make sure to tune in live below, but you can also head on over to Twitch TV if you want to participate in the chat. Remember, tweets containing the hashtag #WSRK will be featured on the show, just keep it classy!

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Source: Wakeup SRK