Iron Galaxy Studios Submitting Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition Title Update After Releasing Darkstalkers Resurrection; Speed and Dropped EX Issues No Longer Being Looked Into

By on December 18, 2012 at 2:05 pm

A recent post by Iron Galaxy Studios’ Dave Lang on the status of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition’s title update sheds some light on when fans can expect to see it made available, and also touches on a few of the issues brought to them by the community and what they plan to do with them.

In an effort to make sure the update gets as much time as possible, the team will be holding off on submitting it to Microsoft and Sony until after they have completed work on Darkstalkers Resurrection. Much like with Marvel vs. Capcom Origins, they expect to work out further kinks in the title update with the experience gained working on the new bundle.

We have decided to wait on submitting the 3SOE TU to Microsoft and Sony until after Darkstalkers has shipped.  As some of you may know 3SOE, MvCO, and Darkstalkers share a common codebase that handles stuff like GGPO, profile information, etc.  Several of the fixes in this forthcoming 3SOE TU came from us finding and fixing bugs when we shipped MvCO.  Given that, we’ve decided the best thing for the TU (since this is almost certainly the last one for 3SOE) is to close out Darkstalkers, see if we have fixed anything relevant to 3SOE during that process, and pull those fixes into the TU.  This will give us every possible chance to make sure 3SOE is in as good of shape as possible.

He also specifically touches on the speed and dropped EX issues, mentioning that they will not be looking into them any longer for different reasons.

 We have decided we are not going to do anything about the game speed issue.  The reasons why are complicated, but the summary is the Arcade version of 3S doesn’t really run at a reliable frame rate.  It can fluctuate on a stage-to-stage and character-to-character basis that we’re not confident we can properly reproduce, given that this is a port and not straight CPS3 Emulation.  On top of that, if we did decide to hardcode some of these speed differences versus the Arcade cabinet, it would be extremely difficult to test as we’d need to look at every combination of character on every stage and make sure we didn’t make things worse for some of those combinations in our quest to alleviate the speed issue.  Given that we’re measuring differences in fractions of frames in some instances, we’re not confident we can catch every little timing variation between the two games.  Because of this we’ve elected to leave it as it’s been since launch.

We have stopped looking into the “Dropped EX” issue, as we are unable to reproduce it here, and it appears many people on the forums can’t figure out how to get it to reliably happen (or happen at all).  If anyone can identify reliable reproduction steps we will take another look at it.

Make sure to visit the Iron Galaxy Studios blog for the full post and more insight into their development process. If you’ve discovered any other bugs during your time with the game, give them a shout with the reproduction steps so they can look into fixing them.

Source: Iron Galaxy Studios