Peck Your Combo Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Challenge #2

By on December 18, 2012 at 10:37 am

A couple weeks ago, Peck324 graced us with his Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo challenge compilation. Today, he’s back with another challenge. With a 4000 MP / $40 PSN Card on the line, do you have what it takes to complete challenge #2? Full details regarding the rules and the individual challenges have been included below the video.

Main Rules

1. No Infinites, and Resets
2. Your opponents has got to have good Health (Your Opponent Cannot be Zero, Akuma, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Super Skrull, and Phoenix)
3. Doesn’t matter if you do/don’t have a Capture Card, as long as the combos are View-able
4. The title has to be: *I double peck #? (Characters Name/Team) by (Your YT/GT name)*
5. This Challenge ends on 01/07/13 and upload the results a day after (Depends if I’m busy or not lol)


1st: 4000MP/$40 PSN Card For Completing all 7 challenges
2nd: 1600MP/$20 PSN Card For Getting more than 30 likes total

Challenge Rules

Challenge #1:
1. Has to be Frank West Only (No DHC, THC, TAC, Raw Tags)
2. Has to be Marvel Time (Normal Time does not count)
3. No X-Factor

Challenge #2:
1. No X-Factor
2. Has to be all three characters (Not one or Two, assist are considered character used)
3. No TAC

Challenge #3:
1. Has to be Phoenix Wright Only when gathering evidence
2. Has to start with no Evidence, and have to trigger turnabout mode
3. No X-Factor, no TAC

Challenge #4:
1. No X-Factor, No TAC
2. Has to use all three characters (Not one or two, assist are considered character used)
3. Characters that cannot be used (Just in Case if anyone doesn’t know the tier list):
Zero, Vergil, Spencer, Viper, Magneto, Phoenix, Wesker, Morrigan, Dormammu, Wolverine, Skrull, Doom, Felicia, Haggar, Dante, Amatarasu. The ones that are not on this list can be usable.

Challenge #5:
1. DHC only once
2. No X-Factor
3. Can perform at least 2 or 3 loops (More than 3 will not be acceptable, and I can count lol)

Challenge #6:
1. Has to be Skrull Only (No DHC, TAC, THC, Raw Tags)
2. X-Factor can be used for canceling the tenderizer
3. No Heroes and Heralds

1. Has to be Iron Man Only (No DHC, TAC, THC, Raw Tags)
2. No X-Factor
3. No Heroes and Heralds

Source: Peck