Dead or Alive 5 – Round 7 Costume Packs Available Today

By on December 18, 2012 at 7:53 am

UPDATE – A video preview of the new costumes by Blood Burger has been added to the bottom of this article.

Did your favorite character miss out on the Christmas costumes in the last wave of costumes packs? Wait no longer, as the Round 7 costume packs outfit the remaining members of the cast in the classic Santa red and white! The pricing is the same as the previous Christmas packs, with individual packs available for $2.99 on PlayStation 3, 240 MSP on Xbox 360, and the full set of three available for $7.99 on PlayStation 3, 640 MSP on Xbox 360.

Due to an issue with the previous pack on Xbox 360, which was released on December 11, distribution was temporarily halted until this week. Both Round 6 and 7 are available today for both systems. 360 customers who purchased the previous packs before distribution was stopped should now be able to re-download the packs at no additional charge.

Check out pictures of the new costumes below!

Nice Girls 2 (Kokoro, Helena, Sarah) – $2.99 USD (PS3), 240 MSP (360)
Naughty Girls 2 (Mila, Lisa, Pai) – $2.99 USD (PS3), 240 MSP (360)
Lil’ Santas 2 (Zack, Eliot, Brad Wong, Gen Fu, Rig, Mr. Strong) – $2.99 USD (PS3), 240 MSP (360)
Christmas Set 2 – Full Set – $7.99 USD (PS3), 640 MSP (360)

Source: DOA5 Official Site, 4Gamer