How to Hit Box – Walking SOCD Ultras and Interactive KOFXIII Kyo and Mr. Karate Combo Videos

By on December 10, 2012 at 8:10 pm

The Huffers from Hit Box Arcade have uncovered some more swanky Hit Box exclusive tech for the stickless joystick. Today’s topic is the SOCD ultra, which allows you to hold forward during the entire Ultra execution. This is done by holding forward and pressing down back twice. When down and back are pressed in conjunction with forward, the left and right directions cancel each other out giving you a neutral crouch. By tapping down back twice the game sees the input as down-forward-down-forward, without any neutral input, thus giving you a double quarter circle with no effort at all.

Hit Box Arcade also uploaded two more KOFXIII interactive combo videos featuring Kyo and Mr. Karate. As always you can choose your level of drive meter and watch every combo in slow motion.

Source: Hit Box Arcade

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