Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R Update Coming to PSN and XBLA in Spring 2013

By on December 17, 2012 at 9:32 am
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The downloadable versions of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus for PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade will be receiving the “R” update next spring, Arc System Works has announced. This will bring the game balance up to date with the AC+R version currently available in arcades. An exact date has yet to be announced.

Game Version “+R” Added Content
  • The “+R” title screen is adopted.
  • The option to switch between the “ACP”  and the  “AC+R” versions is added to the Help & Options menu.
  • It is possible to play all game modes in the “+R” version.
  • Kliff and Justice are playable in both Ranked and all Player Matches.
  • A “+R” only ranking board is added to the leaderboards. All previous leaderboards will remain available.
  • New Trophies and Achievements will be added.
Usability Improvements
  • When transitioning to the character select screen, the previously selected character and color page will be highlighted.
  • For all network matches, the conditions for the “Area” and “Connection Quality” settings are more strict.
  • For ranked matches, the matching speed is increased and matching with an appropriate opponent is improved. When using custom search, the searching will continue to retry until an opponent is found. *It is also possible to cancel during the search. At the match preparation screen after matching, an icon displaying your connection quality to the opponent is added. When a match is found, sound effect, voice and controller vibration notices have been added.
  • For player matches, multiple players can now enter the lobby. Rules can be set to “winner stays”, “loser stays”, or “random”. Within the lobby, voice chat is enabled. When not participating in a match, it is possible to spectate. When a new player joins the lobby, sound effect, voice, and controller vibration notices have been added.
  • With a new option for network matches, it’s possible to set a preference for 1P or 2P. If both players have the same preferred side, sides will be chosen at random.
  • In addition, based on user feedback, various other problems and issues within the game content will be  fixed.

Sources: Arc System Works, Famitsu