Dead or Alive 5 – Round 6 Costume Packs Available Today on Xbox 360, December 18 on PlayStation 3

By on December 11, 2012 at 9:02 am

UPDATE – A new video from Blood Burger showcasing these costumes has been added below the galleries.

To celebrate the holiday season, Team NINJA is releasing a Santa-themed costume set for Dead or Alive 5’s sixth round of costumes. These costumes are available today on Xbox 360, but won’t be available on PlayStation 3 until December 18 (December 13 in Japan).

These costume packs come at a slightly reduced price compared to the previous DLC packs. The three individual packs can be purchased at 240 MSP each on 360, $2.99 each on PS3, or the full set of three can be purchased for 640 MSP on 360, $7.99 on PS3. Note the some packs contain more costumes than others. If you’re looking to deck the halls (and your opponent), check out the costumes below!

Nice Girls (Kasumi, Hitomi, Leifang) – $2.99 USD (PS3, available Dec. 18), 240 MSP (360)
Naughty Girls (Ayane, Christie, Tina) – $2.99 USD (PS3, available Dec. 18), 240 MSP (360)
Lil’ Santas (Hayabusa, Jann Lee, Bayman, Bass, Hayate, Akira) – $2.99 USD (PS3, available Dec. 18), 240 MSP (360)
Round 6 Costumes – Full Set – $7.99 USD (PS3, available Dec. 18), 640 MSP (360)

Source: DOA5 official website, 4Gamer